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Xybion and QPS announce that QPS Taiwan has selected Pristima(R) Suite as their preclinical data management system

Pristima, Xybion’s core preclinical data management software platform, has been selected to support the complete preclinical process for QPS-Taiwan.

CEDAR KNOLLS, NJ: Xybion Corporation and QPS LLC. announced today that QPS Taiwan, a global preclinical toxicology services provider, has selected to deploy Pristima®Suite, Xybion’s premier preclinical application. QPS will leverage Pristima Suite in a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) deployment model, supported by Xybion’s Singapore data center & technology services group.

Pristima is an end-to-end preclinical data management system that helps companies to reduce their preclinical operational costs while decreasing time-to-market for drug discovery. QPS will be leveraging many key components of the preclinical software suite including the General Toxicology, Clinical Pathology, Necropsy, Pathology and SEND modules to capture, manage and report data from preclinical studies. Following an exhaustive selection process where all competitive products were considered, QPS Taiwan selected Pristima as a SaaS installation. Xybion will host the application in its Singapore data center. With the addition of QPS Taiwan, Xybion continues to expand its offerings in the Asia Pacific market, growing its client base to a total of 11 countries in North America, Europe and Asia. QPS Taiwan will be using the Pristima functionality to refine and expand its comprehensive GLP CRO preclinical study service capabilities to serve its clients worldwide.

Carlos Frade, Vice President of Preclinical R&D Solutions at Xybion, was quoted: “QPS Taiwan selected the Software as a service model, which offers a less time consuming validation process and a more cost effective approach to achieve the required capabilities, maintenance, and support over the Internet. QPS Taiwan will leverage Xybion’s Total Preclinical Solutions package to install, validate and deploy the most modern and most well-integrated data management suite on the market.”

Walter Bee, Ph.D., Vice President, Head of Global Safety Assessment and Regulatory Affairs, commented: “QPS Taiwan’s Center of Toxicology and Preclinical Sciences (CTPS) is one of the oldest and most experienced GLP laboratories in Asia. Our scientists combine training and experience from Europe, Japan, the USA and Asia in the unique environment of a first class Taiwanese laboratory. With the introduction of Pristima® as our data acquisition and management system, we are underlining our commitment to excellent service to our sponsors. This software enables our scientists to provide results quickly, reduces paperwork and increases data quality. It supports the organization, structure, and format of datasets in the Standard for Exchange of Non-Clinical Data (SEND) format for submission to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The tailored solution Xybion provided fits our current needs but leaves room for expansion in line with our growth ambitions.”

As an enterprise-grade solution suite for preclinical research, Pristima offers a powerful and robust toolset to improve clients’ efficiency, promote compliance and accelerate the final reporting. Dr. Pradip Banerjee, CEO, Xybion Corporation commented, “We are pleased to have QPS Taiwan as a client and look forward to assisting them in reaching their business goals. We are delighted that QPS Taiwan has decided to have Xybion host Pristima in our data center. Many of our clients find SaaS delivery to be an efficient, scalable and cost effective alternative to an onsite installation. We are committed to maintaining Pristima as the leading preclinical data management solution to meet the needs of a fast growing CRO.”

About Xybion Corporation:

Xybion Corporation is a global leader in the development and delivery of critical enterprise solutions to highly regulated industries, helping companies lower cost, mitigate risk and accelerate growth, while managing quality and compliance. Xybion is the maker of Pristima Suite, a leading preclinical data management solution for the life science sector. Pristima Suite is the only fully integrated preclinical and vivarium management solution that natively connects to enterprise quality & compliance management processes on the market today.

About QPS
Founded in 1995, QPS is a GLP/GCP-compliant contract research organization (CRO) supporting discovery, preclinical and clinical drug development. We provide quality services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients worldwide. QPS operates regional laboratories and testing facilities which are located at its headquarters in Newark, DE, USA; Springfield, MO, USA; Groningen, The Netherlands; Hyderabad, India; and Taipei, Taiwan.


PDF to Word on Mac – Convert pdf files to word document on Mac with Mac PDF to Word Converter

PDF to Word on Mac – Convert pdf files to word document on Mac with Mac PDF to Word Converter

It is as easy as printing from any application to creating a PDF on a Mac. But what should you do when you need to extract the text from a PDF document to use in Word while you don’t have the full version of Adobe Acrobat? This PDF to Word Converter for Mac is one of easy-to-use pdf to word tools, it can help you convert pdf file to word document in an easy way on Mac.

How to convert PDF to word and not need to pay for Adobe Acrobat, how to convert PDF to Word document on Mac without Adobe Acrobat? Is there any easy-to-use program to convert PDF to Word on Mac & Windows? Yes! Here we recommend you this powerful PDF to Word Converter for Mac, with it, you don’t need Adobe Acrobat, you can convert pdf files to word on Mac within several simple clicks.

PDF to Word for Mac is a PDF to Word converter specially designed for Mac OS X users. It converts PDF to Word and preserves all the text, images, layouts, hyperlinks, tables and graphics with high accuracy.

Step by step tutorial to convert pdf to word document on Mac

Step 1: Import pdf into Mac PDF to Word Converter

Install and run PDF Converter to Word for Mac, drag your PDF files into the program. And they will appear in the program as below.

Step 2: Select an output format “.doc”

Click on the gear icon to set output format, here choose “.doc”.

Step 3: Convert PDF files to Word document

Click the Convert button and wait for a little while, PDF to Word for Mac will convert your imported PDF files to Word documents in seconds.

How to Hack Windows Vista Administrator Password to Logon

Microsoft takes five years plus to develop Windows Vista, the so-called highly secured and renowned Windows operating system, with an overly redeveloped kernel.

For all Windows Vista users, improving security in Vista is very important. However, when they are giving strong password to their computer, at the same time they may forget it. This is why so many people want to hack Windows Vista password.

Cracking computer password has never been easier than today.
With the rapid development of technology, especially the information technology, things today are not like those in the past. If a computer user forgot his password in the past, he would find it very difficult to find forgotten password so that to regain access to his PC. While nowadays, any Vista users can easily and quickly hack their lost Vista passwords. Follow the below magic ways to hack password on Windows Vista, and you will learn a lot.

Method one: Crack your Vista password via a password reset disc.
Windows Vista allows its users to create a password reset disk. Usually, after you installed Vista and created a user account on your PC, you would be asked to create such a disk. If you did, then you can use it hack Vista login password with below steps:
Step1: Start your PC, and type in any password at the logon screen. Then Windows will alert you that the password is incorrect. Next you just click “OK” to close the warning message.
Step2: You now can see the “Reset password” option, just click it.
Step3: Insert your Windows reset disk. Then the Password Reset Wizard will appear.
Step4: Follow the Wizard and later you can be allowed to create a new password for replacing the forgotten one.
Step5: After typing the new password, then just click “Next” and then “Finish”. Until then, you have successfully cracked the forgotten Vista password.

Method two: Vista administrator password hack with Windows Password Reset Std.
Actually not so many Vista users are so lucky to have such a Windows password reset disk when they find they’ve forgotten their Vista password. Well, this is why Windows Password Reset Std—a professional third-party password reset tool, comes. Now you can follow the below simple steps to find your forgotten Vista password with this tool.
Step1: Download and install Windows Password Reset Std.
Step2: Burn CD/DVD with the tool.
Step3: Set the target computer boot from CD/DVD.
Step4: Crack Windows Vista login password with the burned CD/DVD.


Hosting Controller Validated by Microsoft as a Control Panel for Hosted Exchange

Hosting Controller Inc. a validated Microsoft Solution Vendor for Exchange 2010 SP2 earns distinction and market leadership through demonstrated technology success and customer commitment.

Hosting Controller Inc. ( today announced that its cloud hosting automation solution has been validated by Microsoft for Exchange 2010 SP2 and it has also attained Silver ISV and Software Development competencies.

According to Microsoft “Using the on-premises version of Exchange to provide a hosted Exchange solution requires some unique considerations and specific configuration changes in order to configure a multi-tenant hosted solution. Microsoft provides guidance for control panel vendors to assist them in developing solutions that are supported.” Microsoft says “In order for multi-tenant Exchange solution to be considered fully supported, a host must follow all the guidance in published Microsoft documentation. The easiest and quickest route to support for most hosters, though, is likely be through engaging with a hosting automation vendor whose solution adheres to the guidelines.”

Hosting Controller is an automation solution that Microsoft has reviewed and found to comply with guidance produced by Microsoft to offer Exchange in a Hosted Multi-tenant cloud based environment. Hosting Controller uses only documented and supported processes and methodologies in its solution.

“Our ISV community is alive with innovation, and we’re committed to helping our partners drive the next generation of software experiences,” said Ross Brown, Vice President of ISV and Solutions Partners for the Worldwide Partner Group at Microsoft. “Adding compatibility for the latest Microsoft technologies helps ISVs to stay ahead of the competition and give their customers access to cutting-edge technologies.”

“With Microsoft providing direction and technical guidance, we are excited to work closely with Microsoft to deliver a supported solution,” said Babar Zaman, Vice President Business Development at Hosting Controller Inc. “Making our software compatible with Multi-Tenancy and Hosting Guidance for Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP2 not only demonstrates our expertise in developing applications based on Microsoft solutions but also helps us offer our customers compelling benefits, including intuitive user interfaces, sophisticated management features and improved security and reliability.”

Hosting Controller is a unified control panel and an automation solution for service providers offering Microsoft Enterprise Applications such as Exchange, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, OCS and Hyper-V in a shared multi-tenant environment and comes with a comprehensive self-serve portal for the end customers.

About Hosting Controller

Founded in 1999 and pioneer in Windows Hosting Automation, Hosting Controller is a cloud hosting automation solution for web hosts and cloud based service providers. It allows them to manage both Windows & Linux servers simultaneously as part of a single cluster. In addition to shared hosts, Hosting Controller offers a full solution suite for hosted Enterprise Applications creating a shared multi-tenant environment for automatic provisioning of Microsoft Exchange, BlackBerry, SharePoint, OCS and Dynamics CRM. It also offers a full automation solution for Infrastructure and Virtualization providers offering virtualized partitions on both Windows and Linux based servers through Hyper-V technology for Windows & Xen Hypervisor technology for Linux! Hosting Controller Inc. is based in Richmond, BC, Canada and has customers in 125 countries worldwide.


Warren Friss of Apple Industries Announces Availability of Pix Place with New Smile 2.0 Software

The latest technology from Apple Industries comes at a time when the world is consistently and actively engaged in all things social media. Apple Industries has been in the photo, vending, coin-operated machine and event planning industries for more than 30 years and is a leading provider of digital imaging solutions for retail environments.

New York, NY – Warren Friss, President of Apple Industries/Face Place, a leading provider of digital imaging solutions for retail environments, recently announced that Face Place’s Pix Place which includes the new Smile 2.0 software is now available for sale and will be ready for delivery in May 2012.

Warren Friss, President of Apple Industries/Face Place announced earlier this month that the company received excellent feedback while showcasing their new Smile 2.0 social networking software, at the Amusement Expo 2012 in Las Vegas.

Warren Friss, President of Apple Industries/Face Place stated, “Face Place photo booths now do much more than just print out traditional photo strips.” Warren Friss commented, “We are now using the latest technology to allow consumers to share their photos, directly from the photo booth, via email, on Facebook and Twitter.”

Apple Industries manufactures, markets and sells the award winning line of Face Place digital photo booths which now contain the new Smile 2.0 software which allows customers to purchase photo strips, 4×6 photos, and to share their photos directly from the photo booths by email, Facebook or Twitter.

“In addition, our new Face Place line of photo booths can print 4 x 6 photos, postcards, passport style photos and can record and share videos,” continued Warren Friss. “Our photo booths have reached another level and are perfect for bars, restaurants, movie theatres and other “entertainment” locations. They make money for operators and location owners, and are fun for patrons.”

Warren Friss further stated that, “Face Place’s new stand-alone photo kiosk, Pix Place, is now available for sale and will be ready for delivery in May. Like all Face Place photo booths, it will include the new Smile 2.0 software.” For more information, please contact your authorized Apple distributor or contact Anita Rodriguez at Apple Industries. You can visit the company’s website at

About Warren Friss

Warren Friss serves as the President of Apple Industries/Face Place. Warren Friss earned a Law Degree from the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Law and began his career as a corporate attorney at the NY law firm of Shea & Gould.

Warren Friss joined The Topps Company, Inc. in 1995 where he served as General Counsel. In 2000, Warren invented and successfully launching etopps, a unique Internet trading card platform now in its 11th year.

Warren Friss then headed up Topps Sports & Entertainment division, with over 125 employees, from 2006-2011. Warren Friss led that division to dramatic growth and, ultimately, to a sale of the Company to Michael Eisner’s Tornante Company and a major private equity firm in 2007.

About Apple Industries, Inc.

Apple Industries Inc. is a leading provider of digital imaging solutions for retail environments. Apple Industries manufactures, markets, and sells the award winning line of Face Place digital photo booths. Face Place photo booths contain Smile 2.0 software which allows customers to purchase photo strips, 4×6 photos, and to share their photos directly from the photo booths by email, Facebook or Twitter.

Apple Industries has been in the photo, vending, coin-operated machine and event planning industries for more than 30 years.
For more information on the new Face Place Wedding Booth, please contact your authorized Apple distributor or contact Apple Industries at 1-516-619-8000.
For additional information, contact:

Anita Rodriguez
Apple Industries/Face Place
200 Forest Drive, Building 8
Greenvale, New York 11548
sales ( @ ) faceplacephoto dot com


Deep Cycle Batteries – Buying The Appropriate Chargers

As the name suggest, the deep cycle batteries are automotive batteries that are designed to discharge its capacities fully. They are lead-acid batteries and are a great alternative to the starter automotive batteries. The starter automotive batteries can discharge high but short current bursts to starting the engine. Thus, discharging only a small part of their entire capacity. On the contrary, the deep cycle varieties can discharge around 50% to 80% of its capacity depending on its construction and its manufacturer.

It is understood that the most vital accessory for any battery is its charger. The same is also true for these forms of solar batteries. Each of these batteries has its own unique features and so a particular charger will only work for a particular battery.

Choosing the right charger

A host of factors needs to be duly considered while buying the apt charger for your battery. These factors include the input voltage of your battery, the battery bank’s configuration, the probability of undercharging or over charging the battery and the electrical system condition.

Portability of these solar batteries is another key factor to be considered. A portable charger will enable you to harness it in most types of environments. The ergonomics and comfortability in using the batteries should also be considered. Also, opt for batteries that are easy to hold and use in the event of an emergency.

Points to remember

Always remember that an apt charger for the batteries of deep cycle variety will not only fully charge the battery but will also prolong its lifetime. Overcharging or undercharging of the batteries should be averted at any cost as.

Another great aspect of the deep cycle batteries is that they are eco-friendly. Its energy-efficient aspects do not induce any harmful effect on its surrounding environment. So, invest in these batteries and be part of the universal green drive to conserve the world’s non-renewable resources. Think energy think green!