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Could Ground Source Heat Pumps help make your home more energy efficient?

There are plenty of ways in which a home or other property can be made more energy efficient, and a great option for those who want to lower the carbon emissions of a building could be to install ground source heat pumps.

Ground source heat pumps are buried within the ground around a property, and they work by absorbing the heat produced by the earth and soil. This heat is then used to keep a property warm, reducing its reliance on the grid and traditional forms of power, and in turn lowering energy bills and lowering the carbon emissions and carbon footprint of a premises.

Ground source heat pumps are generally laid at a depth of about 1.5 metres, and can be used to heat water for central heating or for use in showers and baths, depending on the needs of the specific ground source heat pumps customer.

If you are interested in ground source heat pumps then visit us here at Better Energy Control. We specialise in helping to lower the energy usage of domestic properties, and over the years we have built up a loyal client base of energy conscious customers. Using our ground source heat pumps can help to reduce bills and this is great for our clients, who have had to try and deal with constantly rising energy prices over the past few years.

As we are a small and independently run family firm, we can give our full attention to all of our ground source heat pumps installation jobs, and we can also take the time to recommend the right ground source heat pumps solutions for all of our clients, without any hidden agenda or push for certain products.

All of our ground source heat pumps are sourced from Kensa, a British firm with a reputation for providing incredibly efficient solution. All of our ground source heat pumps have a co-efficient of performance rating of four, which states that they can produce four times as much heat per kilowatt hour in electricity as a domestic boiler would produce in gas.

If you are interested in ground source heat pumps then visit us and talk to our team about your ground source heat pumps needs.