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Red Lobster: Endless Shrimp is Back

Red Lobster is offering their famous Endless Shrimp special for only $15.99, and shrimp fans can be heard rejoicing all over the country. Red Lobster is very famous for their delicious shrimp dishes, and they’ve given customers a reason to come in droves to their local location for the Red Lobster Endless Shrimp special. For around $16, you can literally get “all you can eat” shrimp in several types. Don’t forget to get plenty of butter on the side unless you’re getting their breaded, fried shrimp, where you can have shrimp as they serve it down South. Don’t miss this opportunity to get Endless Shrimp at Red Lobster!
Types of Shrimp Offered at Endless Shrimp Red Lobster
Red Lobster has developed several recipes for delicious shrimp dishes. Always using their famous wood-burning grill or other recipes, they are renowned for delicious shrimp and lobster. Let’s take a glance at the types of shrimp that “the Lobster” offers on this very appealing special.
First, they offer classic hand breaded fried shrimp. Anyone who has family from the South knows that this is a favorite way to eat any type of seafood, and it’s a delicious dish to eat when they are dipped in either cocktail sauce or ketchup. It’s based on the style of shrimp found in Calabash, NC, where fishermen would take their catch, clean the fish and dip them in batter and deep fry.
Next on the menu on the Endless Shrimp at Red Lobster tour, we have another classic method of preparing shrimp: garlic grilled shrimp. These are simply amazing, as garlic goes so well with shrimp and most seafood items in general. These come with a delicious garlic butter sauce that is simply to die for, so don’t forget to dip those shrimp in it! They go wonderfully with Red Lobster’s garlic cheese biscuits, also called Cheddar Bay biscuits.
Creamy Shrimp Linguini is another staple of the Red Lobster Endless Shrimp parade. Luscious shrimp served in a creamy sauce with linguini pasta is a sure-fire way to please the masses. Shrimp and cream sauces go together so well, and you can even go with alfredo sauces. So good!
Next we have grilled garlic shrimp. Yes, it’s very similar to the standard garlic shrimp mentioned above, but Red Lobster uses their famous fire-burning grills to sear and cook these little morsels until tender and delicious. More garlic butter or your choice of sauces can be brought out to accompany it. Nothing beats a good fire-grilled dish of seafood.
Last on the Red Lobster Endless Shrimp cavalcade is is the new, savory Parmesan shrimp. This is the newest addition to the Endless Shrimp line, and it’s a total hit among guests. The bits of Parmesan along with the shrimp are scrumptious, and honestly, this is probably the first of the line that I’d try if I were there now. They are all great, though, so I’d probably try them all! Grab your Red Lobster coupons and find your local restaurant for great food at a great cost.

I am a seafood lover and coupon saver. Visit my Red Lobster coupon site for more deals. Don’t miss the Red Lobster Endless Shrimp value.

Student Loans in a Rough Economy

In today’s harsh economy, student loans are a burden that most middle class Americans must bear in addition to other obligations. They are a nagging, consistent hole in which most of us have to sink a few hundred dollars per month for years on end. Recently, the costs have become so burdensome that some are riding the coattails of recent Wall Street protests and calling for a complete subsidization or removal of all student loan debt to help spur on the economy. Of course, this is an absurd request for most logical minds. We all voluntarily read and happily signed documents knowing full-well what the terms were when we began college. It does, however, exemplify the pains being felt by many Americans in this turbulent economy.

In Texas, a November 8, 2011 ballot initiative will ask voters if they are willing to let the state of Texas to issue bonds to finance student loan programs. Of course, this isn’t a new tax, as officials are quick to point out, but simply the offering of bonds that citizens can purchase that will feed money into an aching academic loan program. With grant money increasingly tightening, the state has shown a need for money to keep these programs alive. Other states will likely follow.

A recent look into student loan defaults in Ohio showed dismal results. More and more students are defaulting on their loans, which is another reflection of the tepid economy. Ohio went from being ranked only 33 in student loan defaults in 2008, to ranking 28 in 2009 and 18 in 2010. The national student loan default rate is 8.8 percent. One tech school in Ohio had a 22 percent default rate. These are alarming numbers indeed. A representative of Franklin University stated that those who are most likely to default on their loans are those who quit school early. So making sure one is at a school that fits well and in a program that can be reasonably completed is critical.

Some people turn to bad credit loans to try to educate themselves and get a better paying job. These loans can occasionally render the individual even further in debt, particularly if the student quits before graduation. Of course, if the student can finish school and actually acquire a new, better-paying job, then a loan can actually help rebuild credit. Typically most subsidized lenders are very willing to work with people, and if a borrower has issues repaying the loan they can get into a deferment or forbearance plan that will protect the borrower’s credit.

In conclusion, new students should carefully read and seriously consider all terms when signing a loan contract. Students should also be sure that the school that they are attending is right for them, and they should ensure that they have a realistic chance of completing their course of study. Finishing college, whether two-year or four-year college or otherwise, is critical. Finishing school and landing that dream job can greatly ease the pain of nagging student loan payments.

Christine and Jason are former students who still bear the burden of student loan payments. They contribute to a student loan forbearance site. Check out their site on Student Loan Deferment.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide for Teeth Whitening

Hydrogen peroxide is a safe and alternative way to not only clean your teeth, but over a long time it will whiten your teeth as well. Hydrogen peroxide teeth cleaning can be a very inexpensive method of keeping your dental hygiene up while killing germs in your mouth. It’s actually recommended by the U.S. government as a method of treating gum inflammation and trench mouth (see below to links). A daily routine of using normal, run-of-the-mill hydrogen peroxide teeth care is very easy and inexpensive. Remember: a bottle of the standard 3-6% solution of hydrogen peroxide costs less than a dollar at most pharmacies and super stores such as Wal-Mart. It’s not the best method for teeth whitening, but as an anti-septic, it’s excellent.

Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Cleaning: How to Perform It

There are a few ways that you can incorporate hydrogen peroxide teeth care into your daily regimen. First, it’s a good idea to clean your toothbrush before every use with hydrogen peroxide. Pour it on the bristles and wait a few seconds for the foam to develop. Rinse this off and you’re all set to brush. This effectively kills the germs on your toothbrush that remain from the previous brushing and any other germs that it come in contact with.

Incorporate Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Cleaning In Your Brushing
Some people with mint allergies actually brush their teeth with a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. This has been a method of of cleaning teeth for years, and it’s perfectly safe. Remember: the key to using hydrogen peroxide teeth care is to NOT swallow the solution, and to not leave a high concentration of the solution on your teeth for extended periods of time without a dentist’s care. Most store-bought solutions (you know, the brown bottles) are not high enough to do any damage to your teeth or gums unless you keep it in contact for extremely long periods of time. Think about it – if you kept actual mouthwash in your mouth for hours, that’d probably do damage as well. Just be smart about it.

Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Care: Using it as a Mouthwash
Using your homemade hydrogen peroxide teeth care mouthwash solution, which is a mix of half store-bought hydrogen peroxide and half water, simply swish it in your mouth for about 30 seconds, as you would if it were a store-bought mouthwash. This will help whiten teeth over time and also kill any germs that may remain after brushing.

How Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Care can Cure Gingivitis

Since hydrogen peroxide teeth care kills germs that cause gingivitis, a regimen involving the solution can help cure gingivitis. In fact, several U.S government health websites advise the use of at least swishing with a hydrogen peroxide solution to make sure that you keep your mouth as germ-free as possible.

Using hydrogen peroxide daily in a safe manner can effectively curb gingivitis and other germ-based dental illnesses. Its effectiveness with regards to teeth whitening is unclear. Some users say with long-term use, it can whiten teeth gradually, as long as you use percautions and do not over do it.

Christine is an advocate for dental health for children and adults. She contributes to a Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening site. For more information on Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening, check her site.

How Dual Monitors Allow Stock and Futures Traders An Advantage

Dual monitors, in principle, have been around for quite a few years now. Graphic designers, engineers and traders alike have been using the setup to maximise monitor real estate for many years. Dual (or more) displays lets you extend your computer desktop and allows you to become a “power user” who may have many apps open and visible concurrently. Most people have noticed images of professional traders utilizing countless monitors. They may seem silly, and several most likely are born not by necessity but by vanity, however multiple screens can certainly offer you a more complete look at the markets. A few good-sized screens enable you to surround yourself with information that is instantly accessible by simply turning your head. In the event the markets are unstable, this can be a vital necessity for any serious trader.

How Dual Monitors Display More of the Market

When you’ve got one monitor, it is likely you have one or two charts up. You’ve got your order entry window up, then maybe some table-based scanner. Because you have these on one screen, they are most likely teeny enough to fit but also small enough to be difficult to read when the time comes. You’ll also most likely have several applications minimized, and when you need these, they must be manually maximized. When split second decisions are necessary, this is just too much time and too much work. Several screens make it possible for quite a few programs not only to run together, but they enable you to run them all in a manner you can view.

For instance, when you have a few screens, you may have 2 displays focused on charts. One monitor shows the futures contracts you find attractive with lots of space for your preferred indicators. Mac-d, moving averages — these kind of indicators fit your monitor easily and enable simple viewing. Your second monitor could show your favorite stock charts in a similar setup. A lot of people show the exact same specific symbol on several charts, every one displaying a different time interval and/or indicator group. Recognizing a stock’s pattern of movement both in long and short time frames will help you to make critical choices with a lot more useful information. Your third monitor can display your order entry screen and maybe your preferred cable television financial news channel. You can find feeds of those channels both free or for a little fee, and with dual or triple monitors, they fit seamlessly in your workflow.

Dual Monitor or Triple Monitor Suggested Setups

When setting up your multi-monitor trading pc, keep a couple of of these ideas in mind:

You’ll choose the same exact graphics card for every set of two monitors, so ensure that the selected card facilitates a pair of displays utilizing formats your monitors work with (DVI or VGA plugs)Your pc’s power source and fan have to be sufficient enough to power and cool these kind of hardware improvements
Horizontal configurations are less complicated to observe than top to bottom, as vertical configurations require continuous up-and-down head motion
Focus on just 2 monitors. If you need more, go from there. There is no need to leap straight to 3 or even more displays if it’s not required
Conclusion: Trading With Multiple Monitors

Dual or triple displays boosts your market awareness when it’s time to make those quick, significant trading decisions. Begin with 2, then keep adding them until you’ve found the best number. Way too many screens will be a distraction and lead to neck strain. When you’ve found the correct number, nevertheless, dual screens (or higher) will serve you greatly in trading plus in general productivity.

Russell and Jason are stock and futures traders who enjoy writing about technology and the markets. Visit their dual monitors website for more information about trading setups.

Can a Low Carbohydrate Diet plan Help Individuals With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Lose Weight?

Back in the early and middle 2000s, there was a huge “low carb” dieting phenomenon that swept the country, so you’ve probably heard of the concept of low carbohydrate dieting.. People had abundant success using the diet, however it came with a bit of a backlash from some. Some health professionals argued that the body needed more carbohydrates. They said the low-carb (low carbohydrate) diets contained an excessive amount of protein, and that it was dangerous for the kidneys. While the diet wars nevertheless continue to this day, a low-carb lifestyle has actually been advised by many renowned institutions when done properly and involves plenty of vitamins and minerals.

PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) sufferers, in accordance with a Duke University review performed back in 2005, will benefit greatly from a reduced-carbohydrate diet program. This may be very good news for the millions of women who suffer with this disease. Not only does PCOS make shedding weight even more challenging than normal, but it could affect fertility. Merging this information with the disposition for PCOS victims to have diabetes issues makes checking out the low carbs way of living extremely efficient. PCOS, diabetes and infertility problems can all be lowered with healthy weight reduction.

Duke University’s Study on PCOS

The Duke research had 11 ladies who had BMI (body mass index) numbers of over 27 to consume a maximum of twenty grams of carbohydrates for six months. 20 grams is a very low number. This is the equivalent of staying on the Atkins Diet’s “Induction” phase for the entire six months. Anyone who has been on the Atkins Diet realize that the induction phase, which limits dieters to 20 carbs daily, is a hard diet to stick to. On the other hand, a number of dieters thought it was simplest, since the food choices were so minimal. Some snackers, however, found the lack of variety challenging to handle.

The benefits were not simply to lose weight but to assist with the patients’ fasting levels of insulin. Blood insulin management is a key part of anyone with diabetes. Low-carb diets have been recommended for years for those with diabetes.

The Final Results of the Study and its Prospects for PCOS Weight Loss

The results were very positive. After six months, the subjects not only lost weight but improved fasting levels of insulin. This is excellent news for those looking for ways to maintain levels of insulin steady the whole day. Diets low in carbohydrate food can do exactly that, according to this research. Not only is this directly great for diabetes purposes, but proper insulin levels (no spikes) can reduce the urge to eat and benefit fat loss.


When we consider these findings, what conclusion are we able to draw? It’s possible to safely assume that levels of insulin are usually drastically improved and leveled by increasingly reducing carbohydrate intake. Since a woman with PCOS probably issues with diabetes, this is a tremendous way to help alleviate those symptoms. Fat loss is the enjoyable byproduct of the diet plan. Because lowered weight helps the body deal with PCOS symptoms, the effects are snowballed – shedding pounds is likely to make it simpler for you to lower your weight. Sure, it sounds easier than it is actually, but with the proper knowledge and support, just about any woman can win their battle to lose weight with PCOS.

Christine is a mother of three beautiful children and has battled PCOS for a few years. She contributes to a PCOS Weight Loss Success site. Check out her PCOS Weight Loss site here.

How Pittsburgh and Syracuse Being Added to the ACC Makes Excellent Basketball Sense

College athletic conferences normally expand to include additional teams to improve its football power. Conferences do this because football is one of profitable collegiate (and professional) sport in america. So, as soon as your collegiate conference has big-time football teams in it, your conference reaps far more money in TV contracts and tournament funds. So, once the Atlantic Coast Conference (the ACC) determined recently to expand to include Syracuse and Pittsburgh, football reputation was undoubtedly a motivating component. Both of these teams have great basketball reputation, however, and their addition to the ACC is an excellent move for the schools and also the conference as well. ACC mainstays UNC and Duke, on the other hand, typically have difficulties with additions to the conference, because as basketball power-houses, they feel the addition of more “football schools” has a tendency to dilute the league and show a football-focus.

For those that do not know, the ACC is a group of college sports programs on the East Coast which compete and work together in both athletics and, from time to time, academics. There are numerous other conferences in the usa, such as the Big East, SEC and Big Ten. Normally, the addition of a team reflects its geographic location. These conferences are created to create a regional collection of teams for each school to compete against. This can save funds on traveling fees and develops local camaraderie. Another purpose, however, is to have a more substantial bargaining force to obtain additional money-making television agreements for the display of the conference’s sports. Football, which happens to be arguably the most popular spectator sport in the country, produces the most income for a conference.

So, there are lots of causes for an inclusion of additional squads. But at the end of the day, there is a new phenomenon that is occuring in the world of collegiate athletics. The days of the tiny micro-conference are numbered. An increasing number of schools are jumping ship from lesser groups to what have become “super-conferences.” This movement is going on regardless of the modest protests of a number of fans who like the fact that there are several conferences contributing spice to the nation’s college athletic competitions. They think that these large, robust conferences will take control of the landscape and push away smaller universities and conferences. Despite those fears, because conferences like the ACC will be including new universities and in all probability more down the road. They simply have to expand or risk eradication.

Older ACC institutions like the University of North Carolina and Duke University, each incredible basketball powerhouses, have typically opposed conference expansion. Many speculate the cause for the resistance is the idea that conference growth puts increasingly more focus on football. This concern has some merit. Fortunately, however, schools such as these are starting to come around to the concept. They are simply understanding that the age of the super-conference is here to stay. Frankly, conferences eat or get eaten in this environment. It’s much better for the ACC to “eat” various other conferences and expand than to remain small, and risk dropping teams.

Regarding what both of these new add-ons bring to the conference, they bring both football and basketball tradition and competitiveness. Syracuse is a well-known basketball university that has a large recruiting sway in the New York City vicinity. Pittsburgh, while lately producing very competitive basketball teams, is renowned for its formidable football program.

Adding these two programs will positively contribute to the ACC in both sports. Basketball will gain two solid squads, and also the football side will grow all the more than it has in the past few years. The future of ACC athletics looks excellent.

Jason and Bob both enjoy college athletics and basketball in particular. They enjoy teaching young people in how to shoot basketball. Also, view their website on basketball drills.