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How to Hack Windows Vista Administrator Password to Logon

Microsoft takes five years plus to develop Windows Vista, the so-called highly secured and renowned Windows operating system, with an overly redeveloped kernel.

For all Windows Vista users, improving security in Vista is very important. However, when they are giving strong password to their computer, at the same time they may forget it. This is why so many people want to hack Windows Vista password.

Cracking computer password has never been easier than today.
With the rapid development of technology, especially the information technology, things today are not like those in the past. If a computer user forgot his password in the past, he would find it very difficult to find forgotten password so that to regain access to his PC. While nowadays, any Vista users can easily and quickly hack their lost Vista passwords. Follow the below magic ways to hack password on Windows Vista, and you will learn a lot.

Method one: Crack your Vista password via a password reset disc.
Windows Vista allows its users to create a password reset disk. Usually, after you installed Vista and created a user account on your PC, you would be asked to create such a disk. If you did, then you can use it hack Vista login password with below steps:
Step1: Start your PC, and type in any password at the logon screen. Then Windows will alert you that the password is incorrect. Next you just click “OK” to close the warning message.
Step2: You now can see the “Reset password” option, just click it.
Step3: Insert your Windows reset disk. Then the Password Reset Wizard will appear.
Step4: Follow the Wizard and later you can be allowed to create a new password for replacing the forgotten one.
Step5: After typing the new password, then just click “Next” and then “Finish”. Until then, you have successfully cracked the forgotten Vista password.

Method two: Vista administrator password hack with Windows Password Reset Std.
Actually not so many Vista users are so lucky to have such a Windows password reset disk when they find they’ve forgotten their Vista password. Well, this is why Windows Password Reset Std—a professional third-party password reset tool, comes. Now you can follow the below simple steps to find your forgotten Vista password with this tool.
Step1: Download and install Windows Password Reset Std.
Step2: Burn CD/DVD with the tool.
Step3: Set the target computer boot from CD/DVD.
Step4: Crack Windows Vista login password with the burned CD/DVD.