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Restoration Environmental announces the Ontario Emergency Response Call Centre for Environmental Hazardous Materials Water Damage Emergencies and Disasters

Restoration Environmental Offers immediate emergency response service for disasters, asbestos removal, fire wind flood water damage to all industrial, commercial, institutional, government, hospitals, school boards, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industry in Toronto GTA and across Ontario, The Ontario Emergency Response Call Centre is 1.800.894.4924

Restoration Environmental Announcement of The Ontario Emergency Response Call Centre 1.800.894.4924

Markham/Stouffville/Toronto Ontario, Canada-March 5, 2012 – Restoration Environmental REC Disaster Recovery the REC Emergency Response Team, a leading full service turnkey environmental remediation, hazardous materials removal and water damage restoration contractor operating throughout Ontario, Canada, today announced that it has based a Regional Environmental Emergency Response Call Center here to respond to all natural disasters, hazardous materials, environmental and flood water emergencies throughout the Toronto, the GTA and Province Ontario including Golden Horseshoe region.

The facility also augments the company’s environmental cleanup and water damage restoration business and logistical support services for the region, as well as supports existing environmental field services for Toronto, GTA and the Province of Ontario.

The regional emergency response call center is a staging area and warehouse for resources and supplies that enables Restoration Environmental REC Disaster and the REC Emergency Response Teams’ highly trained personnel to quickly respond to all client’s building-based emergencies at industrial, commercial, institutional, government and chemical facilities, as well as hospitals, school boards, storage and transportation facilities.

Restoration Environmental REC Disaster Recovery the REC Emergency Response Team announced that it has based a new regional emergency response call center to respond to all Hazardous Materials environmental emergencies throughout Ontario.

Restoration Environmental Offers immediate regional emergency response service for asbestos removal, flood water damage to all industrial, commercial, institutional, government hospitals, school boards, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industry in Toronto GTA and across Ontario, Call Centre 1.800.894.4924

REC is Ready, Highly Prepared and Trained, Health and Safety is the priority, and Staged for Immediate Deployment to youyr site.

The Restoration Environmental facility houses environmental abatement, restoration and remediation equipment, material supply and trucks, personal protective equipment, mobile communications equipment and other response assets are also kept at the ready. All environmental and restoration equipment, including fully outfitted trucks and supplies are stored on trailers, HazMat trucks or packaged for immediate deployment anywhere in the Toronto the GTA and Province of Ontario.

“Restoration Environmental REC Emergency Response every week routinely responds to environmental, asbestos, mold and/or water damage emergencies across the GTA, Toronto and Ontario,” said Don Bremner, Senior Project Manager and CEO, of REC Site Services. “Our customers recognize that Health and Safety is a priority, we have tremendous amount of expertise and experience and a substantial customer base in Toronto, the GTA and the Province of Ontario”. “The Markham Stouffville facility gives us the ability to respond much more quickly to natural disasters, commercial and industrial emergencies anywhere in the region with all the equipment, supplies and experienced personnel to minimize the environmental or hazardous materials impacts of flood, fire, wind, and water damage or any disaster.”

The regional emergency response center joins Restoration Environmental’s extensive network of environmental service team providers, equipment and material suppliers and sub-trade contractor network that provide local environmental and water damage restoration cleanup capabilities throughout Toronto, the GTA and Province of Ontario.

All Restoration Environmental response resources are available to its all its customers through a local and international call center at l.800.894.4924 Canada / USA.

About Restoration Environmental REC Disaster Recovery REC Emergency Response

Since 1989, Restoration Environmental REC Emergency Response Service is one of Canada’s leading environmental service contractors specializing in asbestos removal, lead abatement, mould remediation, hazardous materials removal and environmental cleanup, water damage restoration, plant decommissioning, soil and site remediation and demolition for ICI Sector, industrial, commercial institutional and government.

REC has serviced over 600 customers province wide, including a many of the Fortune 500 companies, hundreds’ of smaller private corporate entities and numerous federal, provincial, city, regional and local governmental agencies and facilities.

Restoration Environmental One of Canada’s most respected Environmental
Remediation and Demolition Companies at The Guild Inn, Scarborough, The Philips Cable Plant Brockville and Regent Park in Toronto

Here’s the link on YouTube The Guild Inn

YOUTUBE Restoration Environmental REC Demolition VIDEOS BY OTHERS:

REGENT PARK Toronto Demolition LEED Project

500,000 sq ft Brockville Chimney Stack Demolition Phillips Cable

The Guild Inn Historic 7 Storey Demolition City of Toronto

Headquartered in Gormley (Stouffville/Markham), Ontario, Restoration Environmental REC Emergency Response Service has successfully completed over 11,000 projects and provides its’ specialized environmental services to ICI Sector, DND, the Canadian Government and Ontario Government facilities throughout the province. The Company also operates under REC Disaster Recovery, REC Emergency Response Service, REC Demolition for more information, visit or

EMail: rec ( @ ) restorationenvironmental dot com
Contact Don Bremner 1.800.894.4924


Asbestos Removal and Water Damage Restoration in Toronto, Canada the most Trusted Experts Name is Restoration Environmental and REC Emergency Response

For Asbestos Removal and Flood Water Damage Restoration contractors call the most trusted name in the industry, Restoration Environmental and REC Emergency Response Team with over 11,000 successfully completed projects in Ontario Government Facilities, Schools, Hospitals, Insurance, Corporate and Industrial Facilities across Ontario since 1989.

Restoration Environmental is The Right Choice – REC is an Emergency Response Service Contractor for the Removal of all Hazardous Materials, Environmental Abatement, Water Flood Damage Restoration and Demolition.

Toronto, Ontario Canada: December 5, 2012: Since 1989, Restoration Environmental REC Disaster Recovery is a turnkey full service environmental remediation and water damage restoration contractor. REC is a recognized leader in the Removal of all Hazardous Materials including asbestos, mold, lead, and PCB’s.

Restoration Environmental REC Disaster Recovery is a highly respected and trusted Pre-Qualified and approved government contractor for the Ontario Government Facilities, Toronto District School Board, CBRE, City of Toronto, Profac SNC Lavalin, and many Toronto GTA Area Hospitals and Business Corporations.

Our Project Management and Site Supervisory Team has accumulated more than one million hours of on-site project management and successfully completing over 11,000 projects, from emergency response calls, or maintenance service calls, or to multi-million dollar demolition, asbestos, water damage and environmental remediation projects.

Restoration Environmental prides themselves on their outstanding industry leadership, their safety record, their commitment to environmental stewardship, the high level of productivity of their skilled workforce and by enforcing the Three R’s – Reduce, Re-use and Recycle, the company’s “Green LEED Philosophy” and market strategy.

REC believes the process should be simple, while at the same time creating options for their clients that offer sound project management, cost controls and environmental solutions.

Our exceptional reputation, aggressive health & safety program and quality client services make us one of the Government of Canada, and Ontario Governments leading environmental prequalified authorized and pre-approved emergency response environmental contractors. All staff is OPP or Metro Toronto Police CPIC Checked.

REC’s commitment to meet the needs of their clients with experienced, highly skilled workers, well-planned project strategy and an assurance to quality means that Restoration Environmental can help with your next flood or water damage problem, plant decommissioning or closure, asbestos or mold removal, environmental site remediation, demolition or historic restoration project.

SERVICES: REC Emergency Response Team: by Restoration Environmental Contractors REC Disaster Recovery services include:
* Hazardous Materials Removal; Asbestos Removal, Mould, PCBs, Lead.
* Disaster Recovery; Planning Cost saving Service Contracts
* Fire, Sewage Backup, Flood, Water, Wind Damage Restoration
* Environmental Abatement and Soil Remediation
* Demolition; De-construction, Asset Recovery, Equipment Dismantling
* Plant Closures: Industrial Plant and Site Decommissioning, Soil & Site Remediation
* Removal and Interior Plant & Manufacturing Facility Cleaning of Heavy Metals
* Emergency Response: Bonded CPIC Metro Toronto and OPP Police Cleared Staff.

Restoration Environmental One of Canada’s most respected Environmental Remediation and Demolition Companies at The Guild Inn and Regent Park in Toronto

Here’s the link on YouTube

YOUTUBE Restoration Environmental REC Demolition VIDEOS BY OTHERS:

REGENT PARK Toronto Demolition

500,000 sq ft Brockville Chimney Stack Demolition Phillips Cable

The Guild Inn Historic 7 Storey Demolition City of Toronto

Profile: Restoration Environmental, one of Canada’s leading Green Environmental Remediation companies specializing in Environmental Abatement & Remediation, Asbestos Removal, Demolition, Flood Water Damage Restoration and Disaster Recovery Emergency Response Contractors

Don Bremner and David Bremner are the founders of The Passion an awareness campaign bringing together local food banks and thirteen charities that help the poor, homeless and less fortunate every day in Markham and Toronto-GTA. Website:;

Don Bremner and Restoration Environmental Contractors were the Proud Owners of The Markham Waxers Junior “A” Hockey Club Est 1962, for 11 years, from 1994-2005 – Website:

Press Contact: David Bremner
P.O. Box 746, 10 Stalwart industrial Drive Unit 5
Gormley, Ontario, Canada, L0H 1G0
Tel:1-905-888-0066 fax: 905-888-0071 Call Toll-free1-800-894-4924 Canada/USA
For more information on all REC’s services, please visit our Websites: ,


Tax Benefits Of Buying Investment Property

Property Investment has always proved an effective machine of wealth creation for many people. Many people have acquired wealth and reputation with the help of property investment and bmv deals. Investment property can help you in improving your chances of gaining wealth, take care after your retirement as well as give many tax benefits.

If you have the proper knowledge and expertise and you can strategize your plan accordingly then achieving all this will be much easier and more like a cake walk. Here, we will find the important taxation considerations of investment property that include many things as follow:

Negative gearing: By negative gearing, we mean the process in which the investment is higher than the rate of return from the investment. If you are a high income owner then you can benefit from the losses. It will be an offset against your taxable income. You can take advantage of this situation and help in your personal growth.

Capital gains Tax: When you sell your property, you need pay a tax from the profit that you have made. You can get your property re-valued and instead show losses not profit for the property sale. You can also take the advice of professionals and accounts to make the numbers clear for the government.

Depreciation: It is one of the most useful factors, which can help you make profits. Depreciation means cutting off. You can show bills of money spent on repairing parts of the property; this will help you in reducing your taxable income. Remember new properties have greater depreciation rates.

After keeping the property for many years until you actually make enough capital from it from various different ways, you can think of adding or subtracting new and old properties from your portfolio.

Builders Bristol- Refine Your Home Architecture

If you are looking forward to Builders Bristol then you have to really look for the quality of work that they provide at the best affordable price. You need to think more and more while you are talking of builders. You need to consider all the requirements that are available with your builder. You have to stop at this point of time and you can consider for all the requirements. First you have to prepare a good budget that will decide very easily that you have to go with what type of builder.

Builders are very useful when you have to carry out all kinds of construction work for your home. And it’s really a tough job to find out the best builder from the market at the cheapest affordable price. The next thing that should always be kept in mind is that these builders should have the experience in the desired field so that they can work on different types of projects.

People are day by day becoming more and more concerned regarding the ecosystem and trying to become eco-friendly. Builders have to check out site surveys, free quotes and estimates as well as quality controls. Builders Bristol can also work on different projects like stone masonry, roofing and plumbing. So if you are working on a total home renovation, we can help you with every step of the process and can ensure better outputs. If you need builders Bristol as well as plumbers Bristol at the same point of time then you can take our help because we are the best service provider.

Builders and plumbers Bristol can be used to carry out all kinds of construction works at the home. Builders Bristol is both reliable as well as eco-friendly. They provide building and plumbing services at the best affordable price under the common name. Builders Bristol are gaining popularity because people are constantly looking forward for new and attractive designs and which they provide efficiently. There are builders with us who can transform your home into a beautiful nice place. You need to list down all the types of work that you are going to take care of with your plumbers and builders so that you can have a rough estimate of your whole budget.

Advantages Of Hiring A Gardener Manchester

To bear an ideal garden is not simple as it appears which is why one requires a good idea to invest into some help. Below mentioned are a few benefits of hiring professional gardener Manchester for grounds maintenance in Manchester. If a person is elderly, one finds it difficult to maintain the garden on their own, but it doesn’t mean that an elderly cannot possess a beautiful garden. A skilled gardener can present a nice maintained garden for an elderly to soothe.

If a person wishes to have a lovely garden, but one finds oneself too busy to put in the effort it needs, hiring a professional is the best option. If a person is selling their home, one will require making the garden more presentable to be more welcoming and make the house look more attractive and pleasing to eyes. Or if a person is thinking of renting out a property, one can sweeten the deal and guaranteeing that the garden is never untidy, by maintaining it regularly.

Recently moving to a new house is very hectic, and the foremost thing one wants is to have a perfect garden in front one their eyes but which generally takes a lot of effort. It will definitely need a gardener Manchester to give it an overhaul. Everyone has a dream garden in their mind, but it is always a difficult step to initiate for which a person requires a professional.

People sometimes own a small park and maintaining is always a hectic job. Hiring a skilled professional proves to be very useful, and if your garden is very big one struggles to maintain and hiring a bit of help can be very helpful.

At times it happens that people do not have any knowledge about maintaining a garden that needs to be done. This issue certainly requires a skilled gardener Manchester. One requires searching better and renowned gardeners in the locality. One can opt for searching internet or going through the locality directory. Searching for the best gardener is not that tough job but seeing an untidy garden in front of your house is surely painful.

Reasons to use the services of Online Estate Agents

Plan to put your house on the market and the first thing you think of is which local estate agency you should use.  With so many different agents all vying for business it can become rather confusing.  Hang on a minute though.  Do you really need to use a High Street agent wouldn’t an online estate agency make a better alternative?  There’s a growing demand for online estate agents at the moment and the popularity of Online Estate Agents seems to keep on developing.
Online Estate Agents might just be the smart option when you want to sell to your home.  Weigh up the benefits of Online Estate Agents and you might just find they’re the better solution.  In fact, there are multiple reasons why Online Estate Agents are better so let’s take a closer look at some of them in more detail.
Searching online is more convenient!
Smartphone ownership is on the increase, sales of iPads and tablets are on the up, most homes have PCs, laptops or netbooks at their disposal, so it makes perfect sense to look for properties through online estate agents.  Now you can browse for new sales properties or rental accommodation with an online estate agency from the comfiest seat in your house.
Snuggle up in front of the fire with a media device and select your favourite properties advertised on an Online Estate Agents.  Pick and choose your ideal home using the services of Online Estate Agents, they’re a fast, convenient option.
Online Estate Agents make it really easy for you to select properties in your chosen areas.  Their sites are open 24-7 so you can look for properties whenever you like, arrange viewings online and conduct all your business over the internet with professional and client-focused Online Estate Agents.
And you save money!
Another great reason to use the services of an online estate agent is you’ll save a large amount of money.  Online Estate Agents don’t have the pricey overheads of High Street agencies, they won’t charge sales commissions; they simply provide a professional property service at an affordable price.  You still get all of the quality services from Online Estate Agents they simply keep their costs as low as possible.
Selling a home through online estate agents works out to be highly cost effective in the long run. Online Estate Agents offer a number of affordable packages and you know straight away what you’ll be paying with no hidden surcharges.
Millions of people have access to Online Estate Agents so whether you are looking to buy or hoping to sell, they’re well worth considering when you have unique property requirements.