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Deep Cycle Batteries – Buying The Appropriate Chargers

As the name suggest, the deep cycle batteries are automotive batteries that are designed to discharge its capacities fully. They are lead-acid batteries and are a great alternative to the starter automotive batteries. The starter automotive batteries can discharge high but short current bursts to starting the engine. Thus, discharging only a small part of their entire capacity. On the contrary, the deep cycle varieties can discharge around 50% to 80% of its capacity depending on its construction and its manufacturer.

It is understood that the most vital accessory for any battery is its charger. The same is also true for these forms of solar batteries. Each of these batteries has its own unique features and so a particular charger will only work for a particular battery.

Choosing the right charger

A host of factors needs to be duly considered while buying the apt charger for your battery. These factors include the input voltage of your battery, the battery bank’s configuration, the probability of undercharging or over charging the battery and the electrical system condition.

Portability of these solar batteries is another key factor to be considered. A portable charger will enable you to harness it in most types of environments. The ergonomics and comfortability in using the batteries should also be considered. Also, opt for batteries that are easy to hold and use in the event of an emergency.

Points to remember

Always remember that an apt charger for the batteries of deep cycle variety will not only fully charge the battery but will also prolong its lifetime. Overcharging or undercharging of the batteries should be averted at any cost as.

Another great aspect of the deep cycle batteries is that they are eco-friendly. Its energy-efficient aspects do not induce any harmful effect on its surrounding environment. So, invest in these batteries and be part of the universal green drive to conserve the world’s non-renewable resources. Think energy think green!

Off Grid Solar Power System – A Synopsis

Solar batteries have become very popular. They are required in large numbers these days. And why will it be not so? These cells can be reused again and again. With the presence of a suitable solar panel, the ray from sun can be captured and transformed into human usable energy source. There will never be any deficiency in such form of energy. And more importantly, solar energy is available easily. They are cheaper in price if compared to the electric and gas energy source. Also, solar energy is totally environment friendly and does not pollute the atmosphere. Solar energy can be used to operate vehicles, laptop, television, light, fan, air condition, and simply anything for which electricity is used.

The off grid solar power (DC) based systems is mainly used for powering the DC appliances available in boats, RV, cabins, rural telecommunication systems, cattle gates, etc. However, it is necessary to know that the AC off grid solar power systems are much more expensive if compared to the DC ones. While operating an AC based power system, the presence of a suitable inverter is a must. The inverter is required to convert the entire electricity that is produced by the solar panels in order to store within the solar batteries. But same cannot be said for the DC power systems.

Any off grid solar system has the ability to store the DC electricity into the cells. With the addition of inverter, the DC power can be easily converted into AC current. It may not be unknown to you that AC is considered to be the best electricity form through which the plug-in devices can be operated. In fact, anywhere in the world, it is the AC based current system that is preferred and used mostly.

Reasons behind the Massive Popularity of Solar Batteries

In general, solar batteries are categorized into two different types: automatic, deep-cycle, and marine. Before availing a battery, it is necessary to know the purpose who which it is required. Also, it is necessary to know the composition of the cell.

Deepcycle batteries are the most preferred choice to be used for installation purpose. They may run down quite fast but at the same time, they have the capability to get recharged in a quicker way. The most common applications for this type of cells include solar PV, RV/boat, and also as an effective backup power option. The deep cycle batteries are available in three different types: Flood (wet), gelled, and AGM.

Gelled Batteries are valve regulated cells. These cells contain a certain type of acid in gelled format (by using silica gel). These cells work most efficiently and for a longer time in areas where there is suitable ventilation facility is available. But, it is necessary to know that these cells have a slow charging rate. But, this characteristic also helps in protecting the longevity of the cells. Most of the inverters can be used with these cells.

AGM cell are similar to gelled ones but they are less prone to spilling of gels. AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Mat. These batteries feature for a mat (made from fiberglass) that is placed in between the batter plates. After the placing part concludes, they are filled totally with gelled silica.
Flood cells are the most popular and commonly used batteries available in the market. They are of standard size and features removable caps. In fact, such cells are totally free from maintenance.
Presently, the demand for solar batteries has grown up by a massive amount. They help in keeping the environment clean and green. Moreover, they can be reused over and over again.