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Warren Friss, President of Apple Industries Announces Open House to Showcase the New “Wedding Photo Booth”

Apple Industries Inc. is a leading provider of digital imaging solutions for retail environments. Apple Industries manufactures, markets, and sells the award winning line of Face Place digital photo booths.

New York, NY; March 1, 2012 – Warren Friss, President of Apple Industries/Face Place recently announced that the company will hold an Open House to showcase its new ” Face Place Wedding Photo Booth”. The Open House will be held on March 6, 2012 from 11:00am-3:00pm. at the Apple/Face Place headquarters, located in Greenvale, NY.

President of Apple/Face Place, Warren Friss stated, “We’ve gotten a tremendous response from event planners that have already seen the Face Place Wedding Booth. Photo booths have become an absolute craze at weddings.” Warren Friss went on to explain, “Now, thanks to the Face Place Wedding Booth, event planners can offer their customers something that is elegant, includes the latest technology and is designed just for weddings”.

The new Face Place Wedding Booth from Apple Industries was created with the goal of making the most important event of a lifetime even more special. The latest addition to Apple Industries product line is a plug and play system with a built in dolly system and nine popular software. The Face Place Wedding Booth also includes Smile 2.0 Software with touch Screen Navigation, the ability to record audio and video as well as a remote control auditing system.

Warren Friss explained, “The Face Place Wedding Booth, designed in custom white and silver upholstered trim, contains Face Place’s new Smile 2.0 software, which is the most advanced technology in the photo booth industry. Smile 2.0 software connects the photo booth directly to social networks, so photos can be immediately uploaded to the wedding couple’s Facebook page, and shared by e-mail or Twitter.”

The Face Place Wedding Booth is the perfect photo booth for the most important event of a lifetime and will capture the most memorable wedding photos that can quickly and easily be shared on a number of popular social networking sites.

Interest free financing will be available for qualified customers. For more information on the March 6, 2012 Wedding Booth Open House, please contact Teresa Mamo at 516.619.8000 x 22.

About Warren Friss

Warren Friss serves as the President of Apple Industries/Face Place. Warren Friss earned a Law Degree from the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Law and began his career as a corporate attorney at the NY law firm of Shea & Gould. Warren Friss joined The Topps Company, Inc. in 1995 where he served as General Counsel. In 2000, Warren invented and successfully launching etopps, a unique Internet trading card platform now in its 11th year. Warren Friss then headed up Topps Sports & Entertainment division, with over 125 employees, from 2006-2011. Warren Friss led that division to dramatic growth and, ultimately, to a sale of the Company to Michael Eisner’s Tornante Company and a major private equity firm in 2007.

About Apple Industries, Inc.

Face Place photo booths contain Smile 2.0 software which allows customers to purchase photo strips, 4×6 photos, and to share their photos directly from the photo booths by email, Facebook or Twitter. Apple Industries has been in the photo, vending, coin-operated machine and event planning industries for more than 30 years.

For more information on the new Face Place Wedding Booth, please contact your authorized Apple distributor or contact Apple Industries at 1-516-619-8000.

For additional information, contact:
Anita Rodriguez
Apple Industries/Face Place
200 Forest Drive, Building 8
Greenvale, New York 11548
sales ( @ ) faceplacephoto dot com


Taxi Advertising – The Cost Effective Option

Business today is getting more and more competitive around the globe, and with all the options available for consumers, it is becoming difficult to grab their attention and have them focus on your service or product. This is the usual trend with traditional advertising and marketing. To stand out from the rest, you need to invest in resourceful advertising ideas. This is the recipe for success in today’s world.

While modern day marketers do understand the need for new and creative marketing initiatives, but it is a bit challenging to come up with great thoughts and hire a think tank agency for developing innovative ideas. Fortunately, there is one creative advertising channel which has been around for years but most often overlooked and that is taxi advertising. You will not find another cost effective option than taxi ads, which deliver your message round the clock for 365 days a year. In taxi advertising, there is a host of options for companies to choose from. These are taxi wraps, taxi top signs, in-taxi displays and so on.

If your business is based in London then congrats, you can exercise advantage in your chosen sector by making use of this advertising medium out there. Taxi advertising London is presently the perfect choice to target your out of home audience. Whether outside shops, train stations, key business districts, city outskirts or airports you are sure to enjoy the convenience of putting your message across to your customers.

There are endless marketing options with taxi advertising London depending on the agency. The advertising rates are often negotiable for packets in multiple markets thus making them affordable and giving your company vast benefits. Not only that, you will hardly ever require a minimum amount of taxicabs. Further, you can target specific locations by setting up routine routes as per your convenience.

Free 20 Minute Book Marketing Consultation Offered to Authors Through, known for their boutique book marketing for self-published authors, is offering free 20 minute book marketing consultations. To take advantage of this limited time offer, authors need to go to and click on the “Free Consultation” tab.

SAN DIEGO –, known for their boutique book marketing for self-published authors, is offering free 20 minute book marketing consultations. To take advantage of this limited time offer, authors need to go to and click on the “Free Consultation” tab.

Managing Director of Kim Beales commented, “During our 20 minute phone consultation, we talk to the author about their book, needs and target audience. Then, we develop an action plan that fits within their budget.”

Combining the best of traditional, online and grassroots marketing techniques, specializes in comprehensive marketing services for writers in every genre.

“Working with authors is really our strong suit and we have found that many need a little guidance on where to start with their marketing efforts,” continued Beales.

With more publishing options than ever before, more than a million new titles are being added each year. Authors need to find cost effective ways to market their books in ways that enable them to break through the noise.

There are a lot of statistics on book sales posted on the internet. Many say that the average number of books sold per title is less than 200 copies. An aggressive marketing strategy can help increase the odds of getting better than average book sales.

For more information, or to schedule an interview with Kim Beales, visit, call (619) 990-1335, or email Kim ( @ ) SaintSomewhereMarketing dot com dot

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Choosing The Right Conference Giveaways

One of the basic jobs of a company is to find a way to increases the awareness of people regarding the brand. The ideas of how to reach the customers are always there in mind. This idea should be a strong one and it should be a professional one in approach.

One of the most effective ways in today’s modern times is giving promotional merchandise. There are many places and occasions where these merchandises can be distributed to people and they will bring effective results. Business conferences are of help every now and then by various companies. These conferences are also gatherings where various customers and clients come together to discuss about a very common problem. Conference giveaways are also one of the best ways to distribute promotional merchandise among people to increase the awareness of the company.

There are many marketing strategies that can be implied to bring profits and customers together and conference giveaways is one of the best strategies that can be utilized to achieve this. A company should not leave any stone unturned to achieve valuable long term customers. Correct conference giveaways are the best option to give the company an opportunity to earn not only long term potential customers but also very good reputation.

There are many things that one can select as promotional gifts, these things can include from the very smallest of things to the things that you require to use daily. The more the thing is used in future the more it is reflect to people using and present in the same place, thus giving the company more scope to get the desired result. Personalized merchandise is indeed and cost efficient as well effective way to gain both clients and customers. Nearly all companies have adopted this technique, why should you lag behind?

Business In Mobile Billboard Advertising

If you want to set up a business in the field of advertising and capitalize from it, then starting mobile billboards business is the best option for you. Any company, big or small would definitely like to advertise. They are always looking into finding new ways to market their product and increase its sales.

What better way can be there to reach your target audience than mobile billboards? With the help of mobile advertisements, you take the ad to the people instead of people coming to the ad through any means of communication. In mobile billboard advertising you can simply drive away through various roads and the drivers, passengers, and other people walking by the street will be able to see the advertisement. You can park it in front of sport events and people while coming out can see the advertisement. Even if you park the car in front of any office during lunch hours then the ad is visible then too. Every day you can change and add something new. Things remain in control, target audience is reached and you too earn profits. The best part of this business is that you do not require any experience; neither do you require any special permit. All you need is a car that can carry your word to different places.

Low start up cost is the main highlight of this business. If you choose this business then it will be a smart movement as an entrepreneur. When your mobile billboards business expands then you may be in need of employees to drive your other vehicles. When you do that make sure you have a tracking device fitted. Every business needs special attention in every field, and it also has to cope with problems. If you can deal with them then capitalizing through business is a cake walk.

Boost Your Entrepreneurial Credibility With Metro Advertising

Time is changing. There is rapid advancement in science and technology making people’s lives better. With growing competition in every sphere almost every business owner is busy making strategies in order to cause growth in his/her business by proper choice of advertising means. The prime reason for all this lies in the fact that success of any business depends on the style of projecting your product/service in the best possible manner and in this aspect advertising can make a difference.

You heard it right. Advertisement is the deciding factor in determining your credibility as an entrepreneur. Therefore it is mandatory to pay particular attention to this aspect of marketing. Also, with some economical way of advertising you can derive additional monetary benefits which are often feasible with outdoor advertising.

The specialty of outdoor advertising is that this method is very sustainable to help keep your business visible to your customers. With some popular options like advertising through billboards and taxis acting as round the clock salesmen you can be assured that sooner or later you will see your business up and running. Now if you are based in a metro you can provide leverage to your business by availing metro advertising facilities. This will definitely take your business higher.

It is a known fact that business thrives best if it is based in a metro city, because it provides an excellent avenue for rapid promotion of your services. A metropolitan city enjoys a lot of advantages and you can utilize these for your business gain. Therefore metro advertising is one of the most preferred advertising options in the twenty first century. Metros suit the requirements of small companies, medium scale industries as well as big multinationals. When such an opportunity for promoting one’s business exists then any business owner will be more than willing to take the plunge.