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Sydney Tours – Extended Trip Towards The Snowy Mountains Region

Planning for Sydney tours during the summer season? If yes, then why not plan for an extended trip?

A Sydney tour will be incomplete if the city is not visited properly. This is the reason for which I mentioned staying within this city for a couple of days. The city is filled with numerous attractions which need to be visited during the stay. And then, there are those beautiful golden beaches of the Tasman Sea. Yacht ride is popular activity among the tourists. More importantly, the sea offers a lot for the adventure lovers.

Stay for a day or two at Sydney and then head towards the snowy mountains. However, the trip will take around five to six hours by road (to reach the first destination: Cooma). Most people prefer to hire private vehicles to enjoy the road trip. It is quite a pleasant experience while driving through the Monaro Highway.

The first destination will be Cooma. This town is renowned for the availability of the largest hydroelectricity project. In fact, Cooma is the largest town within the region of Snowy Mountains. A full day is required to visit the local attractions of this place. The local attractions within Cooma include craft shops, museums, art galleries, hydro information center, ragian gallery, corey memorial, etc. Enjoy a full day stay in your Sydney tours, hire a hotel room for the night’s stay and then head towards other destination the following day.

The next destination is Jindabyne. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations within the snowy mountain region. The beautiful lakes, dams, National park (Kosciuszko), craft shops, and various art galleries are the local attractions of this place.

Finally, it is time to head towards Perisher Village. It is a popular winter destination famous for snowboarding & Skiing. It takes around two to three hours to reach the location from Jindbyne.