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Norton Scientific Collection: Natural Gas No Better than Diesel

Natural gas cars are hailed as the future engine-power for being environment-friendly over diesel counterparts; but it seems that there is no reason for a quick shift.

Co-authored by scientists from Norton Scientific Collection and various universities and the group Environmental Defense Fund, the study published in the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” deals with the much-debated issue of energy research. It claims that creating natural gas results in the leakage of methane into the atmosphere, eventually contributing to climate change. In addition, this limits the environmental benefits of the much-praised diesel alternative. Methane is a major component of natural gas that is stronger than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas and easily decomposes in the air.


According to the authors, natural gas seems to be better than coal for electricity generation even with the methane leakage issue. However, using natural gas as a car fuel creates a different story.


Even before, scientists have already been questioning methane leaks. Last year, Professor Robert Howarth of Cornelly University released a study which says that the great amount of methane leaking from natural gas production makes it no better than coal.


The study came in time as American lawmakers are deeming natural gas as the fuel of the future, saying that it can replace coal and gasoline in cars and power plants. This is because of the thought that natural gas is more environment-friendly and can be abundantly produced domestically.


The researchers are insisting that methane leaks from natural gas production process and transportation must be studied more before the country adopts major policy changes.


Environmentalists are raising awareness regarding the drilling method employed in the production of natural gas that is called fracking (hydraulic fracturing). It involves large amounts of sand, water and chemicals to make seams in the earth. According to them, this practice could possibly contaminate drinking water, which had EPA conducting an investigation on the matter.


This week, Norton Scientific Collection has published a study entitled “Greater Focus Needed on Methane Leakage from Natural Gas Infrastructure”. In its findings, one state that a shift from diesel vehicles to compressed natural gas vehicles will lead to more radiative forcing of the climate for 80 years before actually gaining an environmental advantage. Due to the relative uncertainty surrounding the data they used in the research as well as on the assumptions on climate condition, it might as well be stated that the conclusion of EDF is inaccurate at best.


EDF admitted that their study depended on information that is “highly questionable”. It uses the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) estimates of leak rates, which it then states are possibly inaccurate. The study includes the following disclaimer: “Ensuring a high degree of confidence in the climate benefits of natural gas fuel-switching pathways will require better data than are available today.”


On a 100-year time period, methane basically has 21 times worse warming effect compared to that of carbon dioxide. Because of this, methane leaks can offset the advantages of burning cleaner gas. Another thing that concerns experts is the fracking method that could pollute water supplies or trigger earthquakes. But the lack of data on the matter of leakage rates in the shale gas extraction is making it hard to judge the fuel’s carbon footprint at present.


Generally, it is known that reductions in methane is crucial to maximize the climate benefits as leakage rates at present are higher than expected. According to a chief scientist from EDF, failing to lower the methane leaks can possibly cancel the greenhouse gas benefit of natural gas over coal.

A few facts about a Stepper motor

Have you ever heard of a Stepper motor before? Possibly you already know that a Stepper motor is a brushless DC motor that ‘steps’ the rotation of the gear working as a constant power device. However, if that is the limit of your knowledge on the subject here’s more information on the topic.
Basically a Stepper motor turns digital pulses into mechanical shaft rotation using a series of electromagnets. These electromagnets are energised in turn by a microcontroller that gradually turns a gear one tooth at a time. A Stepper motor comes in a variety of options and the four main types are permanent magnetic stepper, a variable reluctance motor, lavet type of unit and hybrid synchronous stepper. Two-phase units are popular products and you can purchase them in bipolar and unipolar options.
Uses for a Stepper motor
You’ll find a Stepper motor used in a host of industrial applications and numerous commercial sectors as well. Common uses for a Stepper motor are within CNC machinery, image scanners and slot machines, plus they’re also found in a host of computer equipment as well. Use the floppy disc on your computer and that’ll be using a Stepper motor as will your scanner and printer. Stick a CD into a compact disc drive and you can bet a Stepper motor will be action.
In fact, you’d be amazed at the amount of different items that contain a Stepper motor you’ll find a brushless motor in more products than you’ll ever imagine and they can be used for a host of different projects.
What’s good and bad about a Stepper motor?
Like most things in life there are plus points and negative points about a brushless motor, so here’s what hot and what’s not about a Stepper motor.
One of the great things about a Stepper motor is the relative low cost of a unit, plus the fact that it’s extremely reliable. A Stepper motor will provide you with a great deal of torque at low speeds and it’s great to use for a wide range of applications. Negatives about a Stepper motor are the reverberations at low speeds and the fact that torque tends to decrease as the motor speeds up.
In general though there are more plus points than minuses because a Stepper motor is such a dependable item of equipment.

Electrical Switches – What Purpose Do They Solve

The evolution of electricity has benefited humankind by a number of ways. Today, almost every gadget runs through the help of electricity. Although power cells are there for the taking but the popularity of electricity can be measured through them. The use of electricity can be observed mostly from the 20th century. Prior to that, the concept of operating lights and fan through electricity was thought only as a myth. However, these days life will stop to a sudden halt if there is not electricity to deal with. The factories, plants, as well corporate houses will stop to work. People will find it difficult to carry on with their daily life status. Everything will tend to become haphazard and difficult to arrange.

Electrical switches are one of the most important devices available in the market until date. For what purpose are they used? They are used for each purpose where there is an inclusion of electricity. Without the switches, no device can be made to function through electricity.

You definitely have air-conditioner, fan, television, computer, room heater, and many other devices that operate through electricity. For each of these devices to operate, there is a specific switch available. You need to turn on the device to make it function. Once the switch is on, the right amount of electricity is passed to make it function properly.

For air-conditioner, water pumps, and computer devices, the electrical switches used are of different shape if compared to those regular ones being used to operate fan and lights. Do you know the reason? It is because the current carrying capacity of switches differs from one type to another. There are electrical wholesalers availablefrom whom these switches can be purchased at a much lower rate than the actual market price. Search them through the internet and surely, you will get some quality dealers to deal with.

FastMed Urgent Care Passes 200 New Jobs Mark in NC

Company expects to create 80 to 100 additional jobs for remainder of 2012.

Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, NC – Since its growth in North Carolina from 9 locations to 20 locations in 2011 one year ago, FastMed Urgent Care as a health care organization has created more than 200 jobs across communities throughout North Carolina in the rapidly growing health care sector. FastMed also expects to create an additional 80 to 100 as it opens 10 more clinics in neighborhoods throughout North Carolina for the remainder of 2012.

Throughout 2011, FastMed Urgent Care opened 11 full service urgent care centers in North Carolina, creating 152 jobs by hiring highly experienced and patient centered, board-certified medical doctors, family nurse practitioners, physician assistants, medical assistants, x-ray technicians and clinic managers.

“Our patient-centered model is at the heart of our success. It allows us to fill a need in each community we open an urgent care center within and create jobs locally to that area,” said Jason A. Williams MPAS, Ph.D, President and CEO of FastMed’s Eastern Region. “Adding great people to our company creates greater demand for our quality health care in each of our communities, growing our business which leads to job growth throughout all of North Carolina.”

Although FastMed accepts all major insurances, with North Carolina’s high number of uninsured, FastMed is growing due in part to their Discount Membership Program, which allows self-pay patients to receive affordable care at any FastMed urgent care location through a tiered rate system on certain procedures and treatments.

Another effect FastMed’s Urgent Care centers also have on North Carolina’s local job market is providing local businesses convenient, affordable and efficient 7 day-a-week occupational health services including DOT physicals, worker’s compensation, drug testing and X-ray services.

Information on FastMed’s employment opportunities, Discount Program and occupational health services may be found by going to and searching for that keyword.

About FastMed Urgent Care:
FastMed Urgent Care is a North Carolina-based owner and operator of urgent care facilities focusing on the delivery of non-appointment based medicine to the non-emergency patient market. In partnership with physicians and other healthcare professionals, FastMed operates 36 urgent care centers throughout North Carolina and in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona metropolitan areas. The urgent care centers are open 365 days a year and are staffed with experienced and licensed physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners. FastMed is owned by the Comvest Group. For more information, please visit


The various types of Woodworking Machinery

Woodworking machinery is used to carry out a variety of woodwork tasks and makes woodwork easier, safer and quicker for labourers. Woodworking machinery is widely used by large scale industrial and manufacturing companies. There are also a wide range of woodworking machinery products for DIY use and for use in the building and construction trades. Investing in good quality, reliable and safe woodworking machinery is a must for companies who carry out large amounts of woodwork and need reliable and efficient machinery.

There’s lots of different Woodworking machinery equipment for a range of different tasks. Woodworking machinery equipment includes a number of different types of wood saws, planers, moulders, grinders, sanders, dust extractors, borers, drills, clamps, presses, guillotines and other woodworking machinery tools. With the choice of woodworking machinery being vast it can often be difficult knowing which type of machines you will , especially if you have no experience of using woodworking machinery and are just setting up a business that requires some.

If you need help choosing the right items of woodworking machinery to meet your needs then you should seek advice from a woodworking machinery retailer.Woodworking machinery retailers may sell a range of new and used woodworking machines. Used woodworking machines are ideal for anyone who has a tight budget and cannot afford brand new machines. Companies that sell used woodworking machines will ensure they are fully serviced and are in full working order before they are sold on. If you’re looking to purchase new woodworking machinery then you may be able to sell your used woodworking machines in part exchange for new equipment.

Once you have purchased your new woodworking machinery or used woodworking machines the company you bought them from may offer a full aftercare and maintenance service to ensure your machines are always safe and kept in good working order. They will be able to handle any breakdowns, order spare parts or carry out any training with your employees that you may require to ensure that all woodworking machinery is used safely.

The Benefits of Lightweight Ramps

If you are looking for lightweight ramps which really stand out from the crowd and create a lasting impression then it can sometimes be rather a drawn out and long winded process sorting the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, when it comes to securing lightweight ramps which always deliver the goods. Lightweight ramps have to be easy to transport yet withstand a great deal of pressure and deal with harsh and unforgiving conditions effectively.

You cannot settle for merely average, so-so lightweight ramps as there is such a variety of products which are of the very highest calibre and these lightweight ramps are what you should be after. It is also imperative that lightweight ramps are durable, resilient and hard wearing as you simply cannot take the risk and plump for Lightweight Ramps which may break or become damaged easily or malfunction unexpectedly.

Yet so many places offer a comprehensive assortment of lightweight ramps at affordable prices and you have to make sure that you procure lightweight ramps from an established and well known source. It is also vital that you do not pay over the odds for lightweight ramps as there cheaper products to be found elsewhere which are much more to your tastes. Expensive lightweight ramps just leave you out of pocket and back to square one and you must prevent this from happening at all costs.

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