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4 Points to Hire an Accident Compensation Lawyer

When an accident occurs in your life, you cannot ignore the chances of getting injured. Accidents can happen at anyplace any time. In case, you get injured in an accident without your fault, you can claim compensations. Especially, when you need to go through physical pain, mental trauma, and huge medical bills, you must ask for the accident compensation from the person or the organization that is actually liable for this accident. However, you need to hire a professional accident compensation lawyer to get best result of your claims.

There are lots of accident claims lawyers in the market, but you need to choose the one who can offer you best service of <a href=””>compensation claims</a>. In order to get such service you need to consider some points before hiring an accident compensation lawyer, like.

1.Hire the best man of the industry. You can search on internet to find out the names of top injury compensation lawyers of your locality. Contact them personally and see who can offer you the most efficient service on a most affordable rate.
2.They must be reputed and experienced. Without proper experiences it is not possible for an accident compensation lawyer to win the case for you.
3.Most of these lawyers offer services under the “no win no pay” rule, which means you don’t need to pay them if they would not be able to win your case. You will pay them only after the case goes in your favor, not before results. So, you don’t need to worry about the fees. Normally, they include their fees with your compensation claims and gain it from the liable person.
4.Check their present work status. If they are too busy to handle your case, try someone else. But never hire an <a href=””>accident compensation</a> lawyer who handles several cases at the same time. He/she may not concentrate on your case properly.

Home – Bark & Co Solicitors London

Welcome to Bark & Co Solicitors


Specialists in complex fraud, serious crime, regulatory litigation and tax compliance.

At Bark & Co our expert legal team has built an enviable reputation for the quality of representation, responsiveness to client needs, and high levels of client satisfaction. An original member of the Specialist Fraud Panel, Bark & Co are amongst the top firms in UKspecialising in defending criminal and civil fraud, regulatory litigation, money laundering, insider dealing and cyber crime. Our civil department specialises in all aspects of HM Customs and Excise investigations including VAT and Duties Tribunals and have established a leading practice in the fields of cash and asset recovery.

Bark & Co maintain a market leading position in large scale, highly complex fraud cases that often cross international jurisdictions. Key to our success is a culture of matching the best legal expertise to our client requirements to ensure creative, effective, and convincing defencesolutions.Our client base ranges from large corporate’s to individuals and we regularly defend against high profile investigations and prosecutions including those undertaken by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO), Financial Standards Authority (FSA) and the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) as well as other UK Government Authorities

We are located at:

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Free Legal Aid Services – Helpful for People with Low Income

The world comprise of both rich and poor people. While some earns too much for a comfortable living, there are those who have limited earnings. For those who have a limited financial income status may opt for free legal aid services in situation of bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy may occur due to a number of reasons. It may be due to sudden job loss, deterioration in business performance status, or even due to heavy repayment of some past loans.

Conveyancing can well be defined as a process that allows for preparation of legal documents for property transferring purpose from seller to purchaser. It may well require a big monetary involvement. And those with poor financial condition may not be able to afford it.

While looking for legal aid, it is necessary to look at the eligibility criteria for qualifying. The procedure may be lengthy and elaborative but it needs to be completed properly. Or else, the entire effort may go in vain. Legal clinics are available in wider number. So, finding one for your purpose may not be difficult at all.

While you make an application for aid, the office will at first take into consideration the entire personal financial condition of yours. Then they will take the appropriate decision whether you will be able to pay for all the necessary legal proceedings or not. The entire judgment will be taken after focusing strongly on the family responsibility issues of the client (in this case, it is you) as well the present financial status. Free services may be availed but paying a part of the entire expense is a must. It may be a low amount but payment is necessary even with those who have limited income and poor financial condition.

Norton Scientific Reviews on IRS Warns of Tax Fraud Scam

Norton Scientific Reviews blog gives you the latest update on IRS warning on Tax fraud and other related scams.

The US Internal Revenue Service has published their yearly ranking of tax scams, called Dirty Dozen, in an effort to remind taxpayers to be cautious as there are many schemes designed to cheat them this tax period.

The list which is compiled by the IRS every year also contains a wide range of common tax scams that people can encounter anytime. But the fraudulent claims usually increase during the time people file their tax returns. Con artists will try to cheat people either through online, email messages, flyers, word of mouth or personal encounter. They are armed with misleading promises about free money or lost refunds.

The most complex and accounts for the most number of victims is the case of identity theft. IRS has seen increasing number of such cases where the thieves use legitimate taxpayers’ information to file a return and claim a fraudulent refund. A notice from the IRS will usually be sent to a taxpayer if more than one return was filed in his or her name, or if he or she received salary from an unknown employer.

Suspicious preparers of return have been known to steal their clients’ refunds or charge huge amounts for preparing the return on the client’s behalf. They basically draw potential clients by promising guaranteed or increased refunds. A number of federal courts have already issued hundreds of injunctions while the Justice Department has many pending complaints against others.

Because of this, taxpayers are warned to choose carefully who to hire as tax preparer. As a preventive measure, every paid preparer are required to have a PTIN (Preparer Tax Identification Number) that he needs to put on the returns he prepares.

Scammers typically target the elderly and persons who have low income in order to bring false hopes and charge them for the ‘advice’. But victims always end up disappointed afterwards.

For instance, several years ago, one of the most widespread tax frauds toyed with the concept that paying tax is not required at all but only voluntary. Furthermore, victims were told that if you put a specific language on your tax return, IRS would not tax you. But as part of the whole scam, you have to pay some amount or other to get the language and the proper forms.

The primary source of identity theft was discovered to be in hospitals where patient information is not secured properly.

IRS announced last month a national crack down on suspected perpetrators of tax fraud as part of their efforts to protect taxpayers. Together with the Department of Justice’s Tax Division, they have created a protection unit and a hotline dedicated for fraud issues to assist taxpayers.

Norton Scientific Reviews is maintained by a blogger-cum-security-specialist who keeps a close watch on the tech industry and the trend of badware. This blog aims to educate the public and keep the pros up-to-date with regards to malicious software and their respective anti-virus counterparts.

In this digital age, being in-the-know is the most elementary step to avoid getting pwned. Norton Scientific Reviews covers even the most basic concepts on malware and infection prevention for newbies. While for tech junkies, there are also in-depth software reviews and jargon-filled tech reports on various topics.


Seek Whiplash Claims with the Help of Legal Firms

Before we discuss further about whiplash claims let us first talk about what we mean by a whiplash. It is a non-medical term describing a range of injuries to the neck. This is mainly due to the sudden distortion in the neck. This is a common feature in motor vehicle accidents where the vehicle has been hit in the rear. Therefore, if you have suffered due to the negligence of someone else you are liable to receive compensation. However, since it is a legal issue you will need professional help.

Are you apprehensive about the fact that you may have to shell out money as fees to these professional legal firms? Well, you can be rest assured that nothing such will be required. Most of these firms work on a no win no fee basis. It is only after they have won you the case and you have received whiplash compensation you will have to part with some portion of the money. Therefore, it is a complete win situation for you. As a client, you will get to know about the developments in your case. Moreover, you can always have a conversation with the solicitor dealing with your individual case.

Therefore, if you have been badly injured in the neck for no fault of yours, you can always contact these professionals. They are always by your side when the going is not good. However, as a victim you need to do certain things. You must note down where the accident took place. Who was the person involved and was there a witness. The weather condition is extremely important. If the injury is serious, you might have problems working for a few days. Hence, you might have to calculate the potential loss in income. These are certain points professionals will consider before working out the claim amount.

Three Ways To Choose The Right Accident Claim Solicitor

If you have suffered from an injury at workplace or accident at work then you should look for a good accident claim solicitor. In this article, we will look out for three ways through which you can choose the right accident claim solicitors for getting the compensation for what you have lost. Consider the following factors before making the final decision:

1.Choose A Specialist

If you have suffered from personal injury, first and foremost you would require a solicitor, not just any solicitor but an accident claim solicitor who has nothing to do other than spending his time and energy on researching and ruling cases for accident claims. Only then you could increase your chances of having an appropriate justice to your issue.

2.Choose A Solicitor You Like

If you find a solicitor you cannot build a relationship with, then do not go for him. It is essential that you have a friendly approach with your solicitor. Most claim cases takes a few months to get over, hence you would require update. Only a proper and good person can do that. Look for a good person in your good solicitor.

3.Consider feedback Score

Good feedback is essential for confidence. If you know your lawyer through reference then you do not need any, but otherwise ask him to show you his feedback ratings. If he has less than 10 feedbacks or a few bad feedbacks then you should think and re-think before you hire him. Your mental satisfaction is very much necessary.

There are many small things to check other than these few, check if he has long years of experience and if he is the member of the Law Society Personal Injury Panel. If these match, you can be rest assured that your case is safe.