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Pass the CPA Exam With These Helpful Tips

Passing the CPA exam may be a frustrating task, particularly if you have heard of the multitudes of people that have had to take more than one section multiple times before ultimately passing the CPA. Below are several CPA exam tips that have helped me in the past, and I’m quite confident that they will help you also. You will pass the CPA exam, eventually – it is inevitable unless you give up.

1)Obtain the Correct Outlook
Passing the CPA is by no means easy. This is a great undertaking that will call for a lot of tenacity and time in order to succeed. Numerous people fail several sections multiple times before ultimately passing all 4 sections of the CPA exam. Ready yourself for the likelihood that you may fail multiple sections before passing them, and accept that as a normal part of the process of getting your CPA. Then again, you’d want to remind yourself of past achievements that serve as solid validation of your capabilities, e.g. getting your college degree. Countless other people have studied for and passed the CPA exam ultimately, and you also will.

2)Request Assistance From People Around You
Trying to pass the CPA is not an easy project, but you won’t need to go about it by yourself. You should request assistance from your friends and family members by explaining to them the reason why you want to get your CPA and how time-consuming and difficult this project is. If they are supportive of what you’re doing, they may assist you with some of your present duties (for example chores such as cleaning & cooking), and will understand if you can’t make it to every social gathering.

3)Be Physically Healthy
Poor health has harmful outcomes on concentration, which in turn can greatly impact on your ability to think & study. Eat a well-balanced diet, get sufficient exercise, and most importantly, sleep for a minimal of six to eight hours each night, and take an afternoon nap if you must. As Well, don’t forget to schedule regular study breaks – they’ll assistance you to avoid feeling burnt out, and will also help you to absorb knowledge more easily when you resume after the study break. Preparing for the CPA exam can be quite a battle. In order to pass the exam, you need to keep both your body and mind in great condition.

4)Get a Reputable CPA Exam Review Program
Some of the better CPA exam review programs available on the market today are equipped with DVD lectures that clarify hard-to-understand concepts so much better than textbooks ever could. The best CPA exam review programs even include a list of practice exam questions for you to focus on, that have the highest likelihood of being found on the actual exam. The top CPA exam review programs offer live support that you can call to ask for further explanation on the study materials, and get answers and detailed clarification from live instructors. Without question, investing in a good CPA review program can drastically shorten your exam prep time and increase your odds of passing the CPA exam.

5)Find a Study Buddy Or Two
Locate people who are also preping for the exam in your geogrphical area and invite them to study with you. has a forum where you can post or answer to a request for study partners. Set up a strict schedule and ask everyone to commit to it by putting studying ahead of other obligations. Study buddies can help you to stay focused, and two (or three) heads are better than one when it comes to solving tough questions or problems. When you’re feeling frustrated, your study buddies may just be able to give you the emotional support you need to keep at it – after all, they’re in the same boat as you and should understand how you feel.

6)Concentrate on One Section At a Time
People find it overwhelming when trying to tackle all four CPA sections at the same time. There’s simply too much material to cram into your brain at the same time. A more manageable way would be to only focus on one single section at a time, pass the exam for that section, take a break, and then start studying for the next section etc. Another piece of advice would be to go for the hardest section first (the one that is hardest for you – this will vary from person to person), because once you pass your first section, you only have eighteen months to pass your other three sections. Getting rid of that hardest section first will minimize your chances of running out of time and having the 18-month window expire on you.

7)Concentrate on Difficult Areas
Although reviewing materials you know well will make you feel good, it likely won’t help your exam scores by much ultimately. To get the best ROI (rate of return) for your study time, spend it on learning material you have the most trouble with. Browse through all of your learning materials, identify your problem areas, and stay focused on them until you’ve conquered them.

8)Taking Notes is Important
It is crucial to take lots of notes when you’re studying, so that you’ll have something to study from during the last few days before the actual exam. Because you’ll be using mostly your short-term memory during the exam, materials you study during those last several days will be remembered best on your exam day. This small window of time is simply not sufficient for you to study all your materials from beginning to end, so be sure you have a comprehensive set of study notes that you can cram into your short-term memory during the last few valuable days before your exam.

9)Use a Timer
While you’re doing practice problems, time yourself like you’re actually doing the exam. This will train yourself to work under pressure and better prepare you for the actual exam. Moreover, by getting used to being timed, you’ll be less likely to panic on exam day when you have trouble answering a question.

10)The More Practice the Better
Do as many practice questions as you can, for as many times as you have time for. By doing so, you will understand the materials better, and also feel more positive about passing the exam – both of which will help increase your actual score!

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Pass the CPA Exam By Choosing a Good CPA Review Course

A CPA review course can be indispensible to a student who’s preparing for the CPA exam. An useful review course will minimise study time as well as maximise the possibilities of successfully passing the CPA exam. With such a large number of different courses on the market today, it can be tricky to pick the one that best fits both criteria above. Some of the things you should think about when deciding on a CPA prep course are listed below.

1) Course Materials

Different courses are taught by different instructors, each of which will have an unique style of teaching. You should be on the look out for courses that are taught by instructors who are capable of making the toughest concepts easy to understand. Also note that the best instructors will make their lectures as efficient as possible by allocating more time to explaining the harder concepts and less time on the easier ones. Some courses offer samples of their lectures for you to view or listen to, so that you can get a feel of the lecturing style before deciding whether to buy the course or not. Alternatively, seek out online forums where other CPA-hopefuls gather, to read about their experiences with the various CPA courses, before making your final purchasing decision.
As well, the lectures can be made available through a range of media,e.g. live or recorded webcasts, CDs, DVDs, and/or USB. The portability and accessibility of the media the study contents are available in should be taken into consideration when evaluating a review course.

Also, when trying to decide on a review course, be certain to note any expiry dates for the course contents. Some questions and simulations software will become disabled at a certain time after activation. As well, some courses have lectures that are only made available to a student for a certain duration before the access expires. The best sort of course materials and software is the type that does not need access to the internet to view or use, and therefore doesn’t expire. If you must purchase the type that does expire, make sure that you’ll have ample time to digest the materials before it expires on you.

2) Practice Questions

Practice questions offer an alternative way to make sure students know the key ideas and are able to retain them. They help make it easy to retain through use of practical real world examples.

When it comes to practice questions, some CPA review courses take a complete overview by making the student do every question that has a minute of showing up on the CPA exam. While this may be the safest approach, it can also be quite time-consuming. Most students usually run out of either time or patience, or both, and never get around to completing many of the sample questions, meaning they are not fully prepared for the exam.

On the other hand, there are those review courses that do not offer sufficient sample questions to adequately prepare the student for the exam. It is far from ideal.

The best CPA review course will focus on the most probable questions likely to come up in the exam. This can be done by checking previous exams to identify questions that appear the most frequently. This will ensure the highest rate of return for the student’s study time by allowing the student to focus on areas that will probably matter the most.

3) Student Support

All CPA review courses offer some level of customer support. If ask questions and prefer speaking to instructors over the phone, then choose a review course which offers that service. Some courses offer limited student support while other courses provide email support. Other courses provide online message boards and forums to allow students to interact with lecturers and with each other. Obviously, you need to check whichever course you decide to buy offers the right level of support suitable for your requirements.

4) Frequency of Updates

Due to changes in accounting-related legislature amongst other things, CPA exam study materials need updated to reflect the changes on a regular basis. Some review courses update more frequently than others, so be sure to take this into consideration when choosing a course.

Something to consider, that has previously been mentioned, is cost. However, considering the typical substantial pay-raise that is experienced by many people after they become CPA-certified, it is advised that you choose a CPA review course based on quality and assistance from the instructors, rather soley on the cost. Bear in mind it is probable that one or more of the sections results in failure if the 2008 Uniform pass rate is anything to go by – the average pass rate was between 47.49% and 49.10%. You will not want to re-study for and re-sit sections of the exam just because you decided to save some cash through buying the cheapest course available.

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5 Purposes Why Everyone is Picking out Yaeger CPA Review

Yeager CPA Review, a great number of people are unknown with it and may be you are also one of them and want to know about Yaeger CPA review course. Actually it is a specific and well designed course for CPA exam and it was first introduced by Phil Yaeger. He passed this CPA exam on 1977 and he followed a particular course for it. He started his own coaching class for CPA exam and now it is known to be Yaeger CPA review. It started its initial journey with 13 students only but now it has become a big name. Now you might be wondering why The Yaeger CPA review only?
Yes, here I am going to show you 5 most critical points.

Excellent Passing Rate

The Yaeger CPA Review program has been offering 88% passing rate throughout the time. This exam is really tough and overall passing rate is only 55% and considering this fact, it could be an excellent reason to go this program. It implies that almost 9 out of 10 students can pass this program with no difficulties.

Best Study Approach

The entire training program is designed in a very methodical way. It comes with a series of pre recorded DVDs. The training method is more like an old school but there is really nothing worry for.
Actually it means, a number of very efficient teachers are providing the training on the white board to their student. It is completely diverse from other Microsoft power point voice presentation. It gives the detailed training. The entire CPA course is getting harder day by day and that is why it is really important to understand the concept first and here you will realize the advantage of Yaegers training program. It always provides the best product to their students.

Excellent Customer Service

The training program is really well known for its amazing customer service assistance. If you ask any question over the phone or mail then you will get prompt answers. You do not have to hold off for a week in order to get next writing class. It is truly a big help because after multiple waiting days, either you have figured out the correct answer or else lost the interest to know the answer. It saves you from a big waste of time and efforts.

Kind to CPA exam Retakers

It is range of pre recorded DVDs and it is no limits for any kind of accessing or viewing. But most of the training providers have their own restriction and it makes the ultimate difference with this course. You do not have to pay a single penny in order to view the entire course again and there is no specific rule to fulfill home works or attendance to get this benefit.

Excellent Price

The big benefit for going to this course is that it offers very sound price as compared to others. It is most affordable than other advised course because it has no big budget marketing ventures that other institutes have.

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CPA Classes – Which One is the Best?

If the intention is to pass the CPA licensure exam and do well, then you need to think about signing up for the top live CPA instructional classes. Even so, there are lots of students who are having trouble getting the classes which are ideal for their needs. Quite a few components should be considered in order to make sure that you’ll select the most notable live CPA classes so that you can pass the examination with no trouble. Those variables that you really should think about are highlighted below.

The first thing that you should consider are the types of course materials which will be used during the training along with those live instructional classes offered. Most courses provides you with work sheets which are extremely valuable in preparing for the CPA exam, however the study course that you’ll be attending should also give you books and additional resources that you’ll be able to utilize to better prepare yourself. Make certain to investigate the resources being provided so that you can ensure that these will really help you to get ready for the entire coverage of the CPA exam. It will considerably better if you’re going to choose a course that will provide free access to those resources after enrolling to the course to ensure that less funds are going to be spent for preparing for the CPA exam.

Whenever you think about taking live CPA instructional classes, you ought to select classes which will permit you to work together well with your teachers. Schedules need to be well organized for you to understand how much time is needed for every session.

The amount of experience of the instructors ought to also be considered so that you can examine their proficiency with the subject matter. In most cases, these instructional classes are taught by a few of the best CPAs who have quite a few years of experience in the profession and are hence quite familiar with what it takes to be a CPA, as well as the content of the test which you’ll need to pass.

The most essential thing which you should think about before you enroll in this live CPA exam preparation classe, is that their programs should have provided the very best results for their students. There are a great deal of programs to choose from including Lambers Live Classes program, the Becker Live instructional classes program and the Roger Live Classes program.

While attending live courses is one way to start getting yourself ready for the CPA exam, an alternative choice which is always well worth taking into consideration will be to try out CPA home study courses which enable you to prepare yourself for the CPA exam. For lots of, this kind of practical learning atmosphere is going to be fairly effective and perhaps a lot more suitable for them when compared with getting enrolled with live courses.

One terrific DVD program is the Yaeger CPA review course. Make sure to check it out since based on many, this is one of the very best courses that you could avail in getting ready for the CPA exam.

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CPA Review Books – Which One Is The Most Beneficial?

If you’re hoping to finish your training to be a CPA by get yourself ready for your CPA examination, then it might really help to improve your chances of passing the test by obtaining some great CPA review books. If you do your research on-line, you’ll be able to find suggestions from CPA students regarding which books have assisted them (or not), and the benefits and drawbacks of each. Try to find websites in which review books can be found at economical costs. Be sure to do sufficient research to ensure that you wind up buying good quality CPA books which will actually benefit you.

If you are trying to find a good CPA book, you have to fully understand that lots of reduced materials can easily be located by browsing online CPA exam discussion groups as well as CPA exam discussion boards. Many times successful CPA candidates sell books they don’t have any more. By participating in these boards, not just will you get access to some wonderful discounts on books you have, however you’ll also be able to interact with a great deal of individuals which can be of assistance during your quest to becoming a CPA. You could also get reassurance, answers and proper test approach from fellow candidates.

If, however, you prefer to get brand-new books, then you can hunt for them in your local bookstore, online booksellers for example, or websites of certain brands of CPA review books such as Becker, Yaeger or Roger. Rates vary from store to store, from website to website, and occasionally even between the same company’s physical store and website. You’ll find differences in price listings of these books determined by individual desire of a shop, site, or both. Some booksellers give on-line rate reductions that are not available in store. Be a wise buyer by checking out the prices first from various sources.

Specific CPA review courses offer DVD classes to match your training needs, as an alternative to reading materials. The majority of the more well-liked CPA review courses come with classes on DVDs as well as CPA review books that contain practice questions. A good example of a great CPA review course would be the Yaeger CPA Review Course, which has got the very best reviews and ratings among students who have used it in the past. Whether you’re trying the CPA examination the 1st time, or failed one or more parts, the Yaeger course will significantly enhance your likelihood of passing. If you’re tight on time, or if you have failed a section previously, then consider Yaeger’s cram courses that can help you to cram very last minute to perhaps boost your score by 15 points. Regardless of its quality, the Yaeger program is startlingly one of the least overpriced when compared with other CPA review programs in its class. If you would like study more efficiently and boost the probability of passing the exam, then you should definitely consider getting the Yaeger course.

The Roger course is an additional instance of a favorite CPA review program. It utilizes an unique method of engaging and alluring the student’s attention through its course content, since mostf students who have tried it attests. Live classes are recorded and featured as on-line courses; also a request can easily be made for courses via mail in the form of USB course. The Roger CPA review course is also highly recommended by several of its pupils, so make sure you look it over.

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CPA Exam Schedule – The Guidelines

The state board of accountancy is the one that assesses your readiness to go ahead and take the CPA examination. If they believe that you’re ready to take the examination, a Notice to Schedule or NTS will be sent to you. It’s only after you have received an NTS which you’ll be able to schedule your CPA examination. After you’ve received this notice, you’ll be able to make contact with Prometric Services so that you can schedule your time for one of the parts of the CPA exam. You’ll have to select the date, the time in addition to the place for the exam. You could also schedule the exam via the internet or even through the telephone.

Each and every year, you have 4 testing time periods which you’ll be able to select from. There are January and February, April , May, July , August, October and November. The exam days is dependent upon where you are and the availability of the testing times. Some areas have the CPA examination available six days each week, making it easier to schedule a time which meets your needs.

You will select which of the 4 parts you want to write. It is easy to do any of them in any specific test window, however if you fail an area, you cannot re-sit for it in the same time window. There is another rule that is applicable to those who take the CPA exam: you’ve got eighteen months to pass all four sections, the clock will start ticking from the moment whenever you pass the very first section.

Instead of taking numerous sections in the same window, it’ll be much better to spread them equally. It’s of general consensus that you should study for three months to get ready for each section, which causes it to be an awful idea to take more than one section of the examination in one test window, unless you have recently graduated from college and still remember the majority of of the material that you’ve learned.

Since you only get 18 months to pass all of the parts of the exam, it would be a great idea to take the sections that you find the most hard to start with. You are the only one who can identify which among the four sections is the most difficult for you. The best approach would be for you to think about the sections and then get them organized in order from the most hard to the least difficult. If regrettably, you failed one of the 4 sections, reschedule it immediately to the following window. By which, what you learned continues to be fresh.

The examination for future CPA’s is distinguished for its complexity. Generally, the pass rate for the CPA exam is low, hovering around 40 to 50%. However, enrolling into a dependable CPA review course is going to be useful for you because this can help you simplify concepts which you find it difficult to understand, also, this can help you respond to some questions which will also be raised during the actual CPA examination. Deciding on a great CPA review course provides you with more chances of passing the examination with only one take, so be careful in choosing the suitable review course for you.

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