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Tummy Tuck Surgery- Get The Right Shape Back

There are many exercise people do to get a toned and firm abdomen. Even after all hard works and diet if you still feel disappointed, cheer up! Tummy Tuck surgery is out there to fulfill your wish. The medical science has devised technique to remove extra fats and skin to make abdomen flat and firm.

The tummy tuck surgery is a highly individualized process. So, one should do through research before undergoing the surgery. This procedure should not be considered as an alternative to weight loss. The tummy tuck surgery has following categories:

a. Complete Tummy Tuck surgery- Under complete tummy tuck surgery, an incision is made from hip to hip (just above the public part) and another incision is made to free the naval from surrounding skin.

b. Partial Tummy Tuck surgery- partial surgery is done focusing on skin and fat of lower abdomen.

c. Extended Tummy Tuck surgery- It is the complete abdominoplasty which also includes a lateral thigh lift.

d. High lateral tension tummy tuck-Under this procedure, apart from lateral tightening horizontal tightening of skin is also performed.

e. Combination Procedure- Under this surgery a lower body lift is performed.

The recovery after tummy tuck surgery depends on the overall health. Those who were in good physical condition before surgery will make relatively faster recovery. Generally, it takes 3 to 6 months to recover completely. However, fading of scars takes almost over a year.

The tummy tuck surgery involves certain risks like: bleeding, visible scars, suture rapture, nerve damage, skin loss, pain (that may persist), persistent swelling in the legs, death (very rare) etc. So, it is a One should consider consulting a certified doctor before undergoing this surgery and carry out all the instructions to make itself fit for the surgery.

Some Tips And Traps On Neck Lift

It is not always possible to hide the loose skins under the scarf’s and high collar shirt every day. Sometimes it really gets difficult to cope with. Thanks to the advancement of medical science that has developed a technique called tummy tuck. This technique is a part of face lift but deals only with the neck region and can prove to be a better solution for loose sagging skin under the chin, vertical bands in the neck, “turkey wattles” or necks that are too heavy.

The main reason responsible for making our neck skin loose is the fat deposits and the weakening of the skin due to ageing. However, the neck lift is a surgical procedure that is not without risk. The quality of the result varies from person to person and depends upon the elasticity of the neck skin and degree of sun damage to the area.

As far as suitable age for the tummy tuck surgery is concerned, it is advised for the men and women who are lying in between 40-70 years age group. In some cases saggy skin on neck affects also younger clients from the age of 25. But it should be tried to be controlled by some other non surgical methods like cleansing, using anti aging serum, moisturizer etc.
Before going for neck lift surgery one should keep track of some essential points.

You should be savvy about the surgery and discuss the procedure, side effects and expectations after the operation with your doctor. If you are a smoker quit smoking at least two weeks before the surgery. It should be kept in mind that a neck lift is, after all, surgery, and surgery always entails some danger. If you have allergy to some anesthesia, inform the surgeon about it and do not hold anything from him. Finally, you should be realistic in your expectations. A neck lift is not permanent and will not give you back your youthful looks, though it can make you look younger.

Advantages Of A Tummy Tuck Surgery

The tummy tuck surgery is performed to reduce the excessive fat that you may have gathered around your belly. In technical terms, it is called abdominoplasty. If you are someone who is conscious about your overall out look and you feel the tummy is letting you down then you are an ideal candidate for it. People may advice you about doing sit up or going out running in the morning. However if things still do not work you will have to go under the surgeons knife.

Tummy tuck is a process, which makes the abdomen more firm. The excess skin and fat is removed from the lower and middle abdomen. Women undergo this surgery especially after pregnancy. Abdominoplasty can be further classified into three types. The partial abdominoplasty is recommended to patients who are within 10% of there ideal body weight. It is the least expensive procedure. If your case is a bit complicated, you can opt for a standard abdominoplasty. Here the treatment may require five to six hours. Surgeons generally recommend the form of surgery where there budging fat and sagging skin is clearly visible. However if the patient has excess skin and fat around the hip and the love handle areas he will need extended abdominoplasty.

The tummy tuck surgical process is quite advantageous as it affects your overall set up. It helps your personality to increase rapidly. Clothes also fit well. Hence, if you feel that your tummy is the spoilsport in your overall personality you can seek remedial measures. However, there are certain factors, which need to be looked into. As a woman if you are planning to have more children then you must avoid this. If you are also planning to loose a bit of weight in general you should also avoid it. Other than these factors if you feel your tummy is your big let down in appearance then you can consider abdominoplasty.