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Corcentric to Provide their Buying Group Solution for the Automotive Distribution Network

(1888PressRelease) Corcentric’s OneConnect Solution to Seamlessly Integrate Member and Supplier Order Management Processes.

Corcentric, a leading provider of cloud-based technology solutions for the automotive industry, today announced they have signed an agreement with The Automotive Distribution Network to utilize the Corcentric solution to bring a single connection point to their member and supplier order management processes.
“We looked long and hard at our options for EDI services and are very pleased with what we found in Corcentric. They understand the challenges faced by program distribution groups and provide a solution that answers them,” stated Tom Frey, Vice President of IT for The Network.

Corcentric will provide a solution that will significantly reduce the cost of order processing for The Network member distributors and approved suppliers. Through Corcentric OneConnect, The Network members will be linked via a single connection to their suppliers for seamless invoice processing and receipt with their business systems which digest Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Additionally, for those members without EDI capable systems Corcentric will provide a Web portal to electronically manage POs, receipt acknowledgements, advance ship notices, and electronic invoices. More than 80% of The Network’s order volume will flow through the system within the first year.

“We are excited to work with the Automotive Distribution Network to provide a seamless transaction solution to their members and suppliers. In addition to a single connection point, The Network members and suppliers will also benefit from centralized special ordering and an automated rebate management solution further reducing costs to members and suppliers,” stated Dave Lindeen, Vice President, Corcentric.

About The Automotive Distribution Network
Operating under the brands of Parts Plus, IAPA, Auto Star, Auto Pride, CMB and Network Products, the Automotive Distribution Network is one of the largest, most diverse program groups in the industry. For more information, contact Bob Barstow at Network Headquarters, 3085 Fountainside Drive, Suite 210, Germantown, Tenn., 38138. 901.682.9090.

About Corcentric
Corcentric is a leader in financial process automation, specializing in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) invoicing solutions for the automotive industry. By creating a paperless conduit between Procurement, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and suppliers, Corcentric allows companies to immediately manage 100% of their invoices electronically. Our cloud-based (SaaS) architecture allows for solutions to be configured in days rather than months for rapid return on investment.

Corcentric was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in McLean, Virginia with offices in Cherry Hill, NJ; Oakbrook Terrace, IL; Coral Springs, FL; and Saddle Brook, NJ. More than 3,000 companies rely on Corcentric to streamline their invoicing and payment processes to gain controls and efficiency while optimizing working capital.

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Jeremy Lin Fan Website now live :

Today, an epic Jeremy Lin fan website has emerged is live for all fans of the newest person to take the world by storm. The ultimate underdog living the dream with skills and a Harvard background.

New York, NY – Jeremy Lin Fanatics available for the taking Visit:

Jeremy Lin NEWS REPORT via – Jeremy Lin the latest phenomenon across the world has emerged as the underdog and go to sports athlete, not only across the sports and NBA world but across the entire web and through each country and in each home people are talking about the Harvard basketball player turned New York Knicks superstar.

Similar to what Apple’s Ipad and Iphone have done for technology, Lin is doing for the sports world. One Lin fanatic from Beijing China, puts it like this, “Jeremy Lin is bringing hope and a sense of excitement into each household in China, this is more exciting than when China hosted the olympic games and people are talking about Jeremy Lin more than they ever spoke of Chinese basketball star, Yao Ming.” The Lin fanatic went on to talk about how his entire office and his son’s University are gathering with large groups of friends to watch Lin play live. “We have ordered Lin jerseys so we can truly be Lin Fanatic!.”

Jeremy Lin has emerged in the city of New York and across America as the new basketball star even overshadowing current superstars like Lebron James and Kobey Bryant. Lin has come out of nowhere to wear number 17 as the over night star. The 6 foot three guard, who has lived on the couch at his brother’s apartment in New York City to lead the Knicks to its current 7 game winning streak. He is the fastest growing athletic brand ever to emerge in the world, who grew up in Northern California of which he lead the Harvard Crimson as a leading scorer his senior year at Harvard. The ultimate underdog is continuing this incredible story for the world to follow.


Enconn Inc. Unveils Good reasons to use coaxial cable for IP surveillance

For IP surveillance in industrial projects, most cases will choose copper cable (unshielded twisted pair, UTP cable) as the media for distance below 100m, and utilise fibre cable for long distance in transmission. In between but for distances over 100m, the case might be considered to use coaxial cable.

“Why do people use copper cable in IP surveillance applications. It is obviously that copper cable, like Cat5e or Cat 6, has advantages of low cost, small outer diameter, and easy it is easy to bend. However, for industrial applications, the life time and reliability of cable are much more important issues to consider in a system project.” said Mr. C.C. Lee, CEO of Enconn Inc.

As its outer coat layer offers weak protection, this makes the copper cable (UTP) quite sensitive to humidity and EMI of environment. Although there is no official number to tell how this might affect the life time of UTP cable when exposed to a high level humidity environment, many installers have claimed it is 3 or 4 years lifetime expectancy at the most. Installers may consider adding a PE material as the outer coat of UTP to increase the lifespan, but this will make the cable much more expensive and heavier. According to Enconn’s point of view, the copper cable may not be an ideal media to use for IP surveillance.

With over twenty-years of experience in coaxial cable for cable TV markets, Enconn believes coaxial cable will be the answer to this type of IP surveillance application as it has been widely used in cable TV and CCTV systems for either outdoor or indoor applications for decades.

Compared to the UTP cable, coaxial cable has a much longer lifetime and more practical reliability in harsh environmental conditions. Coaxial cable is a robust and cost effective media in the video transmission industry. Its performance to cost ratio will be relatively higher than that of UTP with PE outer coat or of fibre cable. Due to the huge amount of existing coaxial cables installed for analogue cameras today around the globe, utilising them in the process of migrating to modern IP survellance will save a great deal on costs and time in system project planning and its installation.

Enconn’s EoC (Ethernet over coax) products are potentially a perfect media solution for analogue CCTV systems that are being updated or upgraded into IP surveillance solutions. Their products and technology allow IP cameras to use existing coaxial cables as the transmission media for distances over 100m. Their EOC-INB supports the same 10mbps, full duplex but is a passive device with no additional power requirements. As it is miniature in size, the installer can easily put an EOC series device in the housing of camera. Enconn’s EOC series products support 100mbps, full duplex, quite enough to carry any format of high qualify video.

“Enconn has a rich experience in helping users to overcome many wiring and planning issues for years. Enconn has also invented our unique technique to prevent many possible problems from happening during use. This technique has been integrated into our EOC series products to benefit users worldwide.”, explained Mr. Bruce Kao, Sales Manager of Enconn Inc.

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How Dual Monitors Allow Stock and Futures Traders An Advantage

Dual monitors, in principle, have been around for quite a few years now. Graphic designers, engineers and traders alike have been using the setup to maximise monitor real estate for many years. Dual (or more) displays lets you extend your computer desktop and allows you to become a “power user” who may have many apps open and visible concurrently. Most people have noticed images of professional traders utilizing countless monitors. They may seem silly, and several most likely are born not by necessity but by vanity, however multiple screens can certainly offer you a more complete look at the markets. A few good-sized screens enable you to surround yourself with information that is instantly accessible by simply turning your head. In the event the markets are unstable, this can be a vital necessity for any serious trader.

How Dual Monitors Display More of the Market

When you’ve got one monitor, it is likely you have one or two charts up. You’ve got your order entry window up, then maybe some table-based scanner. Because you have these on one screen, they are most likely teeny enough to fit but also small enough to be difficult to read when the time comes. You’ll also most likely have several applications minimized, and when you need these, they must be manually maximized. When split second decisions are necessary, this is just too much time and too much work. Several screens make it possible for quite a few programs not only to run together, but they enable you to run them all in a manner you can view.

For instance, when you have a few screens, you may have 2 displays focused on charts. One monitor shows the futures contracts you find attractive with lots of space for your preferred indicators. Mac-d, moving averages — these kind of indicators fit your monitor easily and enable simple viewing. Your second monitor could show your favorite stock charts in a similar setup. A lot of people show the exact same specific symbol on several charts, every one displaying a different time interval and/or indicator group. Recognizing a stock’s pattern of movement both in long and short time frames will help you to make critical choices with a lot more useful information. Your third monitor can display your order entry screen and maybe your preferred cable television financial news channel. You can find feeds of those channels both free or for a little fee, and with dual or triple monitors, they fit seamlessly in your workflow.

Dual Monitor or Triple Monitor Suggested Setups

When setting up your multi-monitor trading pc, keep a couple of of these ideas in mind:

You’ll choose the same exact graphics card for every set of two monitors, so ensure that the selected card facilitates a pair of displays utilizing formats your monitors work with (DVI or VGA plugs)Your pc’s power source and fan have to be sufficient enough to power and cool these kind of hardware improvements
Horizontal configurations are less complicated to observe than top to bottom, as vertical configurations require continuous up-and-down head motion
Focus on just 2 monitors. If you need more, go from there. There is no need to leap straight to 3 or even more displays if it’s not required
Conclusion: Trading With Multiple Monitors

Dual or triple displays boosts your market awareness when it’s time to make those quick, significant trading decisions. Begin with 2, then keep adding them until you’ve found the best number. Way too many screens will be a distraction and lead to neck strain. When you’ve found the correct number, nevertheless, dual screens (or higher) will serve you greatly in trading plus in general productivity.

Russell and Jason are stock and futures traders who enjoy writing about technology and the markets. Visit their dual monitors website for more information about trading setups.

The New iPhone 5: Additions, Upgrades and New Features

Apple’s iPhone has revolutionized the mobile phone industry. No one can deny this. One may surmise that it has spawned more copy-cats than any other tech gadget in the last 20 or 30 years. The newest iteration of the famed smartphone, the iPhone 5, should arrive sometime in October, 2011. New features include the new iOS 5.0, Apple’s iCloud service, more powerful A5 processor and an improved camera. All of these enhancements should encourage Apple lovers and skeptics alike to flock to the device, especially if it’s paired with Verizon’s 4G network.

iOS 5.0: iPhone 5’s New Operating System

According to the company’s website, Apple’s newest portable device operating system features 200 new improvements. It features a powerful new alert system, which will push all sorts of alerts from social networks, text messages, friend requests and the like directly to the user. This has become a mainstay in most Android powered phones, so it’s a good thing that Apple has decided to join in with this feature. Actually, iOS 5.0 shows the notifications quickly and lets them disappear swiftly without being a big interruption to the user. To see more, a simple swipe over the message is all that’s needed.

iOS 5.0’s Newsstand Feature

The iPhone 5 will feature something that Android users has been wanting for a while: an attractive, built-in news and magazine delivery app. RSS feeds are all the rage for Internet-savvy consumers, and a sleek new way to organize and view it is what the iOS 5.0 Newsstand app brings. You can also easily purchase premium magazine and newspaper subscriptions as well, and the app displays them in a very aesthetically impressive way. When new issues are released by the publisher, the app updates itself automatically. When you look over your virtual bookshelf, new covers are on display for your perusal. A very impressive job here for Apple.

iCloud for iPhone 5

Apple’s iCloud service, which allows users to sync pictures, programs, documents and calendars with the iCloud servers, will be available on the iPhone 5. This can help users store even more data to be retrieved through their phones, and will also be an outlet for Apple to lease music to users through the service. Cloud storage is definitely a hot topic right now, so this development is certainly making sense to most users.

The A5 Processor and the iPhone 5 Camera

Featuring a dual-core CPU, the A5 processor will effectively double the iPhone 5’s power and ability to process tasks. One may worry about battery consumption with all of this increased power, but Apple has taken another idea from the open-source Android marketplace and added on-the-fly power control. This will allow the CPU to lower or increase its speed to suit a situation, so that the battery will not die quite as quickly.

Jasonn is an avid electronics lover, and enjoys reviewing new tech gadgets. Check out his site about new gadgets and read more on the new iphone 5.