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Ultimele stiri si coduri postale

Pentru a vedea ultimele stiri online din Romania iti recomandam sa vizitezi pagina web unde sunt postate stirile de ultima ora preluate de la zeci de surse online in functie de categorie si topic. Stirile sunt preluate din fluxurile RSS si sunt apoi oferite publicului care cauta informatii de ultima ora din: actualitate, sport, politica interna, politica externa, social, comunitate, comunicate de presa online, internet, tehnologie, etc. Userii isi pot crea propriul flux de stiri functie si de locatia sau orasul in care este interesat (vezi codurile postale Bucuresti). Postarile sunt disponibile pe web 24/24h ele fiind updatate la fiecare 5 minute. Acum nu mai trebuie sa navighezi pe sute de site-uri pentru a cauta informatiile de care ai nevoie. Este suficient sa stai live pe !

Meningitis Angels Commemorate World Meningitis Day MA host International Candle Lighting Ceremony and Launch National Photo Contest “I Took the Meningitis Shot”

Meningitis Angels (MA) commemorate the 4th annual World Meningitis Day. The national group will host an international candle lighting ceremony to take place at 5 P.M. around the world. Frankie Milley, founder and national executive director ask that all who have been affected or lost someone to bacterial meningitis light a candle and let it burn.

Houston Texas – “I will be lighting mine in memory of my only child Ryan who died from meningococcal disease and all the Meningitis Angels. If we do this around the world there should be a candle burning somewhere for the next 24 hours,” Milley said.

Meningococcal disease is a sudden aggressive illness that can lead to death within 24-48 hours of the first symptoms. Survivors may suffer permanent brain damage, learning disabilities, vision and hearing loss, organ damage and limb loss.
“Before vaccinations, thousands of infants and toddlers died or were left debilitated from Hib and Pneumococcal meningitis. Thanks to vaccines, these are almost eradicated in the US. However tweens and teens are still among the highest risk for meningococcal disease and the hardest to reach for health care and vaccinations. So awareness and vaccination programs such as those in Kansas are imperative,” Milley said.

MA announced today the launch of a national contest that would have tweens and teens ages 10-18 submit a photo of themselves getting their meningitis shot. Those ages 10-17 must have a parent’s permission to enter. A complete set of rules for entry may be found at “We hope this contest will increase the meningococcal vaccination rate which is only about 50% nationwide,” said Milley.

The nationwide events kicked off last week in Topeka Kansas. A state resolution declaring April 16-20, Kansas Meningitis Awareness Week and recognizing World Meningitis Day was presented to Meningitis Angels, on the capitol steps, by Kansas Senator Vicki Schmidt. Partners for awareness events throughout the week included the Kansas Department of Health and Environment’s Immunization Program (KDHEIP), multiple county health departments, Dillion Pharmacies, school districts, the Topeka Cruzline, health care providers and others. This was also a very important week for the prevention of vaccine-preventable disease in infants. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) chose this week for National Infant Immunization Week.

Milley will close out the week April 26, as a speaker at the Vaccines For Children (VFC) Bi-national Conference in South Texas. This event is hosted by the Hidalgo County Health Department and will host speakers from the CDC, Mexico and the Texas Health Department.

“We must do everything to prevent this deadly disease in the age groups where it is preventable. It is the right thing to do. No infant, child or adult should die or be left debilitated from a vaccine-preventable disease, especially one as deadly as meningitis,” concluded Milley.

For more information on meningitis prevention or to contact MA visit, or


Manchester PR Agencies – The Booming Market

Manchester is one of the busiest cites in England. It is one of the industrial cum financial hubs within the country and is home to several top companies. In fact, Manchester features for the largest office market within UK, just outside London. It is home to several top international brands. pr companies manchester have made quite a positive mark in the market. It was not so prior to the 80s era. However, with the industrial revolution creating a strong impact, several new businesses opened up. One such was Public Relations or PR.

Although the evolution of Manchester PR agencies dates back to early 1900s, but they rose to popularity after the eighty’s era. Their presence is extremely crucial within the industries. In fact, any industry, be it servicing, manufacturing, or others, the need of PR professionals is highly desired. Without the presence of these professionals, it becomes quite difficult to create a reputation in the market. Professional PRs help in highlighting the good and positive sides of a company, while making ways for a firm customer base. PR professionals target not all but a particular set of people to popularize the brand. They believe in one single concept: “We need not have to be everything to everyone; rather, we will be satisfied if we can be something to someone.”

Manchester PR agencies have grown in popularity within the recent years. Their hard work, dedication, along with strong market experience has resulted in making them so much popular. In fact, the public relations companies that are new to market are also doing great work. They may well lack a certain market experience, but through intense hard work and dedication, they are achieving positive results and more success.

Nottingham Conference Centre The Perfect Conference Venue

Nottingham Conference Centre provides contemporary conference facility and is located at the heart of Nottingham city centre. This place is well connected with a wide network of roadways and railways and is considered as a hub for most of the commercial business meetings. If you need to find a conference venue and you are not sure where to start then you can blindly rely on Nottingham Conference Centre.

Finding the right location for a conference is a little bit daunting. However, you are having the luxury that you can search from endless websites that are available widely over the internet. But you can opt for this conference centre as well because they are going to arrange everything from meeting space to the dining hotel rooms and even entertainment facilities can also be availed if you ask for them. Choosing the right place is the paramount priority for the success of any conference. You need to select a space that suits your specific needs. You can even book the venues for an hour, a day or the entire weekend.

Before booking up for Nottingham Conference Venues you need to confirm about the meeting room Layout facility. This consists of the extra facilities that you need to have like music systems and more. There is Audio Visual requirements that need to be taken care of in order to have some extra facilities that are required during the conference activities. Billing is also an important part for the conference venues that needs to be accounted and last but not the least if you want to avail transportation facility as well you can opt for that also. There are evening entertainment programmes available for your delegates those who want to entertain in the evening can enjoy the service again.

Nottingham Conference center also offers full conference managements which includes onsite event management and delegate registration as well. They are also interested in organizing event administration and are able to maintain point of contact with each and every delegate throughout the conference. Some of the services are actually free however there are specific charges involved and are dependent on the actual time and manpower involved during the conference management.

Drive Your Message Through The Crowd

While you walk on the road you will see buses have printed advertisement on the side or in front of it. The buses roam all around the city and therefore the advertising is visible to all. Like billboard advertising, bus advertising has also become a very important source of marketing. They are eye-catchy and interesting.

If you see a bus with a big hoarding or billboard stuck to it, it will automatically attract your attention. The same will happen to any other ordinary people walking by the road or driving by. It will create an impact on the person’s mind and the brand will create an image. Bus advertising is a part of moving media advertisement. You wait in a traffic jam with the billboard advertisement sticking to the side of the bus. You see it and you know about the product. Marketing is becoming more competitive these days.

Therefore effective marketing is highly needed. Not only hard work but also smart work is needed to run a business. As advertising plays such an important part it is necessary that an effective source of advertising is used. Electronic media has become very common and traditional. Their effectiveness has decreased with time. But billboard advertising with help of a vehicle is the new and best way of advertising in today’s market. Bus advertisements are simple and colourful; they are printed in such fashion so as to attract people towards them.

There are many things that you will see in the road that are dull but grabby, when something moving and colourful amidst all the dullness will surely make an impression. Drive your message to people and give them the desire to buy the product through these billboard advertising. You will soon find your sales rising and your business booming.


SalesFUSION announces General Availability of EventFUSION, the new integrated event management platform in SalesFUSION360.

SalesFUSION, a leading b2b marketing automation software platform provider, announced it has released it’s new integrated event management platform, known as EventFUSION. The new event management platform fully automates online and physical event campaigns such as webinars and trade shows.

ATLANTA — SalesFUSION™, the maker of SalesFUSION 360, an integrated sales and marketing demand generation platform, today announced it has made Generally Available its new event management solution, EventFUSION as part of its Marketing Automation Platform.

SalesFUSION is a provider of enterprise marketing automation software designed for B2B companies. The SalesFUSION360 marketing platform provides a host of core marketing technology including email marketing, lead scoring, landing pages, web visitor tracking and marketing to CRM integration. The most recent addition to the SalesFUSION solution suite is EventFUSION. EventFUSION is a fully functioning event planning and management solution that integrates both physical as well as online events. The platform offers pre-built integration to leading webinar platforms such as WebEx and GoToWebinar. Offered as an add-on solution to the SalesFUSION platform, EventFUSION offers an intuitive and powerful event management solution for b2b marketers.

Said Kevin Miller, EVP Marketing and Sales for SalesFUSION; “EventFUSION is a great addition to our comprehensive marketing platform. Today, many marketers are reinventing their event strategy and using online and physical events combined. Historically, you had to manage your events outside of your primary marketing software solution and CRM. That is no longer the case with EventFUSION. Whether you are planning a webinar or your annual user conference, EventFUSION can handle virtually every aspect from pre-registration to post event nurture marketing…and everything in between. Our clients have been driving this need and we responded by including some of our key clients in the development of the application.”

EventFUSION was pre-released on January 1, 2012 to a select number of clients and is slated for General Availability by the end of January. The product comes pre-integrated to both WebEx and GoToMeeting.

About SalesFUSION –
SalesFUSION 360 provides software that accelerates revenue by connecting sales and marketing with prospects at the moment they are ready to buy. This is made possible through the SalesFusion 360™ suite, which complements Sales Force Automation applications by adding an on-demand enterprise lead management service. SalesFUSION 360 increases lead quantity, lead quality, and revenue conversion rates by integrating and automating the lead management process. For more information, visit

For more information, please contact:
Kevin Miller, SalesFUSION
marketing ( @ ) salesfusion dot com