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3 Tips for video editing in iMovie for iPad 2

iMovie for iPad 2 has been available in the App Store. Unlike the first iPad, you can edit short films with the iPad 2. this is a good news to iMovie and iPad fans. This fun, fast, feature-rich app is designed especially for Multi-Touch. Editing by touch involves some gestures. You must be frustrated in the whole editing process if you don’t know these Multi-Touch gestures.
So the following listed 3 tips on how to edit video with the imovie for iPad 2.

Tip 1: Split Up
Selecting part of the clip you need from the browser is at best a rough guess, and you’ll then have to trim your footage further once it’s in your project’s timeline. The most obvious way to do this is by selecting the clip and dragging one of the yellow handles that appear on either side of it. Unfortunately, this isn’t an exact process and it’s all too easy to overshoot and accidentally remove the part you really wanted. Thankfully, there’s a much more precise method: drag your clip left or right until the playhead is exactly where you want to cut your clip. Next, tap on the clip to select it then swipe your finger down over the playhead: your clip is cut at that exact location and you can now discard the unwanted portion.

Tip 2: Clip Rotation
If you’re planning on shooting with your iPad 2, you may get frustrated by the fact that unlike your camera on the iPhone or iPod touch, the controls insist on being at the bottom of the screen. This means that when you’re holding it in landscape, the record button is nowhere near any of your fingers. To get around this, you could hold it in portrait, hit the record button and turn it ninety degrees to shoot your scene, but this creates another problem: just like the other iOS devices, the iPad 2 uses its accelerometer to determine your shot’s orientation, but this takes place only as you tap on the record button. This means that if you used this method, all your shots would be recorded in the wrong orientation. Thankfully, there’s a solution: add the clip to your project and move the playhead over it. Once there, place two fingers over the main preview section (top right of the interface) and do a rotate motion with them: your clip will rotate ninety degrees in the direction your fingers were moving.

Tip 3: Jump and Zoom
The timeline is where you build your edit. Place two fingers on it and move them away from each other to zoom into it, and bring them closer together to zoom out so you can see more of your project in one go. Most of the time however, you’ll want to be fairly zoomed in so you can do precision work which is where swiping left or right to get to the start or end of your film can get frustrating, especially if you’re working on a long project. There’s a quick way around this though: tap and hold anywhere, on either end of the timeline. After a second, you’ll be moved to the start or end of your project – depending on which side of the screen your finger was on.

Now you can shot a video and have a try. It is notable that swf files cannot be imported to iMovie directly. When find a more attractive swf video, you could convert swf to mov and import the mov video to iMovie for editing. Also you can convert swf to flv and upload these swf files to youtube.

How to convert Flash SWF to QuickTime movies on Mac OS X

How to convert Flash SWF to QuickTime movies on Mac OS X

As small files for displaying entertaining animations, SWF file can be played by the Adobe Flash Player, working either as a browser plug-in or as a standalone player.
And with the available plug-in such as Adobe Flash Player or Adobe Integrated Runtime, we can easily open SWF file in Apple Safari, even many of today’s smart phones support SWF in their web browsers.
How about QuickTime?
But for Apple, they claim that SWF is a closed, proprietary format. As well as Apple’s iPhone didn’t support SWF, when we try to open SWF file on QuickTime the following message will be showed:
“Error-2048: Couldn’t open the file SWF.SWF because it is not a file that QuickTime understands.”
QuickTime used to support swf files limited to SWF version 3 or swf version 5, but it won’t work on newer SWF files such as Macromedia SWF Version 7 or the version above. To solve this problem I’ve downloaded the latest QuickTime Perian 1.2.2 for Mac from but regretfully it won’t work as SWF is also out of Apple’s consideration this time.
Since the Perian can’t assist QuickTime to play SWF smoothly, you are forced to find a useful app to convert SWF to QuickTime MOV and luckily Doremisoft Mac SWF to QuickTime Converter is right one that can achieve it.

How to convert SWF to QuickTime on Mac OS

At the very beginning, you should download and install Mac SWF Video Converter.
Step 1: Add SWF file
Click “Select File” button to load .SWF Movie into the program. Alternatively, grab .swf files on the web.

Step 2: Choose QuickTime MOV as output format
Click the lower right arrow of “Profile” button, roll your mouse to “Common Video”->MOV-“QuickTime (*.MOV) as the output video format.

Step 3: Convert SWF to QuickTime MOV
Hit “Next” for entering the conversion interface, continue to press “Start Conversion” button to begin converting SWF to MOV. Remember to push “Finish conversion” to confirm its ending point.

Perfect way to play flash SWF on Mac programs like QuickTime, iTunes, iDVD,etc

Doremisoft SWF to MOV converter for mac is the is an ideal choice for Mac users to convert flash SWF format files to Mac compatible MOV format to play with QuickTime Player or import/edit the flash SWF files with iMovie, Final Cut Express(FCE), Final Cut Pro(FCP).

Except for that, SWF to MOV for mac can also convert SWF files to all popular audio formats, such as MP3, AAC, FLAC and AC3 Audio etc.

How to convert SWF to FLV for Youtube On Mac

Some friends who have fun from creating their own animations with Pencil desire to upload the finished work to Youtube for share; while others who enjoying making video by Jing also expect to post the created videos to Youtube for more praise. Unfortunately, those animations and videos created by Pencil or Jing can not be accepted by Youtube though they are also flash.
The reason lies in the differences between flash SWF and FLV. As a matter of fact, Youtube love flash video only FLV at current, however videos made by Pencil or Jing are often saved as SWF format. Therefore, you are essential to convert SWF to FLV if you want to upload SWF files from Pencil or Jing to Youtube.
Doremsoft SWF to Youtube Converter for Mac is an ideal shareware to convert SWF to FLV for Youtube on Mac. SWF to Youtube converter for Mac easily convert SWF to FLV without lose quality. The feature of SWF to FLV Converter for Mac is that it not only turn SWF file from Mac to FLV, but also convert on-line SWF to FLV after auto-snatch at specific video as long as a web address of SWF is provided for this program.

How to convert SWF to FLV for Youtube

At the beginning, please make sure to download, install and run software SWF to Youtube Converter for Mac on Mac.
Step 1. Import SWF file to program-Mac SWF Converter
Step 2. Set output format as FLV

Step 3. Begin to convert SWF to FLV on Mac

Step 4. Set a destination for output FLV file

SWF Converter for Mac is specially developed for Mac users to convert SWF files from YouTube, MySpace, Hulu, Dailymotion etc video-sharing sites to various video file formats such as AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, MPG, FLV, DV, MKV, RMVB, RM, etc for playback on your iPod, iPhone, iPad, PSP, etc.

How to convert SWF file to FLV for Youtube on mac os

Your private blog on MySpace need display flv video, so you download some good ready-make swf flash and manage to upload it to the page, after you’ve upload the flash to the website, it turns a error as can’t convert the .swf , so it can’t be displayed.

What’s the reason?

SWF is not only a video, it’s much closer to a program. Therefore SWF movie of some minutes (in duration) may have very small size. At the same time FLV At the same time FLV is just a video, so the longer your movie the bigger its size is. And our most video share website like YouTube, or MySpace’s best uploading format is flv. So it’s necessary to find a useful toolkit to decompile swf flash to flv then it can be uploaded to our website smoothly.

Doremisoft SWF to FLV Converter for Mac is a feature rich and powerful tool SWF to FLV converter, which enables you convert SWF flash into FLV files with good quality and complete elements. Moreover, it can also act as SWF downloader assist you download SWF flash or animation online from a webpage. The tutorial bellow I will show you the details of the versatile toolkit.

How to convert SWF file to FLV for Youtube on mac os x lion?

Step1: Install and run the Mac SWF to FLV Converter and open to the main interface.

Step 2: Add SWF file to SWF to FLV converter for Mac
There are two options to add SWF file to the converter.
1.To add SWF file from your computer harddisk, please click “Select File”;
2. Need add online SWF file comes from webpage please click “Grab SWF”. Shown the following screenshot:

Step 3: Set FLV as output format.
Click the small arrow of “Proile” then pop out a window, go to “Common Video”>”flv”, then the output format is setted as flv successfully.

Step 4: Start Convert swf to flv mac
Follow the above interface to hit “Next” to enter the following window and then click the button “Finish” to begin converting SWF to FLV mac.

About author:
I have a Nokia 5230, I always use Doremisoft SWF to Nokia converter for mac, which support to convert SWF to Nokia compatible video format MP4, 3GP, 3G2,MPEG-4 as well as more fashionable formats such as AVI, WMV, FLV, H.264,DV, HDV etc for Apple editing application and other portable devices.

How to Convert SWF flash to 3GP/3G2 for Mobile Phones

Do you own a Mobile Phone?
Do you hope to play video on your Mobile Phone?
Does your Mobile Phone support 3GP?

Most guys will say Yes, in our daily life, 3GP is new popular format and widely used by Mobile Phones. And more and more people like watching videos on portable devices like Mobile Phones or Smart Phones. But most time because the limitation of 3GP format, people can not watch splendid videos on the Mobile Phone, say SWF, which is a wide broadcasting flash on website but we can’t play it on our Mobile Phone freely and easily.

For this puzzle, Doremisoft offer you the best solution to convert SWF to 3GP Mac successfully with the brand-new SWF to 3GP Converter Mac, which will release you to enjoy the website SWF on all kinds of Mobile Phones with right video resolution, image quality and perfect sound element.

Tutorial of converting SWF to 3GP video:

Firstly, free download and run the SWF to 3GP Converter Mac

1. Select SWF to the program
You can either load SWF from your PC hard drive directly or Grab from website on-line.

2. Do video and audio setting.
Here advice you set the resolution to the highest if the original SWF file resolution is not very high.

3. Choose the right 3GP format for outputing. See the screen:

4. Start the SWF to 3GP Conversion on Mac OSX
There are two button “Pause” and “Finish”, press Finish to start the conversion.

Doremisoft Mac SWF to 3GP Converter is a handy toolkit than can perfectly convert SWF flash to 3GP (3GP & 3G2) video files compatible with common mobile, smart phone like HTC, Nokola, Blackberry , Gphone, Palm for playing or enjoying. Besides, this SWF to 3GP Mac application is developed to encode SWF to m4a, mp3, wav, aac, ac3, amr, mp2, flac, ogg, aiff, mka audio files for Mp3 player or DIY animation making audio dubbing.

This SWF to 3GP Converter Mac is an economical and powerful tool for converting SWF to 3GP for all kinds of phones and output superb image quality and sound quality.

Special Bundle Software Is Delivered By Doremisoft For Thanksgiving Day 2011

The national holiday of United States, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November every year. God has given us so much – flowers and trees, mountains and rivers, sun and moon, fruits and vegetables, skies and stars. We admire them and relish them, but we hardly take time to thank God for all He has given us. At the same time, they thank God for his benevolence.

At the day, besides family gatherings and holiday meals, the chief highlights of the Thanksgiving festival are stuffed turkeys as the main dish on the dinner table, with pumpkin pies as the desserts, apart from giant balloon decoration, holiday parades and Thanksgiving gifts. Talk about Thanksgiving gift, Maybe you are the kind of person who like to record the memorable moments of the special Thanksgiving Day with famous camcorder, Afterwards, you perhaps would want to have all those collated into one spectacular movie clip to share with your family and friends, or want to play camcorder video on the popular tablet, or want to upload the camcorder video to website home page, Here comes one issue concerned video format that maybe spoilsport, so why not have some smart gift idea to solve the video transferring problems before Thanksgiving Days’ coming.

Now Doremisoft Software Studio has launched a Thanksgiving special offer activity and want to offer people the greatest discount on special package software that can make all children and family fully enjoy the Thanksgiving day for more music or movies made or edited by Doremisoft software tools, and can maximize the portable devices uses, you can visit here:

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