The Importance of Cricket Sight Screens

The cricket sight screens are one of the most important equipments that are used in a cricket match. The requirement of cricket sight screens is generally two in a cricket match. Both the sight screens are kept in the boundary towards both sides of the pitch. These cricket sight screens help the batsman to see the ball clearly against the background. No people are allowed to move in front of the sight screen while the match is in progress as it disturbs the vision of the batsman.

The cricket sight screens are generally of two colors – black and white. The black ones are used on the limited over cricket matches where the ball that is used is white whereas the white ones are used in the cricket Test matches where the ball that is used is red. The white cricket sight screens are more used since these are used in the club cricket matches as well.

Tarpaulin covers are very important thing that is used for covering and protecting the stuffs from water and sun. There are various types of tarpaulin covers available in the market. You can choose the one that suites your requirements. Tarpaulin covers used for different purposes have different density and thickness. The mostly used tarpaulin covers are the ones that are waterproof.

However, most of the tarpaulin covers are waterproof. The tarpaulin covers used for the transportation purpose is different than that are used for domestic purposes. The tarpaulin covers are also used in covering your boats when it is out of water and also your children’s sand pit at the backyard. There are many manufacturers who manufacture the tarpaulin covers and these are readily available in the market. Different types of tarpaulin covers have different price tags depending on the type.

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