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Provocative New Book Explores Thought Process of Using Political Democracy to Save and Improve the Planet

Author Malcolm Ramsey understands political unrest and distrust. Rather than succumb to the cynicism many feel about politics nowadays, Ramsey theorizes that a new way of involving the common person in developing political systems is the key to changing the planet for the better – and leaving it in better condition for future generations.

Vancouver, B.C. — Author Malcolm Ramsey understands political unrest and distrust. He is also aware that most people believe that finding an honest politician is about as likely as spotting a unicorn. Rather than succumb to the cynicism many feel about politics nowadays, Ramsey theorizes that a new way of involving the common person in developing political systems is the key to changing the planet for the better – and leaving it in better condition for future generations.

In his novel Authority: A Primer to Political Thought, Ramsey offers insight and observations on how to move society forward by utilizing its most plentiful resource: people. By creating a system of “political engineers” to garner change and implement a system of true participative democracy, citizens can foster a sense of ownership and responsibility for their communities, for each other and for the overall health and well-being of the planet.

“By restoring a sense of control to the majority of people, society is poised for a revolutionary new way of thinking and a true sense of empowerment,” says Ramsey. “One of my goals in writing this book is that this new, progressive way of thinking and sense of political equality will foster participant democracy. I truly believe that the majority of political intelligence lies within the average citizen, not in elected officials. Harnessing and utilizing this knowledge will create a system in which most people truly believe and understand that the well-being of everyone is vital and anything is possible.”

Ramsey’s prose is poignant, thoughtful, analytical and intelligent. Authority: A Primer to Political Thought is an exceptionally relevant reflection on the need for political change and restoration of control to the majority. This fascinating volume is a must-read for the socially conscious and anyone interested in true political democracy. Ramsey’s overall message is one of optimism. Together, people can build a better future and exist in a world where creativity is nourished; individuals are encouraged to take pride and ownership in their communities, ultimately creating an environment of equality and opportunity.

Authority: A Primer to Political Thought by Malcolm Ramsey, is available online at,, or or by calling 1-888-795-4274 ext. 7879.

About the Author: Malcolm Ramsey is a Canadian citizen and all-around typical person. He has experienced the effects of a rapidly changing environment and watched helplessly as his fellow men, ruled by manmade economics, have slowly consumed the best part of our world. A good boy scout always leaves his camp in better shape than when he arrives, and it is his belief in the Boy Scout motto that led him in part to write Authority: A Primer for Political Thought to share his observations and hopes for a better world. Malcolm has a love of building boats and sailing them across oceans. He and his wife have sailed a large part of the Pacific, including recently completing a successful voyage from their home in British Columbia to Australia on their homemade cutter named Periclees. To schedule an interview with Malcolm Ramsey, contact Julie Kriss at Julie ( @ ) SaintSomewhereMarketing dot com or 614-282-0232 dot


Introduction of different Grain Dryers

Grain dryers are indispensable agricultural mechanization tools. Grain drying is always to get rid of cereals moisture. The main function of drying would be to stop grains from mildewing in storage. Furthermore, drying cannot only reduce the bodyweight and help it become simple to transportation, but additionally increase the grain attributes to be able to facilitate the next functions.

The basic type of grain drying is convection. The primary medium is air. According to the different temperature of drying medium, the amenities could be divided into several sorts.

The first a single is high-temperature drying device. It uses substantial temperature medium and may dry grains rapidly. Within the basis in the circulation of media and grains, dryers can also be categorized into 4 varieties.

One of them is cross-flow dryer. When it operates, wet grains circulation for the drying part in the top to bottom by gravity. Sizzling air horizontally passes via the grain to dry. Since the grain layer is thin, it has substantial drying velocity. It might feed continuously, which is ideal with regard to large-scale drying. The disadvantage of this type of machine is the fact that when each side from the grain flows by way of the very hot air, the inconsistence during the action of high temperature may possibly lead towards the overheating of grains. Hence, the temperature of medium can’t be way too high. Generally it’ll not exceed a hundred??.

Another one is concurrent stream dryer. The flow of wet grains is consistent with that of hot air, which can be each from top for the bottom. As a result, grains could be dried uniformly. It is appropriate regarding drying high-moisture grain. As the high-temperature medium will to start with connection with the wettest and coldest cereals, it may be proper to enhance the medium temperature to two hundred?? as a way to increase creation performance. Because of the rotary vacuum dryer

, the device has higher air resistance. So it truly is necessary with regard to concurrent circulation dryer to equip with large-power draught supporters.

The 3rd 1 is counter flow dryer. On this dryer, wet grains and sizzling air flows within the reverse course. High-temperature medium will to start with get in contact with low-moisture and high-temperature grains, so the press really should not be as well scorching, which can be usually among sixty?? and eighty??. Its drying fee is comparatively gradual.

The very last one particular is mixed-flow dryer. It really is a mixture in the three varieties of devices earlier mentioned. Grains are influenced by different-temperature medium alternatively. It retains the properties of high velocity, substantial good quality and versatile. Even so, the gear is complicated and its price is relatively greater than other about three dryers. Combined circulation dryer can be classified into numerous types according to the drying approach, this kind of as tower dryer, drum dryer, fluid bed dryer, and little cell dryer.

The 2nd kind of grain drying strategy is natural seasoning. The temperature of medium is room temperature, or perhaps a little increased than space temperature. The drying time is lengthy, which is a variety of from 1 to 12 times.

The third 1 is freeze-drying approach. Freeze dryers will 1st freeze the watery element and then make them sublimate from strong to gas. Frequent drying strategies are often run previously mentioned 0??. Items are usually acquired the negatives of dimensions lessening and texture stiffening. Several of the heat-sensitive resources will go degenerated and deactivated. Hence, dried merchandise are really various in traits in contrast together with the merchandise prior to drying. Nevertheless, fluid bed dryer strategy usually works under 0??, which means it will not do hurt to the trophic composition of grains.

Where to find Costume Wigs for stage productions

Just putting the finishing touches to a theatrical production? Are you in the planning phase at the moment and do you need a selection of Theatrical Wigs for your lead and supporting actors?
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Buy Costume Wigs from this vastly experienced company and you know you are receiving quality hair pieces that are tailored to your unique needs.
Styles for all stage productions
What styles of Costume Wigs are you looking for? Do you require Theatrical Wigs for a period drama or funky Costume Wigs for a comedy that’s set in the 60s?
Whatever your requirement the talented team of wig manufacturers have the skills and the experience to custom create Costume Wigs for your particular project. They make Costume Wigs out of human hair and also hand-craft hair pieces that are made from synthetic materials as well.
Whether you want short styles of Costume Wigs or long flowing locks for all the cast you can expect the finest service from a wig supplier that sets a higher standard of customer service.
How easy is it to order Costume Wigs?
It couldn’t be any easier to order bespoke Theatrical Wigs just call for a free consultation and discuss your unique needs. All of the Costume Wigs are lovingly hand-crafted to suit your individual circumstances. Whether you want a selection of Costume Wigs for a production of Jesus Christ Superstar or are in the throws of making plans for a stage showing of Mamma Mia just contact the standout wig stylists. They custom make Costume Wigs for stage productions of all sizes and no matter how many or how few wigs you require they have the skills and the expertise to manufacture hair pieces that’ll exceed your expectations.

SalesFUSION announces General Availability of EventFUSION, the new integrated event management platform in SalesFUSION360.

SalesFUSION, a leading b2b marketing automation software platform provider, announced it has released it’s new integrated event management platform, known as EventFUSION. The new event management platform fully automates online and physical event campaigns such as webinars and trade shows.

ATLANTA — SalesFUSION™, the maker of SalesFUSION 360, an integrated sales and marketing demand generation platform, today announced it has made Generally Available its new event management solution, EventFUSION as part of its Marketing Automation Platform.

SalesFUSION is a provider of enterprise marketing automation software designed for B2B companies. The SalesFUSION360 marketing platform provides a host of core marketing technology including email marketing, lead scoring, landing pages, web visitor tracking and marketing to CRM integration. The most recent addition to the SalesFUSION solution suite is EventFUSION. EventFUSION is a fully functioning event planning and management solution that integrates both physical as well as online events. The platform offers pre-built integration to leading webinar platforms such as WebEx and GoToWebinar. Offered as an add-on solution to the SalesFUSION platform, EventFUSION offers an intuitive and powerful event management solution for b2b marketers.

Said Kevin Miller, EVP Marketing and Sales for SalesFUSION; “EventFUSION is a great addition to our comprehensive marketing platform. Today, many marketers are reinventing their event strategy and using online and physical events combined. Historically, you had to manage your events outside of your primary marketing software solution and CRM. That is no longer the case with EventFUSION. Whether you are planning a webinar or your annual user conference, EventFUSION can handle virtually every aspect from pre-registration to post event nurture marketing…and everything in between. Our clients have been driving this need and we responded by including some of our key clients in the development of the application.”

EventFUSION was pre-released on January 1, 2012 to a select number of clients and is slated for General Availability by the end of January. The product comes pre-integrated to both WebEx and GoToMeeting.

About SalesFUSION –
SalesFUSION 360 provides software that accelerates revenue by connecting sales and marketing with prospects at the moment they are ready to buy. This is made possible through the SalesFusion 360™ suite, which complements Sales Force Automation applications by adding an on-demand enterprise lead management service. SalesFUSION 360 increases lead quantity, lead quality, and revenue conversion rates by integrating and automating the lead management process. For more information, visit

For more information, please contact:
Kevin Miller, SalesFUSION
marketing ( @ ) salesfusion dot com


Stylish Wedding Invitations – a great way to announce your special day

Those planning their wedding for this year or next will surely be thinking about how they can announce their big day to their family and friends, and the best way of telling people when to save the date is to choose stylish wedding invitations which are in keeping with the theme of the nuptials and designed to match the personal taste of a happy couple.
There are plenty of different options when it comes to choosing wedding invitations, from simple and chic cream wedding invitations which are ideal for stylish weddings, to fun and funky wedding invitations featuring images of a couple or other decoration.
The most important thing when choosing wedding invitations is of course, quality, and quality can be guaranteed by wedding invitations buyers by opting for wedding invitations from reputable suppliers with a great range and lengthy experience within the wedding invitations and special occasion sector.
If you are searching for the perfect wedding invitations for your special day then visit us here at Announce It and browse through our comprehensive and top quality wedding invitations range. We have both an online wedding invitations website as well as a stylish store near to Hampton Station in the south west of the capital.
Our selection of wedding invitations is comprehensive and is sure to include something ideal for your big day. One of our most popular types of wedding invitations is our wedding hearts wedding invitations set, which features a simple cover stating the names of a happy couple as well as two cute red heart outlines.
Popular embellishments on our wedding invitations include ribbons, and our range of ribbon wedding invitations features options which have either lovely satin or stylish organza ribbons. We stock 32 different colours of ribbon, and this ensures that those using our wedding invitations service get the very best options for their needs and wedding invitations which match the overall colour theme of their nuptials.
Visit us and pick out your perfect wedding invitations from our extensive and stylish range. We are a leading provider of top quality wedding invitations and our selection is sure to include something ideal for your special day.

Create wonderful wall art using Canvas Prints

What did we do before digital media?  How did we cope without digital cameras in our life? It seems such a long time ago when we relied on humble film for our cameras.  Purists still claim that film is best for a camera but it’s hard to argue with the quality of digital cameras and their seemingly limitless storage capabilities.  The sad thing is most pictures taken on digital camera are destined to spend a lifetime stored on laptops or PCs, hidden away from the outside world. That’s a shame when the vast majority of them could be turned into colourful Canvas Prints which make wonderful works of art.
Canvas Prints are a fabulous way to brighten up the walls of your home, they’re unique and custom created from your own photographs.  Just think of all those pictures you have stored on your laptop at the moment and consider how many of then would make stunning Canvas Prints.  Why store pictures away when you can Print Photos and turn them into Canvas Prints that show off your photographic skills?
Like the sound of Canvas Prints?
You should do they really are fun and innovative features used to decorate a home.
The brilliant thing bout Canvas Prints is you can Print Photos of your favourite pictures. This could be your all time favourite family snaps, pictures taken on holiday, exotic landscape images, or quirky images of everyday objects; the sky’s the limit when it comes to Canvas Prints.  Inspiration is never lacking when you scour through stored pictures on PCs and if you don’t like anything you see you can always grab your camera and go out hunting for images that would make amazing Canvas Prints.
Digital pictures are okay in their right but they are totally transformed when you turn them into eye-catching ranges of Canvas Prints.
Are you happy with your snaps?

Let’s get busy making Canvas Prints then.
Find a company that specialises on Canvas Prints and in a matter of minutes you’ll create your very own canvas pictures.  The process is simple, you just upload your image then follow on-screen instructions to customise the Canvas Prints exactly as you like.
Choose the size, the colour, the depth and the coating of the Canvas Prints and when you are happy with the results just pay for the picture through secure payment options.  It really is that simple to Print Photos into Canvas Prints and once you’ve placed the order the pictures are delivered straight to your door.
Bring the walls of your home to life with a selection of Canvas Prints they’re more affordable than you might think.