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Key Factors to Consider in Greeting Cards Printing

Do you know what key features will actually make that big difference for your greeting cards? Well, if you ask a greeting card printer, they will tell you that the materials will matter in developing greeting cards. Ask a layout artist about it and they will of course tell you that it is about the layout. Ask a photographer or graphic artist and they will say the images will make that big difference for most birthday cards and other custom greeting cards.

The truth however is that it is a mix of different key factors that make up the foundation of greeting cards printing and design. That mix of factors is the big features that actually make a difference in the look and feel of custom greeting cards. Let me explain to you precisely by discussing each of these factors so that you will know how to develop these feature properly in your wholesale greeting card printing.

1. The template – In any type of bulk greeting card printing, a base template is used to make the job easier. You should realize early on though that those templates will be the big determining factor for your greeting cards. They will decide the foundation of your layout, and all the other major design choices you have.

That is how important this element, hence you must be truly careful and thoughtful with what template you will be using. Never just use the most common template. Decide on what will be most appropriate for your chosen concept.

2. That personal greeting message – The message is the big “product” of greeting card printing. It is the greeting that will be communicated towards readers of course. How you compose that greeting will make a big difference in terms of the impact and reception of these greeting cards. Choose too safely and your greeting cards will become boring and generic.

Choose too wildly and people might think the greeting is too personal, too odd or just won’t be able to understand it. That is why you must compose this carefully and write something truly meaningful for the sake of your readers.

3. The highly creative greeting card design – Your design of course is also the big deciding factor in the success and failure of your greeting cards. The design mind you, is a combination of the graphics, photographs, font styles, backgrounds and overall design finish of custom greeting cards.

If you want it to make a difference, you must not only match the prevailing trends in terms of greeting card design. You should always try to be highly creative and innovate. Without that original and innovative spirit in your greeting cards, these prints will be bound to look common and boring. So work hard and compose your card designs to make a difference.

4. The distinct additional card feature – Another thing that will make a large difference in the design of your greeting cards is that additional distinct card feature beyond just the main design. For example, this can be a whole in the greeting card, or it can be clipped of corners, slits, extra folds etc.

Whatever that extra feature is, it will make a significant contribution towards the impact of these greeting cards. This is because it will make your cards more highly memorable and even worth keeping if this is done creatively enough. If you think you need your greeting cards to be extra special, then you should definitely note that concepts like these additional card features will make a big difference.

5. The quality of the paper and inks – Lastly, there is no doubt that the paper and inks used in greeting card printing play a big factor in the look, feel and overall reception of your greeting cards. The highest quality paper and inks are always recommended as they will make designs look more impressive. Use cheaper thinner paper and expect to also earn less than ideal reactions. That is the effect of the quality of the materials. That is why they also make a big difference.

Take note of all these when you design greeting cards. Knowing what makes the difference and composing them properly are the key factors in succeeding with these prints.

Mastering the Art of Bookmark Printing

Marketing has become so much tougher these days. With the introduction of the Internet, putting put a business has become so much easier and convenient. This has saturated the market; everywhere you turn, there are businesses selling all kinds of things. In turn, competition has become stiffer and stiffer. If you are a business owner seeking to promote your business, you need to look for unique materials that will help get your business ahead of the competition. You need to be creative and artistic with your materials so people will notice them.

But what if you are on a limited budget and you want to create a material that will let you stay visible to your customers and prospects for long. What material can you use? The simple answer is bookmark printing. Before you raise your eyebrows and argue that bookmarks do not fit your modern marketing strategy, you have to think of your goal. Did not your goal list include staying visible to your target audience? Well, if you consider the use and function of this material, you will see it value to your business.

Bookmarks have actually a simple function: to mark pages of books or magazines. Because they are meant to be used over and over again, they tend to stay with people for a long time. This gives you greater chance of making an impression on your customers and prospects. If you want to master the art of bookmark printing, here are some tips worth considering:

1- Make your message relevant. Custom bookmarks are meant for long use. They will be kept and reused over and over again. This makes it important to come up with a message that will make an impression on your customers. From the texts to the comma placements and everything in between, careful attention should be given to the way you structure your message. Remember that it will stay with your customers for a long time, so you need to ensure your message make a mark on people’s mind.

2- Decide on the right design. Again, keep in mind that your color bookmarks are meant for long use, so you have to make sure you design them well. Use the perfect shape and size that will promote your image and leave you enough space to accommodate your message. Remember you do not have to overdo the design. You do not want to look too intrusive, so carefully pick the design best suited to your material and your business.

3- Flare it up with a custom design. Even though there are plenty of bookmark templates to choose from these days, it will be best if you opt for your own design. This will let you create a fresh and unique look that will bring out the best in your business. A custom design will also step up your campaign and make you look something fresh out of an oven. People will be curious with your design and eventually be encouraged to keep and even show your bookmarks to others.

4- Work with the masters. A little help from the experts will ensure you create the perfect bookmarks for your business, so do not hesitate to get their service when necessary.

The next time you need a material to reinforce your message or keep your business in front of people, you do not have to look further. Invest in bookmarks and you will easily achieve your goals of staying visible to your customers.

The Main Factors for Successful Calendar Printing

There are four major factors for calendars that will make the difference between its success and failure. Studying exactly what these are should of course help immensely with how you yourself print calendars for your specific goals. Do not rely on those calendar printers to dictate to you what is important as it is always a case with them to focus on the material parts of printing wholesale calendars.

We will list down for you here, those main factors that should make a big difference for your calendars. By focusing on developing and enhancing these features in your own desk calendars and wall calendars you will see how they contribute immensely to the performance and overall look of your cheap custom calendars.

1. The calendar theme and the market – Your decision for the theme of your calendar printing, and the target market for those similar cheap calendars will be the major determining factor for the success or failure of these prints. So do not just think that using the same old calendar themes and design formulas will work all the time.

Think about it carefully and make sure if your market and the market environment is ideal for your choice of theme. Otherwise, all your efforts will come to nothing if you let a wrong design them for custom desk calendars to be mass produced and wasted.

2. The photograph or image quality – Another big factor that determines the success and failure of custom calendars is the photograph or image quality in those layouts. This is obvious enough. If your images consistently are original and inserted using a high resolution source, then they will look pretty impressive, communicating the key emotions that the image has.

Using cheap, web images or clip-arts on the other hand will severely hamper your prints, making them look like amateurish and not worth keeping or buying. So take your photographs and images seriously for your calendar printing.

3. The extra content and features inside calendars – When printing desk calendars cheap, the extra content and features within the layout can be a big deciding factor in the success of this print material. Calendars of course are not just mere labels for days and months. They should also be key useful tools for planning and organization.

That is why many calendars have extra content and design elements to help with such activities. Without these extra content and features, your calendars will just become plain calendars, which have limited appeal. So realize now that those extra content will make a big difference with how people will be using your own custom calendars. See what key feature you can add to your own layout.

4. The quality of the paper and binding – Lastly, there can be no doubt that the quality of paper and the binding method used for calendar printing contributes a lot to the look, impact and overall durability of your color calendars. So you must decide carefully on your printing materials depending on your ultimate goal for these prints.

The higher the quality the materials the better of course, but you should always optimize your choices based on the key goal and the type of calendar you want to be producing. Study all the options you have in calendar printing and be careful with your choice.

Once you know the key features that will determine success and failure in calendar printing, it would be easier to direct your efforts correctly for the best results. Make sure you review the list above so that you know what to do to make a positive difference for your custom color calendars.


How to Make Your Business Envelopes Unique

Some business envelopes excel easily in marketing while other less than ideal envelopes just crash and get classified as junk mail. The factors that determine this go beyond the envelope printer who actually printed those envelopes. If we look at how people actually design and develop those discount envelopes, you will see that there are key factors that do make a big difference in the finished product.

If you want your business envelopes to of course always be on the successful side of the equation, it will be pivotal that you know about those correct key factors. Let me discuss with you, item by item the five major factors that do represent a big influence on the impact and performance of coloured envelopes. Learning about them will be a big help in how you should develop the features of your own unique business envelopes.

1. The envelope color – The color is a big deciding factor of your business envelopes. You should realize by now that white envelopes do not cut it too much these days, and more or less that option should be out for you, especially if you want to make waves with these cheap quality envelopes.

What will make a huge difference is if you go for more distinct colors that people do not normally see. Besides being totally visible and eye catching, they will also be more memorable, getting their content read easily. So realize now that you will want to decide on a good envelop color as it will mean big with regards to their visibility and performance.

2. The logo marker – The logo you place on your envelope printing designs does count a lot. It is where people measure the official nature of your business envelopes. They judge the authority of your business envelope through the quality and impressive nature of your logos and supporting images.

Hence, you will want to be careful in composing your logo markers for business envelopes. Make sure that you use high resolution full color quality logos and images so that even your cheap craft envelopes will look like they have the authority and trustworthy nature to earn the attention of your readers.

3. The text font style –The main content of most business envelopes is text of course. That means that the font style will make a big difference in how people will perceive these prints. Use old style fonts commonly used by amateurs and your envelopes will be branded as amateurs. Use creative styled fonts and they will of course consider your mails as more of a casual type print. Of course, if you use professional type web 2.0 fonts that will imbue a more modern sleek value to your prints. That is the power of the text font style, so decide on what you want to use very carefully.

4. The paper quality – Printing cheap envelopes online typically allows you to choose specific paper material options easily. This is a good thing because the paper quality and paper finishes will make a big difference on how your envelopes will look overall.

Use thin and rough paper and you will look cheap with these envelopes of course. Use thick and glossy paper and they might think it is another marketing type envelope print. So be careful as you choose your printing materials as they will have a direct effect on the impression of people with your envelopes.

5. Extra marketing headlines – Lastly, if you are the type of designer that uses extra headlines in business envelopes, you should realize that they can also be a big contributing factor in the performance of such prints. Using cliché headlines will probably work against your envelopes of course since people already read too much of those.

Use something very specific and targeted however directly for your goal readers and you will see that they will elicit more positive responses from your business mails. So take note of this as they will be a big determining factor in your campaign.

Now that you know the major feature that make a big difference in envelopes, hopefully you will take great care in deciding precisely how those features are developed and composed. Good luck!

Basic Aspects in Printing Table Tent Cards

There is only one chief cause why most people set off with table tent printing and that is receiving more business. Even after making use of these prints for more than several days, if you do not see any improvement in sales then there is some problem with the planning and printing of these trade prints for your business. There are some few elements that are very vital while planning these prints to make it work in your own favor.

To further enhance your know how about table tent printing, this piece of writing more often than not emphasize all those given aspects to help you get the most out of these things. All you have to do to is to read on below and understand.

a. The first element that you must always keep in mind is making use of an image that provides a wrong impression of the product or service. The image on it more often that not plays a very vital role in enticing all clients to purchase a given product or service. If the image is not emphasizing the product rightly, it can become a chaos. Always make sue of a professional image taker for you to get good quality images of your business products and services in an angle that most of the time attracts the clients to purchase it instantly.

b. The next aspect for the ignorance of tents by all clients is the offer itself. if most of you think that just emphasizing the product or service will lure in the clients then you are wrong. The offer has to be something that clients love to purchase the product. The offer must always be a special one. You can always provide some free items along with the business product or even provide the product on a discounted price to make all clients go for it.

c. Another vital aspect for the failure of making positive and great outcome by these tents is the printing quality. Who will take a look at a print that looks and feels cheap, wet, flimsy or damage? Nobody will even get tempted to even look at these cards. Thus, it is a must for you to make an extreme caution where the printing quality of these things is concerned. Always make use of the bets quality printing technology for you to always get the best outcome.

d. Correct positioning of these things is a very vital element that you must always keep in mind. Wrong position of these prints can be a complete spoiler. It is a must for you to be always careful, deliberate and precise while placing these prints. Always make sure that the table or four has a print that offers complete meal packages for four people and a two-chaired table have these prints that offer double meal packages. This will surely increase the sales of your special products and services.

e. Finally, the timing of placing of these table tent cards is also very vital. This more often than not happens if you have only one kind of these prints. What is the use of a print that highlights dinner offer during lunch timing or lunch offer during the time of dinner? These prints that advertise beer, cocktails and all other beverages in the morning time are useless as people like to drink only in nighttime.

Guidelines on Creating Drafts for Your Postcard

If you to this whole world of postcard printing, you might be experiencing some problems with getting your drafts accepted by postcard printing services. While certainly most of these firms will accept any kind of order, they will always advice customers as to the right settings for a design that will be ideal for their postcard printer. Believe me, these printing services are concerned with your designs as they would like to at least deliver to you similar postcards that professionals produce.

That is why for your custom postcard they will always require you to deliver drafts of at least a minimum quality ideal for full color postcard printing. Below, you will find the key characteristics and requirements needed in a design draft for printing premium quality full color postcards. Use this as a guide as you create your own design templates.

1. Get templates from the printer itself – To get your designs easily accepted for custom printing of postcards, it is a good idea to get templates from the printing service themselves. Since most of them require a certain size and shape for their machines, it would be easier for you to just use the templates they provide. Your design drafts should easily pass the first requirement for printing with no real trouble at all if you do this.

2. Review and check your margins and guidelines – It will be good to check your margins and guidelines in your draft. Some firms do not accept custom full color designs for postcards that have imperfectly formed margins and guidelines. This is because it can skew how the printing works, or just easily produce bad looking postcard prints unfit for publications. So check if you are using the right margins and guidelines, with your design features staying within the needed confines.

3. Adjust colors to CMYK – Many printing services will typically want to consult you back if you send them a draft with a color mode of RGB. This is especially true for typical four color printers because they use the CMYK printing process. When they convert your designs from RGB to CMYK some color changes may occur, leading to postcards that look not exactly the same as your original design.

To be safe and to save time, it is best that you do that easy conversion yourself so that you can adjust your designs accordingly. It is as simple as changing the color mode in your own design application.

4. Set images to high resolution – Postcard printing companies typically will give you back your drafts if your images are just in too low a resolution. This is because you will see pretty fuzzy postcard pictures if they were inserted in low resolution. So instead of getting that image from internet based sources, get to the most original and high resolution scans or the raw form in that digital camera. The higher the resolution the better.

5. Proofread text content – Of course, a standard practice in printing anything would be for you to proofread the text content. You do not want to mass producing your spelling and grammar errors. So make sure you triple check and proofread your text content to make sure they do not contain any gross errors in writing.

6. Provide all supporting materials for upload – It would be good to include all your supporting files when you upload your designs for printing postcards. This includes fonts, plug-ins and any other additional feature that the postcard printer needs to recreate your draft digitally in their end. Otherwise of course, they will not accept your order as the draft does not have the key requirements.

7. Provide different file formats of the draft – Lastly, as a safety measure, always provide different file formats of your draft. A zip file and an image file is usually recommended along with your own original document file for the postcards. This helps ensure that the postcard printer does receive your order properly with the required files along with their backup.

Combine all these practices and those postcard printing services will not have problems with any of your drafts. I know it requires an extra level of focus, but if you are really serious about printing postcards, you have to do this.