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Hosting Controller Validated by Microsoft as a Control Panel for Hosted Exchange

Hosting Controller Inc. a validated Microsoft Solution Vendor for Exchange 2010 SP2 earns distinction and market leadership through demonstrated technology success and customer commitment.

Hosting Controller Inc. ( today announced that its cloud hosting automation solution has been validated by Microsoft for Exchange 2010 SP2 and it has also attained Silver ISV and Software Development competencies.

According to Microsoft “Using the on-premises version of Exchange to provide a hosted Exchange solution requires some unique considerations and specific configuration changes in order to configure a multi-tenant hosted solution. Microsoft provides guidance for control panel vendors to assist them in developing solutions that are supported.” Microsoft says “In order for multi-tenant Exchange solution to be considered fully supported, a host must follow all the guidance in published Microsoft documentation. The easiest and quickest route to support for most hosters, though, is likely be through engaging with a hosting automation vendor whose solution adheres to the guidelines.”

Hosting Controller is an automation solution that Microsoft has reviewed and found to comply with guidance produced by Microsoft to offer Exchange in a Hosted Multi-tenant cloud based environment. Hosting Controller uses only documented and supported processes and methodologies in its solution.

“Our ISV community is alive with innovation, and we’re committed to helping our partners drive the next generation of software experiences,” said Ross Brown, Vice President of ISV and Solutions Partners for the Worldwide Partner Group at Microsoft. “Adding compatibility for the latest Microsoft technologies helps ISVs to stay ahead of the competition and give their customers access to cutting-edge technologies.”

“With Microsoft providing direction and technical guidance, we are excited to work closely with Microsoft to deliver a supported solution,” said Babar Zaman, Vice President Business Development at Hosting Controller Inc. “Making our software compatible with Multi-Tenancy and Hosting Guidance for Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP2 not only demonstrates our expertise in developing applications based on Microsoft solutions but also helps us offer our customers compelling benefits, including intuitive user interfaces, sophisticated management features and improved security and reliability.”

Hosting Controller is a unified control panel and an automation solution for service providers offering Microsoft Enterprise Applications such as Exchange, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, OCS and Hyper-V in a shared multi-tenant environment and comes with a comprehensive self-serve portal for the end customers.

About Hosting Controller

Founded in 1999 and pioneer in Windows Hosting Automation, Hosting Controller is a cloud hosting automation solution for web hosts and cloud based service providers. It allows them to manage both Windows & Linux servers simultaneously as part of a single cluster. In addition to shared hosts, Hosting Controller offers a full solution suite for hosted Enterprise Applications creating a shared multi-tenant environment for automatic provisioning of Microsoft Exchange, BlackBerry, SharePoint, OCS and Dynamics CRM. It also offers a full automation solution for Infrastructure and Virtualization providers offering virtualized partitions on both Windows and Linux based servers through Hyper-V technology for Windows & Xen Hypervisor technology for Linux! Hosting Controller Inc. is based in Richmond, BC, Canada and has customers in 125 countries worldwide.


iTunes Data Recovery – How to Recover Data for iPhone/iPad/iPod?

iTunes Data Recovery – How to Recover Data for iPhone/iPad/iPod?

When your iDevice like iPhone iPod or iPad get sync or system update, many people may lost their data by mistake. How to get back lost data for iTunes? Is their a tool to help people to recover iTunes data in an easy way? The answer is pretty sure, just try the iTunes Data Recovery.

iTunes Data Recovery is a special tool designed for people to get back iTunes data which is lost by mistake. This iTunes Data Recovery not only can recover contacts, SMS, calendars, note and call records, but also can recover all videos and photos taken with your iPhone or iPad, and the iTunes Data Recovery is compatible with iPhone 3, 3GS, 4, 4S, iPad 1 & 2 and iPod Touch 4.

With the powerful iTunes Data Recovery, you can recover iTune Data within several simple steps, and you also can get back lost data for iPhone/iPad/iPod in an easy way. It’s the best assistant for iPhone/iPad/iPod users, just free download and try the wonderful iTunes Data Recovery now!

How to recover iTunes data with iTunes Data Recovery?

Step 1: Install and run the iTunes Data Recovery

Free Download and install iTunes Data Recovery, When running it, don’t open iTunes and connect your iPhone to it, just to be safe. After launching it, simply click on the “Start Scan” to move on.

Step 2: Select the device for recovery
If you have several devices synced to iTunes, there will be different backup files found for you. Just select the one on which you lost your data and hit on the “Scan” to continue to recover deleted data.

Step 3: Preview and Recover deleted data
After the scan, all files in the backup file are displayed for you in well-organized categories, select all the files you want to recover and then just click “Recover” button, the end.

SEO: Important Aspects Revealed

SEO (search engine optimization) is a technique for improving the visibility of your website in any search engine like Google via the natural or organic search results. SEO (search engine optimizer) has the potential to improve your website performance and saves your time. There is also a risk of damage to your website.

The search engine like Google has organic search results technique. SEO optimizes your website for the organic search. The good SEO hiring time is when you want to redesign your website or you are launching any new website. At that time, the SEO makes your website design search engine friendly. However, some SEO with good qualities can help you to improve the existing website you have.

The advantage of search engine optimisation is that it enhances the visibility of your site in search engines, which makes your website appearance more frequent to the user. The site that appears frequently in the search engine will have more numbers of visitors for the website. Optimization of any website may also edit its content or the coding associated with it, to enhance its relevance for the keywords, which will increase its visibility in the search.

Search Engine Optimization considers various facts for improving visibility of website like:

How the existing search engine works
The keywords or search words typed into any search engine

Search Engine Optimization targets various types of search like:

Searching of images
Video’s Searching
Local and Academic search

There are various factors which effects search ranking some of them are:

On page factors like what type of content you publish in the website
Off the page factors which the publisher can’t control directly
Violations, Blocking and Weighting factors
The type of HTML tags used also effects the search ranking of the website

Add People – Website Visibility Made Easy

In the world of online marketing, Add People has been rather a successful and popular name. They offer services in different categories of online marketing, right from website design and development to search engine optimization, pay per click management, socializing a website, and video optimisation.

In short, Addpeople offers a comprehensive suite of online marketing right from the base to the advance level. One thing is a must to mention. The budget factor is taken strictly into consideration. After all, the company is for everyone; small ventures, bigger houses, and the MNCs. Addpeople also offer service to personal website users. It is not only commercial clients that they work for. Rather, they are approached by a lot of private users to enhance the performance of their blog sites through suitable search engine optimisation service. Popularizing a website within the search engines at a much affordable rate is available only from this digital marketing agency. It is difficult to find one more such agency in the market.

If a client purchases the manual link building package available from Add People then a discount of 25% can be availed for the ON-PAGE Optimization services. Now, isn’t that a great deal to avail. Surely, it is! So, why wait further. Simply log into the agency’s website and fill in the request form. The company executive will surely get in touch with you within a short period of time. In case of any disputes of more queries, there is also a helpline number to dial. Simply dial it to talk to the expert customer care executives live. Remember one thing: Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of this digital marketing agency. Offering the best services at an unbelievable affordable rate is the motto.

Web Design Manchester- Way To Success

All the towns, cities, states and countries unite together and become one in the field of commerce. It is a global world and all this is possible because of computers. Computers help us to stay connected to one another easily. With broadband and the latest technology nearly everything can be done at home with the help of the computers and internet. As we all know internet or the World Wide Web has given us the chance to know each other, learn each other and become united at least virtually and this is indeed a fact that has come true in today’s time.

Each day when we use the internet we find lot of websites on the word that we have typed to search. These websites are beautifully decorated and rich in content. They attract a lot of attention and help us to find and know more about the particular thing we are looking. Creating such beautiful websites is known as web designing. Manchester web design service is quite famous for it, and they make the dreams of small and medium business personnel and companies come true with their dedicated service. Manchester web design is not a company but many small and big companies that serve you by creating beautiful websites that are search engine optimized.

If you are looking for success then web design Manchester is the correct path to it. Web designing require lots of skills and practise. Without the proper skills and knowledge it is not possible to create an impact on peoples mind. If you are starting a business, a website can be extremely beneficial for you. It can help you in your marketing, as well as it can provide lots of helpful information to people visiting your website. In both ways you earn customer and revenue. Make your own website now to increase the reach of your brand.

Benefits of hiring Offshore Service Provider for Custom Web Development Requirements

The online world is now one of the most competitive places for businesses and it is rightly complemented by the vast opportunities offered by it. New websites are being launched on a daily basis and this is further increasing the competition for other websites. One of the most effective solutions for such requirements is custom web development. These solutions are built around the specific business requirements of the client and thus provide them an accurate and to the point solution that can be really helpful in increasing the business opportunities. Most of the businesses just hire a reputed web development company and get their solutions custom built from them.

However, the process is most effective and beneficial for clients if they opt for an offshore service provider from some developing country in order to get their solutions built. Here are some of the benefits of hiring offshore service provider for custom web development requirements.

  • Cost benefits: One of the most prominent reasons for such business practice is the cost benefits offered by hiring an offshore web development company. As the economy of these developing countries is usually lower than developed countries therefore fees charged by them is usually a lot lower than that of companies operating in developed countries.
  • To the point solutions: These service providers can help you in achieving a software solution that is build specifically around your business requirements. This way you don’t have to modify anything in your business due to the solution as the software is already customized around your business requirements.
  • Expert resources: You can always hire a professional and experienced web development company from offshore locations and be assured of receiving expert resources on your project. Due to the high job competition in these areas, developers and other resources have to keep themselves updated with latest and other popular technologies. These developers are very talented and are expert in delivering highly user friendly software for the clients.
  • Quick Delivery: Solutions are usually delivered very quickly as these web development companies usually have a vast pool of expert and dedicate developers. Resources are available and it is just a question of effectively managing them to get the work done. Further, a web development company usually works on stringent budgets and the only sure shot way of making proper revenues for them is if they are able to deliver maximum solutions within the deadlines. If they fail to deliver projects on time then resources would have to spend extra time over the software and thus precious and expensive man hours would be lost.
  • Experts in customization: If you are able to partner with a really talented and reputed web development company then you can be assured of receiving a really effective solution built through custom web development as these companies are expert in customizing softwares.

While custom web development is a very effective and proven methodology but you need to make sure that you are partnering with the right web development company that has proven capabilities and huge experience under their belts. Making an intelligent choice in the earlier phases of web development is very essential for ensuring a smooth and effective solution delivery.


Chris Miller is a Software developer at Xicom Technologies, a leading CMMI level- 3 Software Development Company, providing web development services, custom web application development and offshore web development services. Chris Miler also gives Guest Lectures on Software Development Outsourcing when ever he get time.