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Innovo Publishing Announces CRE8: A Christian Creative Writing Conference

Innovo Publishing Announces CRE8: A Christian Creative Writing Conference, May 18-19, Knoxville, TN. Enjoy live Christian music, individual writing critiques, one-on-one publisher consultations, and a $1000 publishing scholarship contest. Hosted by Innovo Publishing LLC and A Church Called Home.

Memphis, TN-AR-MS – Innovo Publishing LLC and A Church Called Home are sponsoring and co-hosting CRE8, a Christian creative writing conference in Knoxville, Tennessee. The two-day, high-impact conference will be held May 18-19 at The Remedy Backroom, the unique conference accommodations inside Remedy Coffee & Conversation at 125 W. Jackson Avenue. CRE8 welcomes published and aspiring authors and artists seeking to glorify Christ through publishing Christian books, ebooks, audiobooks, music, film, and video across all Christian genres.

Participants will join together in fellowship and worship while enjoying live Christian music performed by Brian and Ramey Whalen, songwriters and recording artists whose music is being used in churches and worship communities throughout the world. The conference includes a tremendous line-up of Christian publishing educational sessions, individual writing critiques, one-on-one publisher consultations, and the opportunity to win a $1000 Christian publishing scholarship.

“If you love Jesus Christ, have an interest in Christian writing, music, or media, and have a dream for publishing, the CRE8 Creative Writing conference is for you.” said Dr. Bart Dahmer, Founder and Managing Partner of Innovo Publishing LLC. “You won’t want to miss the creative atmosphere filled with encouragement, practical insider publishing tips, and published authors willing to share their personal experiences and insights.”

Jason Creech, pastor of A Church Called Home, author, speaker and co-host of the CRE8 conference will share his publishing success story along with Rebecca Hunley, author of Imperfect People, Imperfect Marriage, Perfect Redeemer: A Journey Through the Potholes of Life and Joe Hamlet, author of The Gospel According to Gipper. In addition to networking with successful Christian authors, participants will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with representatives from a Christian publisher (Innovo Publishing); receive a free, written editorial review and publishing readiness assessment of their work; and have an opportunity to win a $1000 publishing scholarship!

“We are looking forward to glorifying Jesus and helping build a community of creative Christian authors, artists, and organizations who are seeking to help one another to use their talents for the Lord,” said Jason Creech, pastor of A Church Called Home and author of three traditionally published books. “I’m here to encourage all those who have a dream for Christian publishing. I’m living proof that when God has a word for us to share and we are willing to step out in faith, everything is possible.”

Those interested in attending the conference may register online at A Church Called Home ( or at Innovo Publishing ( The first twenty-five (25) participants who register before May 1, 2012, and upload a qualifying manuscript will receive a free, written manuscript critique, a personal one-on-one publisher session during the conference, and become eligible to win a $1000 dollar publishing scholarship for best manuscript (see rules and eligibility requirements upon registering).

CRE8: A Creative Christian Writing Conference will be held in the unique atmosphere of The Remedy Backroom conference area in downtown Knoxville, Tennessee, May 18-19, 2012. On May 18, conference sessions run from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. And from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., Brian and Ramey Whalen ( will lead a creative worship experience that you do not want to miss. On May 19, conference sessions continue from 8:30 a.m. to noon. Go to for the full conference schedule.

About A Church Called Home: Someone once said, “The hardest thing to find in a home today is a family.” The members of a healthy home pray together, invite friends over, support one another, are committed to each other’s well-being. They have fun together, spend time around the dinner table, share the chores. They grow together and last but certainly not least, a healthy family learns to let members go. It’s OK to leave home! At A Church Called Home, we wish to cherish each day that you’re with us and bless you when it’s your time to launch. Times and locations of Join the Family gatherings are listed on our Web site.

About Innovo Publishing, LLC: Innovo Publishing is a full-service Christian publisher serving the Christian and wholesome markets. Innovo creates, distributes, and markets quality hardback and paperback books, eBooks (Kindle, Nook, iPhone, iPad, Android, ePub), audiobooks (CD & MP3), music, film and video through traditional publishing, cooperative publishing, and independent publishing models. Innovo provides distribution, marketing, and automated order fulfillment through a network of thousands of physical and online wholesalers, retailers, bookstores, music stores, schools, and libraries worldwide including Amazon, Audible, iTunes, Rhapsody, Barnes & Noble, and many more. Innovo publishes Christian fiction and non-fiction titles for all publishing genres. Visit Innovo at

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Blade Media – An Innovative Technology

During the 20th century, a wide range of electronic items were invented. With the beginning of 21st century, the highest level of modernization has touched the feet of these electronic devices. Nowadays, the electronic devices have become more updated than they used to be during the past. With the advent of newer technologies and electronic gadgets, lives of human beings have become a lot easier. Working with the help of these technologies have helped in achieving goals and objectives by a lot easier way.

The advent of technologies has made a huge difference in the entertainment industry. It has faced with lot of development in both audio and video fields. In fact, audio visual mediums have gone through a massive change and improvement. Technomate is a company which has been successful in implementing the concept of blade media. Through the help of this media, it is absolutely possible to record shows from two different sources at a single time. You can record programs from two different channels that are getting telecasted. And the entire thing can take place in a single time.

In the world where satellite technology has gained precedence among the masses, the concept of blade media is considered to be a boon. More and more television sets are getting manufactured following this particular technology. In fact, a wider number of television sets are getting enriched with this technology for better user accessibility. Although the television sets that support this blade media are a bit expensive these days, but that is quite understandable. Once more alternatives to this technology get invented; the price will automatically get reduced.

5 Attributes Needed for Effective Presentation Folders

Folder printing is a precise art, no doubt about that. Even with printed folders cheap, a “folder presentation” for reports and campaigns need to be made with a purposeful deliberateness to achieve goals. If you are serious about your custom presentation folders and do want to achieve your goals, then you will be fairly interested in what this guide has to give.

In this special tutorial for developing presentation folders, we will discuss the five attributes that will actually make a big difference when it comes to the failure or success of your particular presentation folders. You will indeed want to know all about these features before investing anything with your presentation folder printer. Once you know what will determine the fate of your custom presentation folders, you will have a better idea of what to focus on in your own designs.

1. Your folder headline – Printing custom presentation folders means creating your type of headline. The headline of course is the first and one of the most important features that make a big difference in presentation folder printing. It is both the explainer of the content, as well as the direct advertiser.

At the outset, its words must attract readers with key interests tailored to them, and eventually it must encourage readers to read more of its content. Fail in creating this balance, and you won’t see your custom presentation folders being read or being kept by your audience. So give this feature your undue attention when you start developing your theme.

2. Your folder configuration – The folder template or folder configuration used for your presentation folders is of course another big deciding factor in the success or failure of these custom prints. There are many choices actually here. You can use certain types of pocket folders with different styled pockets.

You can also experiment with additional folders, more uncommon type folders and even customized folder shapes if you want. However, you have to be sure that the configuration essentially fits all the content that you want your folders to handle. Otherwise, your presentation folders might not look as prepared and professional as it should be, leading to less than ideal reviews about your material.

3. Your folder images – The photographs and images of course are obviously another factor in the performance of presentation folders. Great and original images of course can make all the difference between a high impact and highly memorable presentation folders versus images that are just clip-arts hobbled together to represent a simple meaning.

That is why you should be a little bit serious with your images for presentation folders. Compose them properly, and insert the best, clearest and highest resolution image you can for presentation folder printing.

4. The folder color theme – Most common folders are colored white or yellow. The thing that will make a big difference for your presentation folders is when you use more uncommon type colors. If you use color hues that is not typically used for folders, audiences tend to be caught off guard and they will notice those folders immediately. So the color scheme can make all the difference between highly visible folders and those that just look normal.

5. The folder material – Lastly, and most definitely, the folder material will also make that big difference between success and failure for your presentation folders. The rule here is simple luckily. Better quality paper and coatings rule. The cheaper it gets, the less than ideal for your presentation folders. So spend as much as you can on the material, because people do truly judge presentation folders by the cheapness or expensiveness of the folder materials.

Now that you know the important attributes that make a big difference for your presentation folders, you should be able to focus on them properly for the best results in printing. Make sure you review the items above again so that you are sure you can remember these features.

The Most Important Features of Postcards

Creating a layout for postcards may seem like a simple matter, but if you want to use your postcards effectively for a goal, you have to know what key elements will make that big difference between successful postcards and simple decorative prints from that postcard printer. By focusing first on the big elements in postcard printing, you can cover the main foundational elements of its design and layout, helping you breathe a little easier once you are ready to polish its designs.

Let me explain to you each of the most important features that will immensely shape how your postcards will look and of course how they will perform as well. You will want to know this if you truly want to create proper high quality postcards for your goals.

1. The image quality and concept – The quality and the overall concept or composition of your postcard printing comes as a big factor of course in their performance. This cover image is the main feature of every similar cheap or professional postcards out there. That is why images for the cover should not be taken too lightly. It must be composed with deliberate creativity, aiming for a specific goal or audience reaction.

Do this correctly and you can elicit the right positive responses for your goals, miss the correct image theme and your money for your custom postcards is wasted. This is that big, so make sure you compose your images correctly to make sure that they make the right kind of difference.

2. The headline style and composition – If you are printing postcards for direct mail marketing, a key feature that will make a big difference (and that which you must focus on) is the headline style and composition. It is not enough to print standard greeting on your postcards.

It will be crucial that the style and composition is done right as to interest readers quickly to read more of the postcard. Otherwise, you just spout the common greeting and clichés, your cheap postcard printing will just be classified with those other cheap direct mail materials.

3. The dominant color theme of the postcard – Did you know that the color is also a large determinant in the success or failure of postcard printing? Managing the color theme is important for postcards because wrong choices in colors will cause people to ignore your postcards outright, while the right choices will always bring amazing results because they will be highly visible and noticeable.

So do not just let your cover photograph dictate the color scheme. Coordinate the colors effectively so that make the difference and develop the right impressive theme worthy of making your postcards kept and even displayed in certain places.

4. Precisely targeted postcard messages – While marketing messages in postcards are not unheard of, using precisely targeted postcard messages definitely will make a big difference in its performance.

Instead of just contributing that greeting, targeted postcard messages, typically should interest those target readers precisely and effectively. Since they were made to actually attract the audience being targeted, they will play a big role in the overall success of your postcards. That is why you should take your postcard messages seriously.

5. The quality of the postcard paper – It is also the obvious fact to many that quality paper determines a lot for the look of your postcard. Choosing cheaper thinner paper will make your postcards look less like real postcards, making them unimpressive. Your overall audience impact is actually halved if cheaper materials are used. That is why it is important to decide carefully on the quality that will be used for your postcard printing.

Take note of all these features. These will be the same feature that you will want for your postcards. So make sure you compose them properly to help them make a difference.

The Main Factors for Successful Calendar Printing

There are four major factors for calendars that will make the difference between its success and failure. Studying exactly what these are should of course help immensely with how you yourself print calendars for your specific goals. Do not rely on those calendar printers to dictate to you what is important as it is always a case with them to focus on the material parts of printing wholesale calendars.

We will list down for you here, those main factors that should make a big difference for your calendars. By focusing on developing and enhancing these features in your own desk calendars and wall calendars you will see how they contribute immensely to the performance and overall look of your cheap custom calendars.

1. The calendar theme and the market – Your decision for the theme of your calendar printing, and the target market for those similar cheap calendars will be the major determining factor for the success or failure of these prints. So do not just think that using the same old calendar themes and design formulas will work all the time.

Think about it carefully and make sure if your market and the market environment is ideal for your choice of theme. Otherwise, all your efforts will come to nothing if you let a wrong design them for custom desk calendars to be mass produced and wasted.

2. The photograph or image quality – Another big factor that determines the success and failure of custom calendars is the photograph or image quality in those layouts. This is obvious enough. If your images consistently are original and inserted using a high resolution source, then they will look pretty impressive, communicating the key emotions that the image has.

Using cheap, web images or clip-arts on the other hand will severely hamper your prints, making them look like amateurish and not worth keeping or buying. So take your photographs and images seriously for your calendar printing.

3. The extra content and features inside calendars – When printing desk calendars cheap, the extra content and features within the layout can be a big deciding factor in the success of this print material. Calendars of course are not just mere labels for days and months. They should also be key useful tools for planning and organization.

That is why many calendars have extra content and design elements to help with such activities. Without these extra content and features, your calendars will just become plain calendars, which have limited appeal. So realize now that those extra content will make a big difference with how people will be using your own custom calendars. See what key feature you can add to your own layout.

4. The quality of the paper and binding – Lastly, there can be no doubt that the quality of paper and the binding method used for calendar printing contributes a lot to the look, impact and overall durability of your color calendars. So you must decide carefully on your printing materials depending on your ultimate goal for these prints.

The higher the quality the materials the better of course, but you should always optimize your choices based on the key goal and the type of calendar you want to be producing. Study all the options you have in calendar printing and be careful with your choice.

Once you know the key features that will determine success and failure in calendar printing, it would be easier to direct your efforts correctly for the best results. Make sure you review the list above so that you know what to do to make a positive difference for your custom color calendars.


Putting Postcards in the Marketing Mix

For years, the postcards have become one of the trusted marketing tools of businesses. But with the introduction of social media, email marketing, and online ads, it seems that these humble cards have somehow lost their appeal. A lot of businesses these days prefer to send electronic mail when communicating with their clients and customers. However, it is important to note that there are customers and instances when a printed material is most appropriate to use. There are still people who prefer to receive printed ads so they will do everything to resist online ads. This is why it is still important to include the marketing postcards in your marketing mix.

If designed and printed effectively, postcards can be a great way to deliver your message across without spending big bucks. They will save you a lot of time and money especially when keeping in touch with customers. Because they are also handy, they can be easily carried around and shown to other people. To make sure your postcards are impressive and compelling, here’s what you need to do:

– Make sure your message is brief and clear. Your recipients should easily understand your message and what you want them to do before they decide to throw away your card. A short and direct copy will mean the difference between a card that will be read and one that will be thrown away without being read.

– Give only a teaser of your message. Remember that your cards don’t have a lot of room to accommodate a lot of details nor is it designed to close a sale. It is best if you give only the overview and encourage your readers to contact you in order to know more.

– Include visually appealing images. One great image on your custom postcards will help a lot in making your cards attractive. Make sure though not to crowd your design with too many images otherwise your message will look confusing. Opt for just one big image rather than putting several small images.

– Print postcards with a strong call to action. You have to include an incentive or reward on your cards in order to convince your target customers to take action right away. Make sure to make the incentive or reward exciting to get immediate response.

– Handwrite your signature or some of your message. This will add to the personal appeal of your cards. Make sure though that your cards are not quoted so you can write on them.

– You can always use templates to design your cards, but for a creative touch you might want to create your own custom design. You can still use the templates for ideas, but be sure not to copy them. A little help from your trusted graphic designer will make sure you create interesting and attractive color postcards.

– Use your artistic side. Don’t be scared to bring out your artistic side on your printed postcards. Create a design and copy that will bring out the best in you and your business.

Remember that postcards are still ideal marketing tools. Even if some people will say that it is obsolete, there is still gold from this material. Follow the tips above to make sure you utilize the fullest potential of your postcards.

If you would like additional facts in relation to marketing postcards, swing by website now.