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Why India for Liver Transplant ? Liver Transplantation New Delhi India

The various reasons why to choose India for Liver transplant are:
1) Affordability, Cost Effectiveness and Value for Money: Finance is the most important issue while considering liver transplant and cost effectiveness in India allow many liver failure patients to avail this life saving treatment i.e. liver transplant. In India liver transplant service is lowest as compared to any other country.
Countries In Dollars $ USA, UK 250,000 – 314,000 CHINA 65,000-70,000 INDIA 40,000-60,000
2) World Class / Excellent Quality & Care which match International Standards: Hospitals in India provide the best Healthcare across the world. All our hospitals which offer liver transplant are certified by International Health Accreditation Authorities like JCI

3) Treatment on Time / No waiting lists: A Patient can get treatment from the first day that he or she lands. You don’t have to wait for your liver transplant operation. Once recepient’s and donor’s health evaluation is completed, you can be assured of the services on time.

4) Experienced, Skilled and well-qualified Doctors: Liver Transplant Surgeons / Doctors in India have a higher patient exposure ratio due to population explosion. It helps them learn enormous expertise in the area of their respected fields. Indian doctors are considered to be the best in the world for their high level of surgical expertise evolves from many years of training.

5) Post Operative Care: Dedicated Post-transplant care and Specialized Post-Transplant Management accelerate the health recovery. The Patient has no problem as staff is Fluent in English/Hindi/Punjabi speaking.

6) Technological Advances Equipment: India is at equality with developed nations in world class technology. The reputed hospitals have state-of-art equipment and world class infrastructure.
7) Culture, Hospitality and Heritage: India’s culture make them the most Patient friendly. India has always echoed culture and hospitality. Foreigners really feel the difference as compared to other parts of the world. Care and love is the symbolise India. India is a land of tradition and customs which reflects in the attitude and approach of the people. 24 hrs Helpline for Liver Disease patient and those in the need of Liver Transplant 0091 9266777585

8) Staff – Patient Ratio: India has a huge pool of medical experts, practitioners, para-medicals, transplant coordinators. The number of staff taking care per patient in India is much higher than other developed countries. So patients in India receive a more Personalized touch in treatments and approach than most other places in the World.