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What Can Be Done With a Few Marquee Accessories

Hiring a marquee in Norfolk is all very well and good, but it’s not going to be much of a wedding if there’s nothing to sit on or eat your canap?s off. When organising your next wedding, business launch or public event, put aside a little bit of time in order so consider what new angles the event hire of a few extra accessories can bring.

First; chairs. Not much of a party if everyone’s standing around looking uncomfortable is it? Nope. With seating, they can sit around and hide their blushes behind a well placed wine glass or lace doily. Your choice of chair can say a good deal about your function. A chair itself may be a relatively unostentatious furniture piece, but multiplied dozens of times in one little marquee, then a poorly considered design choice can quickly come to dominate the entire room. If you are looking for something that is unostentatious but does the job, then the classic white bistro chair is for you. It may not be anything showy, but it fits inoffensively into any design. If you want to add a rustic charm to proceeedings, then consider the Knockhill beech wood folding chair. It’s a classic, honest design that brings with it so much nostalgia for so many. It brings to mind parties in the village hall and school fetes on a hot July day, and has in recent years found favour in even the swankiest of venues. There is something about this design that says “community”. The natural Chivari chair has a comparable rustic factor. It is, after all, named for the historic town on the Italian Riviera. Both big and small events can benefit from the homely charms of this practical favourite. Banqueting chairs possess a quiet sense of style; they suggest luxury without screaming money. The chairs come in both white and gilt, while a selection of coloured pads ensure comfort while also allowing the chair to be fitted into almost any colour scheme. If you are turning to the event hire of a marquee because you want that perfect warmth-and-drapes style wedding, then white and ivory chair covers are also available. You may have hired a marquee in Norfolk, but you can be transported to some dream realm with these angelic covers. A selection of coloured sashes allows you to reflect corporate or bridal colour schemes.

Norfolk marquee hire companies can give your marquee extra character with a variety of linings. Marquee hires can, on the one hand, be seen as somewhat unassuming, but they are really an opportunity. Differed coloured linings can transform the feel and atmosphere of a room; warm, romantic, formal or light. If you are organising a product launch, then you can have the “hall” draped in your corporate colours. If it is a wedding, then the colours of the bride’s bouquet and the ties of the groom’s party can be carried through the entire reception venue.

Organising a venue can be a headache at the best of times, and trying to synchronise the activities of three or four separate contractors can be a major part of it. You don’t want the marquee people, the florists, the caterers and the photographer all turning up at the same time. Let somebody else take some of the stress off. Marquee hire companies deal with large events every day of the week. They should therefore have their own contacts they can draw on to help you. Some may even be able to deliver the crockery on behalf of other companies at the same time that they deliver your marquee and accessories.

Morton’s Event Hire is a Norfolk event hire company, offering a range of customisable marquees, accessories and related services. Visit their website for a more in depth account of all the extras they can offer.

Marquee EventHire: Make the Perfect Venue for Your Perfect Day

The marquee has become synonymous with the modern wedding. Hardly a weekend or bank holiday goes by without most people spying those white minarets dotting the stately grounds and gardens of the Norfolk countryside. And it’s not just weddings. People organising all manner of events hire marquees. They are used to house temporary restaurants at big events such as race days and literary festivals. They regularly play host to corporate events, talks and launches. And where would the village fete be without the protection they offer from all manner of weather? What is the lasting appeal of this seemingly innocuous tent? What are the reasons for its lasting appeal?

A lot of it is due to the almost infinite variety of options that marquee event hire can offer. Though we might have the stereotypical image of a square awning on a patch of grass, marquees now come in all manner of shapes and sizes. As well as the traditional square design, Norfolk marquee hire companies can offer hexagonal and triangular designs. Different sections of differing shapes and sizes can be joined together to create layouts as complex or as simple as you want. A special guttering system ensures water does not pool and leak through at the joins during heavy rain.

The event hire of marquees also provides a way in which you can create extra space for your wedding, show or promotion without damaging the ground on which they are placed. For this reason, in Norfolk marquee hire is popular with those holding events at stately homes. The open and pristine lawns offer a stunning setting for weddings and the like, but the houses’ owners wouldn’t be too impressed if your wedding marquee left ruts and divots all over their carefully maintained grass. The lightweight structure of the marquees means they do not sink into the ground like other options such as portacabins and caravans.

We all know how temperamental the British climate can be, but marquees can be adjusted to suit sun, rain or snow. If it’s warm and sunny, a concealed zip on each of the wall sections can be undone and the walls pulled back similar to curtains to open up the space and allow the sun and air in. If, on the other hand, the heavens open, then the walls can quickly and easily be closed again and zipped up, providing a warm, enclosed interior in which you and your guests can enjoy your event.

The interiors can be adapted to fit any event for which they might be hired. All marquees can be lined with bespoke materials available in a variety of colours to match the colour scheme of whatever occasion for which you may be hiring it. If it is a wedding, the drapes can be chosen to suit with the colour scheme of the bride’s bouquet, flowers, groom’s wardrobe, etcetera. Should it be a corporate launch or promotion, the interior decor can echo your corporate colours.
A dance floor can also be installed, should you want somewhere for your guests to let off steam later on. The floor panels can be locked together with aluminium edging, making it quick and easy to assemble and disassemble, as well as being completely safe for guests to move and jump about on. Floors are available in both the traditional wood panel effect, and black and white chequer board.

Whether you are planning a wedding, corporate launch or book festival in Norfolk, marquee hire delivers diverse options for layout, design and features. Their lightweight construction also ensures they are suitable for just about any setting. Let a Norfolk marquee hire company assemble the perfect setting for your perfect day.

For Norfolk marquee hire, contact Morton’s Event Hire. As well as a range of modular marquee designs, they can also supply chairs, a dance floor and customisable decorations.

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