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Picture Hangman offers up addicting picture based puzzle action on iOS

California based Tringio today announces the release of Picture Hangman for the iPhone and iPod Touch, together with Picture Hangman HD for the iPad. An innovative new puzzle experience, Picture Hangman takes a wild visual spin on the classic game of hangman, challenging players to complete pictures instead of words by picking the right picture pieces instead of guessing the correct letters.

Milpitas, California – Tringio LLC, an innovative new mobile game developer, is excited today to announce the launch of Picture Hangman for the iPhone, and iPod Touch, as well as an iPad optimized HD version of the game as well. Universally compatible with all iOS devices running on iOS 4.0 or later, this innovative new puzzle takes a wild visual spin on the classic game of hangman, challenging players to complete pictures instead of words by picking the right picture pieces instead of guessing the correct letters! Featuring boldly designed drawing-based puzzles that offer hours of engaging mental entertainment, Picture Hangman & Picture Hangman HD are currently available for download on the Apple App Store for $0.99 in the Puzzle Games category.

Picture Hangman cleverly blends the classic word puzzle structure of its famous namesake with an engaging multiple-choice format and a great visual spin. Players start each level with a piece of a picture drawn up on-screen and sets of several small picture pieces to pick from at the bottom – one of which represents a piece of the picture in question and a few others that don’t. Picking the correct piece reveals its location in the greater picture and brings you closer to winning, while picking incorrect pieces gets you a strike. The rules are simple, five strikes and you’re out! A sprawling mobile game, Picture Hangman comes complete with more than a hundred unique levels that feature eclectic, diverse drawings ranging from tanks and fish, to clocks, spaceships, dinosaurs, and more. Players can also unlock an additional 50 levels instantly via in-app purchase too.

The inclusion of Easy, Medium, and Hard modes guarantee that Picture Hangman stays accessible to any level of player and stays fun for gamers of all ages. Meanwhile, integration with Facebook and Twitter give players the option of sharing high scores with friends, or inviting them to get the game and play along. To boot, since the app saves all player scores and features full GameCenter integration, competitive players are free to either out-do themselves or battle for top honors on the game’s interactive online leaderboards. Picture Hangman features a user-friendly interface, beautiful chalk drawn aesthetics, smooth gameplay, as well as full in-game tutorials for new players and helpful playing tips too. Simply stated, if you’re ready for a puzzle adventure unlike anything you’ve experienced before it’s high time to download Picture Hangman and get into the action!


The New iPhone 5: Additions, Upgrades and New Features

Apple’s iPhone has revolutionized the mobile phone industry. No one can deny this. One may surmise that it has spawned more copy-cats than any other tech gadget in the last 20 or 30 years. The newest iteration of the famed smartphone, the iPhone 5, should arrive sometime in October, 2011. New features include the new iOS 5.0, Apple’s iCloud service, more powerful A5 processor and an improved camera. All of these enhancements should encourage Apple lovers and skeptics alike to flock to the device, especially if it’s paired with Verizon’s 4G network.

iOS 5.0: iPhone 5’s New Operating System

According to the company’s website, Apple’s newest portable device operating system features 200 new improvements. It features a powerful new alert system, which will push all sorts of alerts from social networks, text messages, friend requests and the like directly to the user. This has become a mainstay in most Android powered phones, so it’s a good thing that Apple has decided to join in with this feature. Actually, iOS 5.0 shows the notifications quickly and lets them disappear swiftly without being a big interruption to the user. To see more, a simple swipe over the message is all that’s needed.

iOS 5.0’s Newsstand Feature

The iPhone 5 will feature something that Android users has been wanting for a while: an attractive, built-in news and magazine delivery app. RSS feeds are all the rage for Internet-savvy consumers, and a sleek new way to organize and view it is what the iOS 5.0 Newsstand app brings. You can also easily purchase premium magazine and newspaper subscriptions as well, and the app displays them in a very aesthetically impressive way. When new issues are released by the publisher, the app updates itself automatically. When you look over your virtual bookshelf, new covers are on display for your perusal. A very impressive job here for Apple.

iCloud for iPhone 5

Apple’s iCloud service, which allows users to sync pictures, programs, documents and calendars with the iCloud servers, will be available on the iPhone 5. This can help users store even more data to be retrieved through their phones, and will also be an outlet for Apple to lease music to users through the service. Cloud storage is definitely a hot topic right now, so this development is certainly making sense to most users.

The A5 Processor and the iPhone 5 Camera

Featuring a dual-core CPU, the A5 processor will effectively double the iPhone 5’s power and ability to process tasks. One may worry about battery consumption with all of this increased power, but Apple has taken another idea from the open-source Android marketplace and added on-the-fly power control. This will allow the CPU to lower or increase its speed to suit a situation, so that the battery will not die quite as quickly.

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