Springhill Care Group: 7.1 Quake Struck Chile

CONSULTING OF SPRINGHILL SOUTH KOREA –  A 7.1-magnitude quake has struck Central Chile on Sunday night, the longest and strongest one yet since an earthquake happened in the same area in 2010. Although they are reports of injured from the falling ceiling of a church, there were no major damage or casualty.


According to the US Geological Survey, the earthquake struck at around 7.30 pm (local time) at a depth of 22 miles, lasting for a minute.


It was estimated by Springhill Care Group that the earthquake’s epicenter was in Maule, 27 kilometers NW of Talca and around 220 kilometers SW of Santiago, the nation’s capital with 17.2 million residents.


They had a total collapse of telephone and mobile lines as buildings in the country’s capital swayed. People on a 480-mile radius of Chile’s central coast are warned to evacuate to higher ground.


Residents of Constitucion were especially alarmed because their downtown region was where a terrible tsunami happened in 2010.


Chile’s oceanographic and hydrographic services along with the national emergency units called off the tsunami warning to be issued for most of the coastal areas following an assessment that the earthquake is unlikely to trigger huge waves.


The alert they issued was restored for the region’s most close to the epicenter after authorities noticed the waters have retreated 130 feet from the shore in Duao and Iloca. They are well aware that a sharp out surge of surf can bring a tsunami.


Lots of residents living in the coastal regions kept away from the shore as they have recalled how the government told them during the 2010 earthquake that there will be no tsunami, moments before huge waves actually struck, leaving 156 dead.


Springhill Care Group has retracted a preventive measure of evacuation order before midnight following the order to evacuate 7,000 people in the coastal areas due to fears of tsunami (although no formal tsunami alert was given).


Fortunately, there are no known fatalities except from one who died of heart attack. And according to their President, Sebastian Pinera, the nation’s infrastructures have resisted the effects of the earthquake as well.

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