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The Most Important Features of Postcards

Creating a layout for postcards may seem like a simple matter, but if you want to use your postcards effectively for a goal, you have to know what key elements will make that big difference between successful postcards and simple decorative prints from that postcard printer. By focusing first on the big elements in postcard printing, you can cover the main foundational elements of its design and layout, helping you breathe a little easier once you are ready to polish its designs.

Let me explain to you each of the most important features that will immensely shape how your postcards will look and of course how they will perform as well. You will want to know this if you truly want to create proper high quality postcards for your goals.

1. The image quality and concept – The quality and the overall concept or composition of your postcard printing comes as a big factor of course in their performance. This cover image is the main feature of every similar cheap or professional postcards out there. That is why images for the cover should not be taken too lightly. It must be composed with deliberate creativity, aiming for a specific goal or audience reaction.

Do this correctly and you can elicit the right positive responses for your goals, miss the correct image theme and your money for your custom postcards is wasted. This is that big, so make sure you compose your images correctly to make sure that they make the right kind of difference.

2. The headline style and composition – If you are printing postcards for direct mail marketing, a key feature that will make a big difference (and that which you must focus on) is the headline style and composition. It is not enough to print standard greeting on your postcards.

It will be crucial that the style and composition is done right as to interest readers quickly to read more of the postcard. Otherwise, you just spout the common greeting and clichés, your cheap postcard printing will just be classified with those other cheap direct mail materials.

3. The dominant color theme of the postcard – Did you know that the color is also a large determinant in the success or failure of postcard printing? Managing the color theme is important for postcards because wrong choices in colors will cause people to ignore your postcards outright, while the right choices will always bring amazing results because they will be highly visible and noticeable.

So do not just let your cover photograph dictate the color scheme. Coordinate the colors effectively so that make the difference and develop the right impressive theme worthy of making your postcards kept and even displayed in certain places.

4. Precisely targeted postcard messages – While marketing messages in postcards are not unheard of, using precisely targeted postcard messages definitely will make a big difference in its performance.

Instead of just contributing that greeting, targeted postcard messages, typically should interest those target readers precisely and effectively. Since they were made to actually attract the audience being targeted, they will play a big role in the overall success of your postcards. That is why you should take your postcard messages seriously.

5. The quality of the postcard paper – It is also the obvious fact to many that quality paper determines a lot for the look of your postcard. Choosing cheaper thinner paper will make your postcards look less like real postcards, making them unimpressive. Your overall audience impact is actually halved if cheaper materials are used. That is why it is important to decide carefully on the quality that will be used for your postcard printing.

Take note of all these features. These will be the same feature that you will want for your postcards. So make sure you compose them properly to help them make a difference.

Useful Steps to Achieve Minimal Costs with a Postcard Printer

Postcard printing is one of the most reliable ways that you can produce excellent marketing materials for your business. To help you make the most of your budget and spend less when getting the services of professional postcard printer, here several things that you should do:

Choose the right size
Postcard printing companies generally offer the standard size of 4 inches X 6 inches. If you have a design ready for prints that are larger than the standard option, then keep in mind that any sizes beyond the usual one can add up to your expenses. With the standard size, you are not only saving on printing costs, but on postage expenses as well. Be aware that the postal service has a different, much higher postage rates for non-standard sizes.

Opt for the standard materials
To cut your costs considerably lower, be incredibly careful in your choice of materials. Generally, postcards are printed using papers with thickness that measures about 0.016 inches and this would cost you so much if you have a very limited budget. You can cut your costs by opting for thinner yet sufficient paper materials. Doing this could lower your costs of printing by about 20%, although consult this with your postcard printer to make sure that the stock you choose will not make your cards look pathetic and flimsy.

Consider one-sided color prints as well as one-sided coating
Printing on only one side of the postcard is an effective way to reduce your postcard printing costs. If you have a limited budget to work with, color printing on both sides of the material is actually the most practical thing to do in the first place. And so as applying glossy finish on the two sides. You don’t have to worry about not applying glossy coating on the back of the postcard as it is actually easier to write a message on a non-glossy surface.

Avail of bulk printing
Getting your postcards in large volumes or through wholesale packages will allow you to get enough prints at a significantly reduced price as opposed to the higher cost you might incur in buying them in a per piece arrangement. To maximize bulk printing from a reliable postcard printer, make sure that you have an actual need for lots of postcards in your campaign for the next couple of months. This will free you up to print as many postcards as you can to take advantage of bulk pricing rates.

Choose a standard template than a customized type
While customization can give your postcards a nice, personal touch, it can also bring your printing expenses to the roof. This is because when you opt for custom printing, the postcard printer will have to make some adjustments in the set up which can increase the expenses. Custom postcard printing may have its advantages but if you are working on a tight budget, it wouldn’t be practical to choose it. When you choose an online postcard printer, you will be given an option to use standard templates.

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Tips to Improve Your Postcard Mailing Activities

Printing postcards for business and marketing purposes is always an excellent idea. Postcards are relatively inexpensive and easy to produce yet they can quite an impressive customer response and return on investment. Indeed, postcard mailing can help a company generate better sales figures and brand image, as long as they are done correctly.

In designing and printing postcards, one can inadvertently make a critical mistake when some important things are failed to be taken into consideration. If you are seriously putting your money in postcard mailing, you need consider some things in order so you can maximize all the advantages that postcards can bring to your business. Sure, postcards can be effective marketing tools but there are still businesses that fail in this regard, causing the customers to treat their postcards as nothing more than junk mails. To avoid this scenario from turning into a marketing reality for you, here are some ideas to help you improve your postcard mailing campaigns:

Choose an appropriate format and theme
Before designing your postcard, you must carefully consider the format that you can use. Do you want a vertically-oriented postcard? Or do you prefer it to be horizontal? Would you like to stick to the standard rectangle or do you want to customize it and opt for something like an oval-shape? You should consider the emotion that you want your postcards to evoke. Do this by choosing a special theme. Whether you want something that is romantic or funny, the theme you choose will allow you to easily get an emotion response from your target consumers.

Take advantage of photos
A picture can indeed worth a thousand words and this is truer when it comes to printing postcards. By using a photo that is powerful enough while being relevant to your message, you are increasing you chances of capturing your target market’s interest. As long as you use a photo that complements your entire theme and works to your message’s advantage, you got yourself a winning postcard design.

Don’t forget to brand your postcards
Postcard mailing campaigns allow you to not only market a product or services but also to establish your brand identity. By printing postcards with your company logo or corporate colors, you are actually boosting your brand. It also adds credibility to your postcards. Just be sure that the logo you are using is professionally-designed to make an impact on the market people and leave a lasting positive impression.

Print an actual sample
Oftentimes, you can only catch an error in your design after getting the finished product in your hands. To avoid this, consider printing a sample that you can check for any possible errors. What you see on your computer screen can be considerably different from what will eventually appear on print so having a sample is a good idea.

Remember these tips when you start to plan your postcard campaign. Keep in mind that postcard mailing is an excellent marketing method that can bring positive results when done absolutely right.

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Key Benefits of Postcards in Business Marketing

Postcard marketing campaigns can take very minimal time, cost and effort. This is why postcards are ideal for small businesses that need to promote products or services, announce sales and promotions, and motivate customers to their shop or website right away.

If you decide to print postcards with a layout that you have designed yourself, you can easily cut your cost considerably. You only have to pay for printing and postage. Designing your own postcard also gives you the advantage of adding your own personal touch for maximum emotional response. This is better than purchasing pre-printed postcards from stationery shops.

If you still haven’t tried it yet, postcard marketing can give you the following key benefits:

• You will be able to save money and get positive results in your marketing efforts. Generally, postcards are relatively cheap marketing tools. Since it is cost-effective to print these materials, you may consider sending them out to a small fraction of your market as a test before launching a full blown campaign. If you are marketing to a small geographical area or a very specialized market, postcards are your inexpensive means to reach highly targeted customers. No prints will be wasted as you are only sending them out to people who are most likely to purchase from you.

• You don’t have to spend too much time and effort in setting up a postcard mailing campaign. After designing and printing, your postcard would be easy to address and mail. Or if you prefer, you may hire a postcard printing company that also offer mailing services for a small additional fee.

• Postcard marketing can deliver faster results. In just a few of days, you can place your brand and message directly in front of your prospects and clients.

• When you print postcards, you have the chance to have greater convenience than other options, especially if you order from an online printer.

• Postcards offer flexibility to match your marketing needs. You can easily change and adjust the design and message depending on your purpose. Whether you aim to simply keep in touch with customers or to introduce your business to prospective clients, your postcards can conveniently do the job for you.

• Marketing postcard are effective tools for your branding activity as it offers instant visibility. Without the need to open an envelope, your recipients can see your brand and company name right away. As long as your postcards are well-designed and compelling, people will find it hard to miss your message.

Postcards are very useful in several ways. They can provide you with the means to promote any product, service or trade event. But generally, your focus falls into any or all of these categories: generating leads, engaging repeat sales and strengthening customer relationship. When you print postcards, make sure that you have a highly targeted mailing list to maximize your postcard printing investment. With a targeted market, you can be sure that your campaign will be able to return excellent results.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Poster Printing

Just like postcard printing, poster printing also has its fair share of frequently asked questions by its customers. While poster printing is under the umbrella of commercial printing along with the other printing services, there are still some unique aspects to it that cannot be answered when talking about commercial printing alone. You won’t always need some cheap postcards for your marketing, and there will definitely be times when you are going to need some posters for one reason or another, and for these situations it would be good for you to already have the basic knowledge on what you need. Thus, here are some frequently asked questions on poster printing that you would want to have answered.

What is the difference between full color posters and black and white posters? Well, nothing and everything, if you want the vague and unhelpful answer that people always use. More accurately, though, it would be better to say that it depends on how you make use of the color. If you can create good and effective designs with either colored prints or black and white prints, then it would not matter either way and the only difference would be a certain discrepancy in cost. In terms of effectiveness, though, this one is entirely up to how good you are or your designer in creating art and effective publicity images. Color is simply a tool that you would use for your marketing purposes, and it does not follow that just because a poster is colored, it is already better than a black and white poster.

How do I design my poster? This is the usual dilemma of a first-timer in poster making. There are many different things to know when designing a poster including designing and editing software, poster dimensions, resolutions, colors, and many other things. Poster printing is easy once you get the hang of it, but for your first time you may want to get some help and tips from someone who has done it before. The real “how” of poster designing cannot be explained in a simple paragraph, though, so a general answer to this would be to get a tutor, the proper design software, and the proper motivation to design a good poster.

How long will my posters last? The good thing with posters is that they last a significantly longer time than flimsy flyers, bookmarks, and especially some custom photo postcards and full color postcards, mostly because posters are meant to be placed on a wall or a window and stay there for a long period of time. Some commercial printing companies would boast of their posters lasting a couple of decades up to about seventy years before the posters start losing color and fading. You do not really need to look for posters that would last a hundred years, though, because no poster can stay relevant and fresh for such a long period of time.

It is your job as a good commercial printing customer to ask the right questions, whether for postcard printing or for poster printing. After all, there are some things such as quick turnaround time and quality print design that holds these things together, and while the questions above are mostly aimed for poster printing, there is nothing that will stop you from tweaking them in order to relate to cheap postcards, business cards, or flyers.

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Guidelines on Creating Drafts for Your Postcard

If you to this whole world of postcard printing, you might be experiencing some problems with getting your drafts accepted by postcard printing services. While certainly most of these firms will accept any kind of order, they will always advice customers as to the right settings for a design that will be ideal for their postcard printer. Believe me, these printing services are concerned with your designs as they would like to at least deliver to you similar postcards that professionals produce.

That is why for your custom postcard they will always require you to deliver drafts of at least a minimum quality ideal for full color postcard printing. Below, you will find the key characteristics and requirements needed in a design draft for printing premium quality full color postcards. Use this as a guide as you create your own design templates.

1. Get templates from the printer itself – To get your designs easily accepted for custom printing of postcards, it is a good idea to get templates from the printing service themselves. Since most of them require a certain size and shape for their machines, it would be easier for you to just use the templates they provide. Your design drafts should easily pass the first requirement for printing with no real trouble at all if you do this.

2. Review and check your margins and guidelines – It will be good to check your margins and guidelines in your draft. Some firms do not accept custom full color designs for postcards that have imperfectly formed margins and guidelines. This is because it can skew how the printing works, or just easily produce bad looking postcard prints unfit for publications. So check if you are using the right margins and guidelines, with your design features staying within the needed confines.

3. Adjust colors to CMYK – Many printing services will typically want to consult you back if you send them a draft with a color mode of RGB. This is especially true for typical four color printers because they use the CMYK printing process. When they convert your designs from RGB to CMYK some color changes may occur, leading to postcards that look not exactly the same as your original design.

To be safe and to save time, it is best that you do that easy conversion yourself so that you can adjust your designs accordingly. It is as simple as changing the color mode in your own design application.

4. Set images to high resolution – Postcard printing companies typically will give you back your drafts if your images are just in too low a resolution. This is because you will see pretty fuzzy postcard pictures if they were inserted in low resolution. So instead of getting that image from internet based sources, get to the most original and high resolution scans or the raw form in that digital camera. The higher the resolution the better.

5. Proofread text content – Of course, a standard practice in printing anything would be for you to proofread the text content. You do not want to mass producing your spelling and grammar errors. So make sure you triple check and proofread your text content to make sure they do not contain any gross errors in writing.

6. Provide all supporting materials for upload – It would be good to include all your supporting files when you upload your designs for printing postcards. This includes fonts, plug-ins and any other additional feature that the postcard printer needs to recreate your draft digitally in their end. Otherwise of course, they will not accept your order as the draft does not have the key requirements.

7. Provide different file formats of the draft – Lastly, as a safety measure, always provide different file formats of your draft. A zip file and an image file is usually recommended along with your own original document file for the postcards. This helps ensure that the postcard printer does receive your order properly with the required files along with their backup.

Combine all these practices and those postcard printing services will not have problems with any of your drafts. I know it requires an extra level of focus, but if you are really serious about printing postcards, you have to do this.