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Wet Shaving Essentials

Guys, and ladies, have been shaving for millennia. As a result, there’s no real hidden knowledge regarding shaving for guys. Lots of people wonder why there is lots of hassle lately with regards to something so old-fashioned, not even their grandfather used to practice it. Well evidently in all the busyness of the digital age, we forgot that with great grandfather’s technique, the shaving procedure could actually be done just as quickly, but without having the painful irritation. Furthermore, as an extra benefit, great Grandfather would have told you he was obtaining a much finer shave using his method, in comparison to many of the brand new multiple razor blade, aloe enhanced, injection molded modern day devices.

Here’s what you need started out:

1. Hot Water

When possible, constantly shave soon after your shower. Typically the facial hair takes up water and gets more supple and easier to remove. Heat brings about the facial follicles to open as well as allows the facial muscles to wind down. When a shower isn’t feasible, wet a soft towel in hot water, or moisten it and zap it, and press it to the face for a minimum of one minute.

2. The Shaving Lather

Greatest results are acquired when using a high quality badger brush. When utilizing a soft shaving cream (that doesn’t originate from a can), place a compact amount in the palm of a single hand, lightly dip the brush into warm water and using a circular motion in the palm, build up a rich and creamy lather on the brush. Moisten the facial skin with warm water, and apply the lather to the beard using the badger brush. Currently it’s recommended that you utilize a painting motion, just like a painter using a paint brush. The brush might be dipped carefully straight into hot water as required to make more lather. If employing a hard shaving soap, dip the brush into hot water and employ the identical circular motion in your shaving mug to make a rich lather.

3. The Shave

The class and quality of razor blade you use is very important. In case you are utilizing a DE, only use a clean, sharp blade. If you use a straight razor, make use of a recently stropped and shave-ready razor. Before you start the shave, rinse the razor in hot flowing water. Shave in the direction of beard growth. Shaving “against the grain” might be unpleasant and is also the most typical cause of “razor burn”. An excellent blade with a sharp edge should float over your skin layer. Shave twice as appropriate, instead of forcing the razor.

4. Final Wash

Now it’s time to wash your face and close the facial pores. First, employ clean warm water to rinse the face well. After that, use cold water to seal the facial pores. Softly pat dry your skin dry with a clean bath towel.

5. Lotion

Essential skin oils are generally lost through the shaving process and need replacement. You should use something as simple as body cream, or any kind of an array of lotions on the market. My preference is one that’s odorless. Understand that we said a moisturizer. Be sure you not use anything after shaving that has an alcohol foundation. It will eventually inflame our skin.

Don’t fail to deal with your brush and razor after shaving!

Shaving with a straight razor is one of life’s small pleasures. Yet, it isn’t for the inexperienced or the uncommitted. It takes perseverance and practice to master properly. But once learned, you’ll begin to appreciate shaving your face as opposed to fearing it. To learn more about straight razor shaving or if your interested in where to find a additional information about straight razor sharpening visit the links.

Prepare Your Skin Before Shaving

Pepare Your Skin Before Shaving

Having difficulty shaving? Ever thought of shaving using a straight razor? This short article covers basic face preparation prior to shaving. Unless you want to hack at hairs like a caveman, you ought to adhere to the advice in this post.

As the title says, facial hair groundwork is key to a successful attempt at straight razor shaving. Failing to prepare will only cause unnecessary hassle later on. Mind you, if you do not possess enough time, you do not have the time. Nevertheless, if you do, I highly suggest you spend plenty of time to correctly ready your facial hair for shaving. The rewards really are innumerous. Believe me, your face will be grateful for it. It won’t only make your shave go smoother, but you will be taking better care of your face.

Many people shower or wash their face just before they shave. This is a good practice and is also efficient too. You have to wait for the brush to soak in the warm water in any case, you might as well be doing something useful. Beyond the effective usage of your time and efforts, taking a shower and washing your face has some additional benefits in connection with shaving. Not only does the soap and water clear any dirt on your face, but the warm water will seep into the hairs and relax them. More supple hair means a less strenuous shave.

This takes place because hair is water loving, taking in water just like a sponge or cloth. Dry hair is not easy to cut being brittle and tough. Soaked hair is easier to cut being flexible and also engorged with water. Thus, making slicing easier. Another option many people use is the hot towel method. You know, the very same method made use of by expensive spas or barbers. To replicate the luxury, microwave a damp hand towel and wrap it about your face. Ensure you don’t microwave it too scorching, you don’t want to melt away your face.

A number of gentlemen prefer to go one step further and use a pre-shave cream or oil. Beneficial solutions may be found in our straight razor shaving equipment guide. Still others make use of both a pre-shave oil and perform a pre-shave lathering. A pre-shave lather is just that, a lather that you don’t shave with. You merely let the lather sit and soak for a couple of minutes before wiping it off.

Whatever you choose, what is actually truly important is that you steer clear of canned shaving cream. Not only does it cost you money and harm the environment, but it does not work as well as conventional shaving soaps. Investing in a good quality brush and soap pays you handsomely over time. Our favorite soaps can be found here. Not just in superior shaves, but in savings also.

Shaving with a straight razor is one of life’s little pleasures. Yet, it is not for the faint of heart or the uncommitted. It requires commitment and practice to master properly. But once perfected, you are going to start to savor shaving your face instead of dreading it. For more resources on straight razor shaving or if your interested in where to find a razor sharpening service visit