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30 Days to Understanding Other People, The Latest Title by Acclaimed Self-Help Author Beverly Flaxington, Makes Its Debut

Beverly D. Flaxington, accomplished consultant, hypnotherapist and author, has announced the release of her latest book, 30 Days to Understanding Other People, available now through both Amazon ( and Barnes & Noble (

Medfield, Mass. – Beverly D. Flaxington, accomplished consultant, hypnotherapist and author, has announced the release of her latest book, 30 Days to Understanding Other People, available now through both Amazon ( and Barnes & Noble (

“Commit 30 days and watch your relationships change,” Flaxington says of her new book, which contains many useful easy-to-implement tips in an equally easy-to-follow daily guide format ? tips designed to encourage potential readers to stop struggling in their relationships with coworkers, bosses, family members or friends.

Gold Award-winning author Flaxington offers readers a convenient step-by-step approach for uncovering aspects about themselves and others that could be preventing their relationships from thriving. Based on Flaxington’s bestselling book, Understanding Other People: The Five Secrets to Human Behavior, 30 Days will help readers free themselves from relationships that bring them down ? and hold them down ? by implementing a simple, day-by-day approach.

“Finding ways to break down the change we want to make is one of Bev Flaxington’s specialties. 30 Days to Understanding Other People offers thoughtful, actionable and easy-to-use ways to learn more about ourselves – and about those around us,” said Teresa de Grosbois, word-of-mouth marketing expert, best-selling author, international speaker and founder of the Evolutionary Business Council.
30 Days to Understanding Other People is the latest entry in Flaxington’s series of self-help titles, joining the enormously popular Make the SHIFT and Make Your SHIFT, as yet another solutions-oriented guide for those looking for help in effectively navigating today’s corporate environment. For more information, visit Beverly Flaxington’s website at

About Beverly D. Flaxington – Beverly D. Flaxington is a renown personal and career coach, corporate trainer and business development expert. She is co-founder of The Collaborative, a sales and marketing consultancy. She also holds both a BSBA and an MBA from Suffolk University, and is an adjunct professor on its faculty. Beverly is certified in many fields, including hypnosis, human behavior and professional values. She is the author of Understanding Other People, Make the SHIFT and Make Your SHIFT, and co-author of many other books. For more information, visit and


Spirit Cube , A Full Service Tribute Site, Eyes 2012 Launch

Spirit Cube, leading designers of an inspirational tribute websites for free. The celebration of life where you can see and hear people from the past. The digital voice and more that carries through the ages.

Spirit Cube Incorporated, A Florida Corporation, Founded in 2010 for the purpose of a providing a web based tribute service, offering its account members a “free” selection of customized web sites to create a memorial to the deceased, living or terminally ill. Spirit Cube is based on a Social Network theory but it will consist of a cyber-record of recognition of those that have died, going to die or a living tribute memorial to be left behind when they have expired. The company is adding in through Phase 2 operations, a section for chronicling a persons’ life in full animation and a “vault” section for storage of encrypted personal documents to be passed on at the appropriate time. Also the company is working on having a satellite link to a database of gravesites and memorials worldwide, a true cyber immortality and digital afterlife. The infinite number of individuals that have deceased over the centuries, relatives, sports stars, movie stars, world leaders, religious icons and more are all memorialized in some format or another. Trillions are spent to remember people and even animals that have impacted lives at varying levels.

Spirit Cube offers a cyber-platform that gives everlasting immortality to those that we want to remember i.e. the most important people in their lives from anywhere in the world. Spirit Cube is the immortal voice that the Egyptians were searching when they were building the pyramids. Spirit Cubes business model includes multiple revenue streams with an infinite number of users over an unlimited amount of time.

The company has completed phase one of their business plan, offering more than any of the competing sites at no cost to the consumer. Users can sign up and send out a link that will reflect a more robust website that is fully customizable that can reflect a better look and feel than any of the completing web applications that offer anything similar. There has been a fair amount of moderators and field tech feedback as the company hones in on what is deemed to the best solution available. Color schemes, easy of usage and all around better look and feel of the interface dashboard are key issues that have been addressed over the past few months.
The Corporate Advisory board is currently reviewing bids to install 5 major features and a full scale public relations launch.

The selection of a professional firm to enable the newer features in Phase 2 is will be completed in the first quarter of the year and we should see the new immediate additions quite quickly. Bids are ranging from a few thousand dollars to a few hundred thousand when marketing and branding is included. When the final selection process is made an announcement press release will be made and released. The Company is entrenched in Phase 2 funding operations and is ahead of schedule and look to having the campaign closed out in the near future. The Five Million Dollar “Series A round” which is the company’s first significant round of venture funding is to be used for its improvement, expansion and advertising. Look for as it is currently in BETA Version and will be ready for full scale launch in 2012.


AIT Racing Announces the Release of their AIT Body Kits and Bmagic Body Kits at CustomAutoTrim.Com

AIT Racing and Bmagic Body Kits have selected CustomAutoTrim.Com as the next authorized distributor of their custom body kit line, and the response from their customers has been fantastic.

San Diego, CA – AIT Racing, a custom body kit manufacturer to the automobile aftermarket has announced that Custom Auto Trim and Graphics Inc. is now an authorized distributor of AIT Racing and Bmagic Body Kits. Releasing new body kits to the automobile aftermarket ahead of the competition has always been the main focus of the company, and for the new AIT Body kits the response has been fantastic.

“AIT Racing has a huge catalog and some of the hottest body kits in the industry. Some of their best sellers are the Mitsubishi Eclipse and the Ford Mustang Body Kits. Their Bmagic Body Kits fit a lot better than some of the other brands out there on the market. By bringing this new line to our company, it further supports our position to offer the best products and pricing available directly to the customer. We always want to bring the customer more styles of body kits than anyone else does,” said Mike Briglia, president and head of the company’s online store CustomAutoTrim.Com.

“AIT Racing products are well renowned for quality and fitment in the market. Their product lines are utilized in D1, Formula Drift, NOPI Drift, Red Line Time Attackand many other track events. They are also the first choice for the elite show car builders” Briglia said.

Numerous customer testimonials to be found on Custom Auto Trim’s website ( support that claim, while others cite the company’s exceptionally extensive inventory of top quality products as a major draw. Such auto and truck accessories as body kits, car spoilers, truck graphics, euro tail lights are among Custom Auto Trim’s most popular products, Briglia said.

Founded in 1997, Custom Auto Trim has been a premier supplier of body kits and car accessories, and serves many industries including automotive, recreational vehicle, boats and heavy truck. Some applications of their products can be found at car dealerships including spoilers and wings for cars and trucks, ground effects, body side molding, custom pinstriping, truck decals, and stainless steel nerf bars for trucks and SUV.

For more information contact Custom Auto Trim and Graphics Inc., 4747 Morena Blvd., Suite 355, San Diego, CA 92117. 858-273-5700.


Joseph Agiato, Longtime Supporter of the Salvation Army, Encouraging Continued Donations

“Helping others doesn’t have to be a big ordeal,” explained Joseph Agiato. “It’s the little things that add up; when we all do what we can to help others, it can really make a difference.” Joseph Agiato is urging others to do what they can to support this worthwhile cause, especially in our current economy.

Naples, FL – Joseph Agiato, a longtime supporter of a number of charitable organizations is reaching out to remind us all that, although this year’s annual Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign recently ended, ongoing donations are still needed.

Joseph Agiato is an avid supporter of the Salvation Army and the Red Kettle Campaign, an event held annually from early fall through the end of January that allows the Salvation Army to provide food, toys and clothing to over 6 million people in need during the holiday season. Donations gathered during the campaign also help more than 34 million Americans recovering from a variety of personal disasters nationwide.

Joseph Agiato wants to remind us all that, although the annual campaign has come to a close for this year, it is vital that we continue to donate to this great cause throughout the year. Joseph Agiato is a lifelong advocate of community service and volunteerism and donates to various charitable causes on a regular basis. “Volunteerism and community service are part of our nation’s fabric,” notes Joseph Agiato. “I believe everyone who is able should do what they can to assist their fellow man.”

Joseph Agiato has dedicated much of his time and effort to giving back to his community both within in his professional and personal life. Joseph Agiato, throughout his career, has chosen to serve and help others. Joseph Agiato was a member of the U.S. Military for 10 years, earning a rank of E5 before he was honorably discharged. Joseph Agiato’s dedication to supporting others also extended into his next profession, where he served as a police officer for a number of years. Joseph Agiato, now retired, continues forward in his efforts to support his community and the less fortunate.

Joseph Agiato not only donates to charitable groups, but he also helps those in need in his own local community of Naples, Florida. A fellow community member shared her account of Joseph Agiato and his dedication to helping those in need by recounting the day she saw Joseph go into the local diner for launch. On his way into the establishment, Joseph Agiato passed a homeless man sitting out front. Upon ordering his own lunch, Joseph Agiato also ordered a second meal to go which he handed to the homeless man sitting out front.

Every little bit can really help and Joseph Agiato is hoping that others will follow suit, get involved and do whatever they can, no matter how small, to help support the Salvation Army and their commitment to helping those in need. To learn more about the Salvation Army, visit

About Joseph Agiato

Joseph Agiato is a resident of Naples, Florida. Joseph Agiato was honorably discharged after serving in the U.S. Military for 10 years and earning a rank of E5. Prior to his retirement, Joseph Agiato served his community as a police officer for a number of years. He later went on to become a successful business owner.

Joseph Agiato is an avid golfer and enjoys spending time with his family and friends and supporting his local community.

For additional information, contact:
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FedBiz Access Announces Joint Venture with Skyway Acquisition Solutions

FedBiz Access a government contracting consulting firm which focuses on helping small businesses increase their revenue through government contracting announces a joint venture with Skyway Acquisition Solutions an organization with over 170 years of experience working directly as government contractors and auditors.

Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FL- FedBiz Access (FBA), a leading national provider of consulting and online collaboration services for government contractors and small businesses, announced today that it will team with Skyway Acquisition Solutions (Skyway). Skyway is a highly skilled firm with over 170 years combined actual federal Contracting Officer experience focused on helping businesses identify, compete for and win government contracts. Details regarding this collaboration are forthcoming.

This combined effort will result in a systematic, full service consulting platform aimed at helping small businesses effectively and efficiently navigate the government procurement process regardless of experience, skill, or goals.

Through their partnership with Skyway, FedBiz Access plans to unveil an innovative process to help small businesses clearly identify their readiness for various aspects of government contracting, while simultaneously providing the support and tools to assist in their progression toward more wins, and more sales.

FedBiz Access (FBA) is a leading national provider of consulting and online collaboration services for government contractors and small businesses. For over a decade, we have delivered actionable insight that empowers our customers to unlock their business potential in the federal market space. Over 15,000 organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada use FedBiz Access to research and identify opportunities, win new business, optimize resources, streamline operations, and deliver profitable projects.

Skyway Acquisition Solutions (Skyway) helps companies break into or expand their sales in the enormous federal market by helping them compete for and win federal contracts. Skyway leads its clients through the byzantine, multi-faceted, complex competition process to ensure they are “in the know.” Skyway’s specialty is their direct experience on the government side of the competition process – few consulting firms have as much actual experience as government contracting officers as the Skyway Acquisition Solutions team.


HTA98(TM) Cycloastragenol Telomerase Activator – Pricing Breakthrough

It is now 7 years since the first availability in the west of a cycloastragenol based telomerase activator and now the first British company to offer it are making a price breakthrough for this rare and previously very expensive natural substance.

Medical professionals who specialise in or are involved with the burgeoning field of anti aging will be pleased to know that there is now a second company offering worldwide distribution of high purity Cycloastragenol.

Cycloasragenol has been identified by cutting edge scientists as a telomerase activator.

HTA98™ is being distributed on a world wide basis from the UK by Advantage Impex Co Uk ltd

HTA98™ is a natural non-pharmaceutical product extracted in minuscule quantities from the Astragalus plant and it takes tons of the Astragalus plant to produce a significant amount of Cycloastragenol.

It should, therefore, be noted that supposedly high purity Astragalus being touted by many Asian supplement sellers has no resemblance in effectiveness for telomerase activation as high purity Cycloastragenol which is a considerably more expensive product to extract. Researchers have reported that, because of the minuscule quantities, it is very difficult to find traces of any of the
Cycloastragenol within small batches of Astragalus itself.

As a result high purity Cycloastragenol has until recently only been sold to a small number of medical practitioners specialising in the field of anti aging.

Now, HTA98™ is available generally to medical practitioners in single sample bottles or in practitioner packs of 24 or more bottles from around US$100 per bottle.

This represents a breakthrough in pricing since the first US supplier of a branded telomerase activator based on Cycloastragenol introduced their own product and were selling a 12 month supply for tens of thousands of dollars to wealthy clients participating in the early trials which also assessed subsequent measurements of telomere lengths.

Most of the public are totally unaware of the latest research findings by cutting edge scientists in relation to anti ageing developments at the cellular level. The information related to the telomere theory of aging is only just starting to filter through to the medical profession at the mainstream level.

Now Advantage Impex Co Uk ltd are offering this breakthrough pricing at