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How To Fit A New Car Radio Using A Harness Adaptor

A harness adaptor lead allows you to install a car stereo of your choice without having to cut any of the existing car wiring. Harness adaptors operate by converting your existing car radio connector into an ISO connection (a standard connection in the UK), allowing it to plug right into the manufacturer’s radio connection in your car. A push-fit connector like the harness adaptor means you won’t have to cut the car’s wiring which will help you save time.

Each car manufacturer has a different custom designed in-dash wire harness connection, so a harness adaptor will not come with your radio. It is important to buy a harness adaptor which suits your car’s make and model. Online retailers of harness adaptors sometimes enable you to search by car which makes finding the right harness adaptor simpler. If your car has steering controls you will need a steering control adaptor and patch leads.

When you have purchased your new radio and harness adaptor you are ready to begin the installation process. Check your car handbook to see if there are any hints on how to remove your current car radio, and disconnect your battery during the radio-changing process to avoid short-circuiting the wires or injuring yourself. Remove screws on your existing car radio, then get hold of the stereo and pull it towards you. Pull any hidden clips within the trim to remove these and remove any screws or bolts too. This should let you pull the car sound system out of the dash. Using DIN tools on either side of the stereo release the clips which will let you pull the stereo out easily, or remove screws and bolts if your radio is mounted this way.

To disconnect the electrical connectors in the back of the stereo unscrew the antenna cable first, which will probably be the black wire connection most on the passenger side. Then you will probably need to squeeze a clip remove the wiring harness from the back of the stereo. This is what will plug into your harness adaptor.

To connect your new radio to your purchased harness adaptor you will first need to split, splice and solder the new radio’s wires and the harness adaptor’s wires together. Make sure that the colour of each wire matches the one which you are connecting it to (eg. White to white, orange with stripes to orange with stripes). Once this is done you can plug the harness adaptor into your car’s harness, and make sure that it is tightly connected. Also connect the black antennae wire to your new radio.

Before reassembling the dash test your new radio by reconnecting the battery and playing music. Make sure that sound is playing through each speaker. If all the connections in your harness adaptor are sound you can install your new radio, which should come with a mounting bracket. Read the manual for information on fitting your radio into your car, but it should slide in. Once the radio is connected you can reassemble the dash as before.

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