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Earn a Masters in Social Work and Make a Positive Impact

The world has enough investment bankers and reality TV stars, wouldn’t you say? If your current career path leaves you feeling like you don’t make a positive impact in your community, consider earning a masters in social work. Social workers help improve the lives of others, and while the pay doesn’t allow for shopping sprees and fancy vacations, the field does offer more job stability and higher projected growth than many others at the moment. And options exist for those who did not study social work as an undergrad and who must continue to work full-time while making the career change.

For example, most masters in social work programs offer a 54-credit online program that encompasses the knowledge typically learned at both the undergrad and graduate level. A program such as this typically takes two years to complete.

When researching programs, look for masters in social work courses at the undergrad level such as:

Generalist Social Work Practice: Individuals, Families & Groups — Such an overview of general direct practice will focus on the social systems framework, values and ethics. This course, for example, would not be in a masters in social work track for those who have studied social work at the undergrad level, as the information already would have been covered.

History of Social Welfare Policy & Services — Students explore the history of social work up to its modern state, looking at programs and policies aimed at areas such as poverty and social injustice.

Generalist Social Work Practice: Organizations & Communities — Just as the above generalist course focused on individuals, families and groups, this one will extend the study of framework, values and ethics to larger groups as a whole.

Human Behavior and the Social Environment: Social Systems — Unlike with generalist social work practice courses, courses that concentrate on human behavior and the social environment look at social systems as a whole first, instead of individuals and small groups. In this course, students will explore the theoretical foundations of human behavior at the group, organization and community level.

Human Behavior and the Social Environment: Individuals & Families — This course builds on the above social systems course, bringing the theories down to the individual and family level, from conception to death.

Social Work Research I — This course will cover social work research methods typically learned at the undergraduate level, such as quantitative and qualitative research, plus learn how to design a social work research project. Ethical standards also will be introduced in masters in social work courses such as these.

Field Education and Foundation Integrative Seminars 1 — These two masters in social work courses should be taken together, as the knowledge and skills acquired so far must be applied in a hands-on field experience that builds practical values, skills and knowledge. Masters in social work students work with a local social work agency and report to a licensed master social work practitioner.

Additional masters in social work courses will complete the work typically done at the undergrad level and move into advanced study of issues involving children, adolescents and families, with additional fieldwork putting the theory into practice.

When researching online masters in social work programs, also look for a robust learning system that allows you to complete all of your coursework online, with the exception of fieldwork. You also should have as access to teachers outside of regular coursework, just as you would in a traditional on-campus program. Access to fellow students in the online program also proves important to your career change, as they also will serve as industry contacts throughout your career in social work. Online programs should have a robust forum and chat system that allows students to meet and communicate with each other throughout the semester.

As mentioned above, while earning a masters in social work will not likely lead to a six-figure salary, you will have expanded career opportunities. Employment of social workers as a whole will grow by 25 percent overall during the 10-year period ending in 2020, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Projections Department. Also consider specializing in health care social work, as it will grow by 34 percent during that same period as the baby boomer generation enters the senior citizen population. Mental health and substance abuse social work also will see high growth at 31 percent, with the trend of courts sentencing drug offenders to treatment programs instead of jail continuing.

Best wishes to you as you consider a career change and find the right online masters in social work program for your situation.

Betty Moore advises provides career counseling for both college students and working professionals. She often recommends online degree programs, as they allow for the best balance of life, work and study.

Help to resolve disputes by taking part in Mediation Training

Would you like to help a couple that was going through a painful divorce using proven Family Mediation solutions? Are you caring and compassionate, would you like to use skills that were taught as part of Mediation Training to good effect in the future? If so, a course of Mediation Training could prove vital. Not only will it provide you with skills and knowledge that can be of great assistance to a couple that are currently going through divorce proceedings, mediation could be used for couples that have separated and want to try to work through their differences.
Conflicts can and do arise during relationships and you could be working as one of the many mediators that have undergone successful Mediation Training to assist parties that have problems in the future. Strengthen your skills with Mediation Training that’s been designed to help families that are experiencing relationship issues at the moment.
It’s good to talk
Family Mediation offers a fabulous alternative to couples that don’t want their separation to spiral out of control. Having undergone Mediation Training you could provide a couple with an invaluable service, assisting them to reach mutually agreeable outcomes. Your Mediation Training would enable you to encourage couples to explore other options to settle their disputes. Once you have taken Mediation Training you could assist families with a range of issues during controlled and confidential discussions.
Mediation Training is rewarding and it provides essential support for families that find it hard to overcome a whole host of differences.
What are the common issues raised during Family Mediation?
Professionals that have undertaken Mediation Training help couple resolve a wide range of issues. Mediation Training is a useful platform that covers a host of topics relating to breakdowns in relationships.
As a trained mediator you could host discussions about care and access to children, financial settlements or matters relating to property. Your Mediation Training gives you the skills to help couples reach peaceful conclusions they find their own answers to problems and make arrangements that suit both parties.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to help others through difficult periods of their lives? You could with comprehensive Mediation Training delivered by a proven training provider.

BP Industries has a selection of ball joints that are as affordable as they offer supreme ingenuity

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Best Locksmith Training for Aspirants

Before we get into the details of locksmith training let us first have a look at what is locksmithing. This is the art and science of making and breaking the locks that secure buildings, rooms, cabinets etc. These locks are used to lock our property and other possessions to make it secure. It is not easy task to be a locksmith. The locksmiths work day in and day out and their work is really regarded as a hard and sweaty work. If you wish to become a locksmith, you need undergo the locksmith training and after passing out the tests, you will be regarded as certified locksmith.

The locksmith training industry truly has a vast knowledge to offer. The locksmith courses are designed in such a way that it is easy to understand for everyone. A university has locksmith courses on offer. The university is called the Locksmith Training University. This university offers the best training resources in the industry. This university is currently ranked as number in providing the online resources to be a skilled locksmith. This university’s website will not charge you a penny for the course that it will provide.

When you are taking the locksmith courses the first lesson that you will learn is the responsibilities that a professional locksmiths should have. The responsibilities of a professional locksmith include key making, new lock system installation, lock fixing, picking, repairing etc. From these courses, you will get to learn how to use the specialized lock reading systems. You will learn how to use different molding machines that are used to create or copy the locks and keys. If a security firm hires you, you will get on-the-job training, which will surely help you to become an expert in this field.

Best Ideas For Organizing Corporate Hospitality Events

The corporate life style has become very hectic and it is important to organize corporate hospitality events in regular interval of time. It is the best way for the employees to rejuvenate their productivity and get rid of the daily stress. Moreover, corporate hospitality events are good for better relationships among employees and it may even act as the jackpot holiday gift for the busy people.

Sports Events are the most cherished corporate hospitality activities and you can hire corporate hospitality services to arrange for you. Sports events are suitable for casual outings organized in offices. Some of the major outdoor games that you can enjoy involve car driving, quad bikes, hover rafting and much more. Moreover sports events enhance the feeling of being a team and working together for the same goal.

You can even get along with some entertainment activities for corporate hospitality events, which may include games, casinos, and puzzle activities. It will encourage the employees to use their skills in something other than work and you can encourage participants with appreciation trophies. It will take the stress out of the way and everyone will be comfortable with it.

Quiz events are preferred by all the generations and it is apt for any hospitality event. You can organize quizzes, which may be related to work or your company itself. Award price to the winning team and make sure that the main emphasis is to perform well as a team and not as individuals.

The main key ingredient of corporate hospitality parties is to keep an element of surprise, so it is important to avoid repeating activities. Make sure that everyone is participating in the events and you can come up with your activities. You can even consult corporate hospitality services for any requirement.

Approach Professionals To Organize A Corporate Team Building Event

It has been proved repeatedly that unity is the key towards success. As a business house owner it is extremely that you develop a sense of unity amongst your employees. Therefore however tight the schedule may be you must leave aside certain days that for activities related to team building. These special days can be referred to as team building days. Normally over the weekend you can look to organize these special activities. These events are really precious. Hence they have to be planed carefully.

It will be prudent if you can approach professionals in this regard. You just cannot afford to organize events where people bored. Hence something exciting will have to be dished out. These professionals will crack their brains hard to come out with unique ideas to develop a sense of brotherhood amongst employees. These team building days can range from indoor to outdoor events. If your team has a craving for adventure they can even do the needful. These professionals will interact with you at every stage to make sure the occasion is a grand one. The atmosphere within office will undergo a sea change the following day.

The main advantage of a corporate team building event is that this is probably the only place where the lower staff gets to interact with top management. The effects of this interaction are huge. It has a positive rub of in the office. The corporate world is a place where there is cut throat competition. The work pressure at times can be demanding. These events can be viewed as an occasion to relax and have fun. Each department can be divided into teams and you can organize matches amongst various departments. Therefore if you feel you all is not well within the office you can always complement the idea of organizing such events. Professionals will crack their brains and discover unique ways to celebrate.