Celebratory Parties – Get Ready For Any Occasion

There will be much to celebrate in the UK over the following months from the Olympics to the Queens Jubilee.  But then do we need a specific reason to celebrate with friends and family? There’s always a good excuse for a celebration from bank holidays to birthdays, weddings to sunny evenings  and any event in between! Plan a celebratory party and get ready for any occasion.


Even impromptu parties can benefit from a bit of aforethought and planning. Make sure that when guests turn up your event is well organised with tables set up, plenty of seating and food that is presented beautifully. That way your guests will appreciate your hopsitality and you can relax and enjoy yourself, too. Most of us own a dining table but with eating outdoors it may not be practical to use the table for buffets. Also whilst catering for many people we want to lavish lots of dishes for guests to enjoy and that may require more table space and perhaps little buffet stations in different places around the venue. There is a wide range of folding utility furniture that is ideal for catering occasions, either professional or home leisure led. These tables and chairs are easy to set up and  take down as required. They can be set in the most beneficial place and can display drinks, food, gifts and even photographs or mementos. When not in use these tables and chairs can be folded down and packed away in storage. The tables are easy to decorate, throw over a crisp linen tablecloth, add some flowers or drape with a  voile and dress with raffia or ribbon.

Get ready for any occasion with fold away furniture that will last for years – there is always a need for extra seating or tables at Christmas or when large parties come to dine. However, folding furniture is also ideal for celebrating on a bigger scale for instance at the Queens Jubilee street parties that are being organised up and down the UK or for celebrating the Olympics with neighbours and friends. Larger gatherings for weddings, birthdays and christenings can also be accommodated with the folding contract furniture range. And because the range is designed for the catering industry it is rugged and built to last and so should last for many happy celebratory parties in the future!


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