Dream Vacation in Budapest, Hungary!

Budapest became a global city due to industrialization. The city is home to the largest synagogue in Europe and second largest working in the World. The city is also proud at the largest medicinal bath in Europe (Széchenyi Medicinal Bath) and the third largest Parliament building in the world, once the largest in the world. The third largest church in Europe (Esztergom Basilica) and the second largest Baroque castle in the world (Gödöllő) are in the vicinity.

In Budapest there are forty theaters, seven concert halls and an opera house. Outdoor festivals, concerts and lectures enrich the cultural offer of summer, which are often held in historical buildings.

Faust Wine Cellar
Faust Wine Cellar in the Buda Castle District – close to the main sights of Budapest but far from the noisy world. You can complete your tastings with snacks eg. Pogácsa (a type of Hungarian savory scone with cheese on the top), cheese-selection or small fingerfoods from Hungarian sausages.

One of the most popular Budapest nightlife activities for visitors is dancing at large outdoor clubs or smaller “kerts” These include:
Bar Domby is known for being the best cocktail and absynthe bar in Budapest. It should be your first place to wet your whistle. Located on the corner of Anker koz & Kiraly, on Pest. Metro station “Deak Ter”. Open every day from 6PM.
There are a number of good places to dance near Blaha Lujza tér, such as Alcatraz and Old Man’s Music Pub.

Cotton Club Kévézo, on Jókai utca, puts on an old style cabaret (not drag) show with singing, dancing and a fire eater. The cost of admission is included on your drink bill at the end of the evening.

is an interesting city in that it was heavily damaged in WWII and its people have been behind the Iron Curtain until fairly recently. The city is thriving and the people are enjoying the influx of money from tourism. We found the Hungarian people to be somewhat guarded but friendly when we talked to them. They were very helpful when we asked for directions or recommendations on local restaurants. In fact, our best meals in Budapest were recommended by the locals.

Budapest Tourism and Attractions
The cities holds many historical treasures – and is an architectural gem, with wonderful buildings in barouque, neoclassical and art nouveau styles. The famous termal baths – not to be missed, parks, museums, pleasure boats, the list of what Budapest has to offer is endless, it is hard to be bored in Budapest.

The food and wine is excellent, and the city has a vibrant nightlife, with a varied outdoor summer entertainment.

Budapest is a popular tourist destination, with millions of tourist’s visiting the city every year and this city plays host to a large number of festivals, events and conferences. If you are planning to visit Budapest, Book Your City Breaks in Budapest. Please visit www.mybudapest.co.uk.

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