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It is an unfortunate fact that smoking is still the biggest single cause of serious illness as well as premature death in the UK, amounting to 100,000 deaths every year. Through research and increased education we, as a nation are well aware of how serious a problem tobacco addiction is causing heart disease, COPD and attributing to many cancers. The government has passed certain laws to try to reduce these horrific figures such as smoking bans in many public places, a variety of aids have also been produced to help smokers quit.
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Meningitis Angels Commemorate World Meningitis Day MA host International Candle Lighting Ceremony and Launch National Photo Contest “I Took the Meningitis Shot”

Meningitis Angels (MA) commemorate the 4th annual World Meningitis Day. The national group will host an international candle lighting ceremony to take place at 5 P.M. around the world. Frankie Milley, founder and national executive director ask that all who have been affected or lost someone to bacterial meningitis light a candle and let it burn.

Houston Texas – “I will be lighting mine in memory of my only child Ryan who died from meningococcal disease and all the Meningitis Angels. If we do this around the world there should be a candle burning somewhere for the next 24 hours,” Milley said.

Meningococcal disease is a sudden aggressive illness that can lead to death within 24-48 hours of the first symptoms. Survivors may suffer permanent brain damage, learning disabilities, vision and hearing loss, organ damage and limb loss.
“Before vaccinations, thousands of infants and toddlers died or were left debilitated from Hib and Pneumococcal meningitis. Thanks to vaccines, these are almost eradicated in the US. However tweens and teens are still among the highest risk for meningococcal disease and the hardest to reach for health care and vaccinations. So awareness and vaccination programs such as those in Kansas are imperative,” Milley said.

MA announced today the launch of a national contest that would have tweens and teens ages 10-18 submit a photo of themselves getting their meningitis shot. Those ages 10-17 must have a parent’s permission to enter. A complete set of rules for entry may be found at “We hope this contest will increase the meningococcal vaccination rate which is only about 50% nationwide,” said Milley.

The nationwide events kicked off last week in Topeka Kansas. A state resolution declaring April 16-20, Kansas Meningitis Awareness Week and recognizing World Meningitis Day was presented to Meningitis Angels, on the capitol steps, by Kansas Senator Vicki Schmidt. Partners for awareness events throughout the week included the Kansas Department of Health and Environment’s Immunization Program (KDHEIP), multiple county health departments, Dillion Pharmacies, school districts, the Topeka Cruzline, health care providers and others. This was also a very important week for the prevention of vaccine-preventable disease in infants. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) chose this week for National Infant Immunization Week.

Milley will close out the week April 26, as a speaker at the Vaccines For Children (VFC) Bi-national Conference in South Texas. This event is hosted by the Hidalgo County Health Department and will host speakers from the CDC, Mexico and the Texas Health Department.

“We must do everything to prevent this deadly disease in the age groups where it is preventable. It is the right thing to do. No infant, child or adult should die or be left debilitated from a vaccine-preventable disease, especially one as deadly as meningitis,” concluded Milley.

For more information on meningitis prevention or to contact MA visit, or


Xybion announces a major biotechnology company licenses Pristima for early discovery pathology data management

Xybion Corporation announced that its Pristima Preclinical Software suite has been selected as the primary preclinical platform for early-stage drug discovery pathology data management by a Top-5 global biotech firm.

CEDAR KNOLLS, NJ: Xybion Corporation announced that its Pristima Preclinical Software suite has been selected as the primary preclinical platform for early-stage drug discovery pathology data management by a Top-5 global biotech firm. The new Xybion client becomes the third major biotech laboratory in the Cambridge Massachusetts Biotechnology Research hub to choose Pristima Suite as the centerpiece for its drug discovery and early stage development efforts.

This leading biotech company has licensed Pristima Suite for use by all of its pathologists. Xybion’s professional services team will provide all installation and training services to get the client in production. The client selected Pristima Suite as the most efficient and user-friendly solution with a robust set of off-the-shelf reports and an architecture designed to scale as the facility expands. Following a rigorous evaluation process that included key stakeholders across the company’s enterprise, Pristima rose to the top of the vendor list for a variety of reasons.

Carlos Frade, Vice President Preclinical Solutions for Xybion commented on the new client; “In addition to our biotechnology client sites on the west coast in California and Washington, Xybion understands the importance of the research community in the Cambridge, MA area and are pleased to see how Pristima Suite plays such a role in the early discovery arena. For both early discovery safety assessment and for safety pharmacology, Pristima provides the simple, easy-to-use data management toolsets and features that cater to the dynamic approaches in early discovery”.

The client will be leveraging many of the key features, modules and services that are part of the Pristima Suite. Some of the key components to be used immediately are the Integrated Protocol & Pathology modules along with a robust reporting framework that includes detailed Study metrics and statistics that are vital to the pathologists. The client will also be leveraging the rapid and efficient deployment services provided by Xybion as part of its total preclinical solution.

Mr. Frade added, “Software alone cannot move the ball forward for early drug discovery. Companies require more real-time visibility into their preclinical operations. The Pristima Total Preclinical Solution adds value because it facilitates the process of drug development from formulation through FDA submissions. Our services and rapid deployment offering, which is part of the total preclinical solution package, was a key differentiator for Xybion at this company and a big part of the reason they had selected us”.

Dr. Pradip Banerjee, CEO of Xybion stated; “We are extremely proud of this particular contract award since it affirms our strategy to a Total Preclinical Solution. Our relationship with this key client shows our global capabilities with respect to interconnected preclinical data management and validates Xybion’s ability to deliver valuable solutions on a global scale to life science companies”.

About Xybion Corporation:

Xybion Corporation is a global leader in the development and delivery of critical enterprise solutions to highly regulated industries, helping companies lower cost, mitigate risk and accelerate growth, while managing quality and compliance. Xybion is the maker of Pristima Suite, a leading preclinical data management solution for the life science sector. Pristima Suite is the only fully integrated preclinical and vivarium management solution that natively connects to enterprise quality & compliance management processes on the market today.


Sleeping Well With a Feng Shui Style Bedroom

Decorating a bedroom can seem like a challenge. After all, you want a space that is beautiful but that will also be soothing enough to inspire sleep. Bedrooms should also be romantically inspired. In addition to that it is important to create a space that is truly inviting and comfortable. Your bedroom should feel like a place you can escape to when you want to be rescued from the rest of the world. While that description may seem like a tall order, the use of Feng Shui can simplify this process. In fact, decorating according to the principles of Feng Shui is an easy way to bring good things into your life and order and energy into your home. A Feng Shui bedroom can actually help bring you good health, success and happiness.

Your bedroom is a very important area of your home. We spend a great many hours of our life in the bedroom. It’s not surprising that the environment in this space can affect various aspects of our health and well- being. When the bedroom is ‘out of balance’ and there is not a good flow of energy, there will likely be a negative impact on our emotional, physical and psychological well-being.

The good news is, a few simple changes are usually all that is required to create perfect harmony in the space. When using Feng Shui decorating you should keep in mind the purpose of the space. When it comes to the bedroom you will want to remember terms like ‘rest’, ‘relationships’, and ‘self-renewal’. With that in mind you will add colors, shapes, and elements that promote those things.

Proper lighting in the bedroom is also important. Ideally the lighting will not be too bright. However, some people prefer bright lights for certain tasks. Dimmer switches can be a perfect solution. The lighting can be controlled to create the exact illumination desired. You can even use window treatments that allow manipulation of natural light.

Feng Shui focuses on elements of nature. So you will need to pay attention to additions of things made of wood and metal, or things that are associated with fire or water. A good choice for your bed would be one made of all wood. Metal beds are not a good choice when decorating in Feng Shui style. Metal can conduct electricity, and that can be very bad for your health.

The placement of the bed is another issue of concern. You should have sight of the doorway form the bed, but the bed should not be directly in line with the doorway. Also ensure that there are no sharp objects in the bedroom. The furniture should be arranged in a way that allows the energy to freely flow through the space.

Allison Jackson enjoys decorating using the principles of Feng Shui. According to her, the flow of positive energy in a space is very important. Jackson says this is especially true in the bedroom. She contends that the use of bunk beds in kids’ rooms is usually the best choice.

FastMed Urgent Care Passes 200 New Jobs Mark in NC

Company expects to create 80 to 100 additional jobs for remainder of 2012.

Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, NC – Since its growth in North Carolina from 9 locations to 20 locations in 2011 one year ago, FastMed Urgent Care as a health care organization has created more than 200 jobs across communities throughout North Carolina in the rapidly growing health care sector. FastMed also expects to create an additional 80 to 100 as it opens 10 more clinics in neighborhoods throughout North Carolina for the remainder of 2012.

Throughout 2011, FastMed Urgent Care opened 11 full service urgent care centers in North Carolina, creating 152 jobs by hiring highly experienced and patient centered, board-certified medical doctors, family nurse practitioners, physician assistants, medical assistants, x-ray technicians and clinic managers.

“Our patient-centered model is at the heart of our success. It allows us to fill a need in each community we open an urgent care center within and create jobs locally to that area,” said Jason A. Williams MPAS, Ph.D, President and CEO of FastMed’s Eastern Region. “Adding great people to our company creates greater demand for our quality health care in each of our communities, growing our business which leads to job growth throughout all of North Carolina.”

Although FastMed accepts all major insurances, with North Carolina’s high number of uninsured, FastMed is growing due in part to their Discount Membership Program, which allows self-pay patients to receive affordable care at any FastMed urgent care location through a tiered rate system on certain procedures and treatments.

Another effect FastMed’s Urgent Care centers also have on North Carolina’s local job market is providing local businesses convenient, affordable and efficient 7 day-a-week occupational health services including DOT physicals, worker’s compensation, drug testing and X-ray services.

Information on FastMed’s employment opportunities, Discount Program and occupational health services may be found by going to and searching for that keyword.

About FastMed Urgent Care:
FastMed Urgent Care is a North Carolina-based owner and operator of urgent care facilities focusing on the delivery of non-appointment based medicine to the non-emergency patient market. In partnership with physicians and other healthcare professionals, FastMed operates 36 urgent care centers throughout North Carolina and in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona metropolitan areas. The urgent care centers are open 365 days a year and are staffed with experienced and licensed physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners. FastMed is owned by the Comvest Group. For more information, please visit


Pickerel Lake Recovery Center Says “Be Wary Of Waiting On The Sidelines – Recovery Takes Effort”

Pickerel Lake Recovery Center says that just going to treatment doesn’t guarantee success in recovery from addiction.

John Haines Executive Director of Pickerel Lake Recovery Center states, “How many times have we thought to ourselves that tomorrow will be better, that we’ll tackle this or that situation then, but we’re not quite ready now? Maybe we excuse our inability to do the hard work of recovery today because we’re giving ourselves an out, a plausible deniability – we think. But this sitting things out and waiting on the sidelines for something to happen is more likely to backfire than it is to do us any good.”
And further suggests, “After all, nothing good was ever accomplished by allowing the moment to slip by. In fact, just the opposite is true. We often miss a golden opportunity by thinking it will still be there tomorrow. Not that doing good work of recovery won’t be just as good tomorrow as today, but putting off what we know we need to do doesn’t help with our commitment or our resolve to remain abstinent.”

In reality, everything done in recovery is important. It’s the discipline that is put into a daily routine and the resolve that is held fast that will enable people to look at the work of recovery in a different life. Instead of torture and taking away from one’s freedom to do they we please, they need to be retraining themselves to see a life in recovery as one of opportunity and progress. It may be a mindset that gets people off the couch or out from behind the desk to do what is needed to do for their recovery, but it definitely works.

The sticking point that many people have with respect to doing the work of recovery right now is that they are secretly afraid that it won’t work or that it will be too difficult or painful or that they just can’t handle it. Fear is a huge obstacle – but it can be overcome. How? For one thing, individuals in recovery need to talk over their fears and what they feel is holding them back from their recovery work with their sponsor or while in treatment, with their counselor. This is very much encouraged at Pickerel Lake Recovery. At Pickerel Lake Recovery Center it certainly won’t be anything that the counselors haven’t heard before. Likely he or she has personal experience with the same types of fears, and it is the idea at Pickerel Lake Recovery that who better to help guide people through the labyrinth of uncertainty and doubt than their counselors. Haines says. “All our counselors and therapists are in recovery themselves and for many years and they are not only educated and certified but they are also personally experienced in these areas and will be able to personally identify with ever one of our clients needs in those areas.”

John Haines himself is very instrumental in all aspects of the personal one on one counseling that goes on at Pickerel Lake and even states, “Remember that we are never in recovery alone. There are always others who are in it with us – our counselor, sponsor, fellow 12-step group members, our loved ones and friends. Yes, recovery takes effort. But it is so worth every bit of effort we put into it.”