Low cost dedicated servers in Europe

A dedicated server is a server that you manage hardware careless, carefree Internet connection. It’s a rental . Engineering will provide a server in hardware and software configuration set on a monthly basis you can fully administer the server. Each Dedicated Server has included a class / 28 dedicated IPs. On request we can offer other configurations for servers. A dedicated server means you do not have acquisition costs do not sit carefully at the functionality of the server hardware and you will not ever call the warranty because we are obliged to resolve any issues may arise. Our dedicated servers are built specifically for clients with high preform applications, custom settings and high traffic volumes. Dedicated physical servers are assigned exclusively to one client. A dedicated server means increased security, flexibility, speed and stability. We offer high performance dedicated servers located in a modern data center in Bucharest – Romania where we operate its own network infrastructure and servers. From Cisco routers, which processes your data, to racks that are mounted dedicated servers, you certainly have made the best choice. You will benefit from the latest generation of HP and Dell servers , which offers performance , stability and reliability of the applications and your websites need. Please join our low cost dedicated server Europe offer in order to have best web hosting options, network power, reliable and stable hosting platform.

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