Water Damage causes over $1.3 billion in property damage claims every year, so be ready the Ontario Emergency Call Centre Restoration Environmental

Changing weather patterns are causing major water damage, this is the leading cause of all property damage claims in Ontario, be ready to call the Ontario Emergency Call Centre for Restoration Environmental’s REC Emergency Response Team at 1.800.894.4924 www.rechazmat.com

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Changing weather patterns and global warming are causing serious flooding and therefore major water damage insurance claims, this is the leading cause of all property damage claims in Ontario.

Water Damage is the new Fire and Mold is the New Asbestos!

Today, water is the leading cause of property damage in Canada and in USA. Losses related to water damage cost Canadian insurers and policy holders at least $1.3 billion every year. Water and flood damage caused by sewer backups can happen during intense rain storms when aging municipal sanitary and storm sewer infrastructure becomes overloaded.

UnNatural Disasters: Recently, there were mud slides in Collingwood, and flood waters in Peterborough, and in the last two years, proved to be another record-breaker for weather-related events. Severe weather across the country caused personal suffering and tremendous economic losses for Canadians. Unsurprisingly, the increased severity and frequency of weather events also led to a significant rise in insurance claims costs.

Flooding has become the most common natural disaster in Canada and the United States, and it can occur at any time. While severe storms or broken pipes are often to blame, even an inch of standing water can cause significant damage to all industrial, commercial, institutional (ICI) and residential buildings, property, and valuables.

Restoration Environmental REC Emergency Response Team, has serviced over 600 customers province wide, including a many of the Fortune 500 companies, hundreds’ of smaller private corporate entities and numerous federal, provincial, city, regional and local governmental agencies and facilities. Be Prepared by having a Pre-Arranged Contract for Disaster or Water Damage Services with Restoration Environmental.

“Every week we routinely respond to water damage and environmental facility emergencies” said David Bremner, Senior Project Manager and President, of REC Site Services. “Our customers recognize we have tremendous amount of expertise and experience and know that Health and Safety of their employees and facilities is the main priority. The Markham/Stouffville facility gives us the ability to respond much more quickly to natural disasters, commercial, institutional, industrial, residential,and government emergencies anywhere in the Province of Ontario. We are ready with all the HazMat and Restoration equipment with our experienced personnel to minimize the environmental impacts of flood, fire, wind, and water damage or any disaster.”

Since 1989, Restoration Environmental REC Disaster Recovery the REC Emergency Response Team, a leading full service turnkey environmental remediation, hazardous materials removal and water damage restoration contractor today announced that it has based an Ontario Environmental Emergency Response Call Center here to respond to all natural disasters, hazardous materials, environmental and flood water emergencies throughout the Toronto, the GTA and Province of Ontario including Golden Horseshoe region. REC has successfully completed 11,000 projects.

The facility also augments the company’s environmental cleanup and water damage restoration business and logistical support services for the province, as well as supports existing environmental field services.

The Ontario Emergency Response Call Centre is a staging area and warehouse for all HazMat resources and restoration supplies that enables Restoration Environmental REC Disaster and the REC Emergency Response Teams’ highly trained personnel to quickly respond to all client’s building-based emergencies.

REC is Ready, Prepared and Trained and Staged for Immediate Deployment to your site.

The Restoration Environmental facility houses environmental abatement equipment, HazMat decontamination trailers and remediation equipment, materials / supply and trucks, personal protective equipment, mobile communications equipment and other response assets are also kept at the ready.

The Ontario Emergency Response Call Center joins Restoration Environmental’s extensive network of environmental service team providers, equipment and material suppliers and sub-trade contractor network that provide local environmental and water damage restoration cleanup capabilities throughout the Province of Ontario.

About Restoration Environmental REC Disaster Recovery REC Emergency Response

Since 1989, Restoration Environmental REC Emergency Response Service is one of Canada’s leading HazMat environmental abatement and restoration service contractors specializing in asbestos removal, lead abatement, mould/mold remediation, all hazardous materials removal and environmental cleaning, water damage restoration, plant decommissioning, soil and site remediation and demolition for the ICI Sector, industrial, commercial, institutional and government.

With emergency response available 24/7, REC mitigation and remediation technicians are on-hand to advise and serve customers facing water damage, flood emergencies, and sewage problems.

* Pre-Arranged Service Contracts for Disaster Recovery provide Cost Savings
* All Hazardous Materials Removal; Asbestos Removal, Mould, PCBs, Lead.
* Fire, Sewage Backup, Flood, Water, Wind Damage Restoration
* Environmental Abatement, Site and Soil Remediation
* Demolition; De-construction, Asset Recovery, Equipment Dismantling
* Plant Closures: Industrial Plant and Site Decommissioning, Soil & Site Remediation
* Removal and Interior Plant & Manufacturing Facility Cleaning of Heavy Metals
* Emergency Response: Bonded CPIC Metro Toronto and OPP Police Cleared Staff.

REGENT PARK Toronto Demolition

500,000 sq ft Brockville Chimney Stack Demolition Phillips Cable

The Guild Inn Historic 7 Storey Demolition City of Toronto

Community / Charities: Don Bremner and David Bremner are the founders of The Passion Campaign.ca an awareness campaign bringing together local food banks and thirteen charities that help the poor, homeless and less fortunate every day in Markham and Toronto-GTA Website: http://www.thepassioncampaign.ca;

Don Bremner and Restoration Environmental Contractor were the Proud Owners of The Markham Waxers Junior “A” Hockey Club for 11 years, from 1994-2005 – Website: http://www.markhamwaxersarchives.ca

Don Bremner is Past President of EACO Environmental Abatement Council of Ontario, and David Bremner currently sits on EACO’s Board.

Don Bremner is the Past President, CEO, (Emeritus) of Abcott Construction Ltd. Est.1972 WebSite: www.abcott.ca. Design Build General Contractors Butler Builders

Press Contact: Mr. David Bremner, President, Senior Project Manager of Site Services
P.O. Box 746, 10 Stalwart industrial Drive Unit 5 Gormley, Ontario, Canada, L0H 1G0
Tel: 1-905-888-0066 fax: 905-888-0071 Call Toll-free1-800-894-4924 Canada/USA

All Restoration Environmental response resources are available to its all its customers through a local and the Ontario Environmental Emergency Response Call Center is:

24 Hour The Ontario Emergency Call Centre 1.800.894.4924.
http://www.recdisaster.com or
EMail: rec ( @ ) restorationenvironmental dot com


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