A few facts about a Stepper motor

Have you ever heard of a Stepper motor before? Possibly you already know that a Stepper motor is a brushless DC motor that ‘steps’ the rotation of the gear working as a constant power device. However, if that is the limit of your knowledge on the subject here’s more information on the topic.
Basically a Stepper motor turns digital pulses into mechanical shaft rotation using a series of electromagnets. These electromagnets are energised in turn by a microcontroller that gradually turns a gear one tooth at a time. A Stepper motor comes in a variety of options and the four main types are permanent magnetic stepper, a variable reluctance motor, lavet type of unit and hybrid synchronous stepper. Two-phase units are popular products and you can purchase them in bipolar and unipolar options.
Uses for a Stepper motor
You’ll find a Stepper motor used in a host of industrial applications and numerous commercial sectors as well. Common uses for a Stepper motor are within CNC machinery, image scanners and slot machines, plus they’re also found in a host of computer equipment as well. Use the floppy disc on your computer and that’ll be using a Stepper motor as will your scanner and printer. Stick a CD into a compact disc drive and you can bet a Stepper motor will be action.
In fact, you’d be amazed at the amount of different items that contain a Stepper motor you’ll find a brushless motor in more products than you’ll ever imagine and they can be used for a host of different projects.
What’s good and bad about a Stepper motor?
Like most things in life there are plus points and negative points about a brushless motor, so here’s what hot and what’s not about a Stepper motor.
One of the great things about a Stepper motor is the relative low cost of a unit, plus the fact that it’s extremely reliable. A Stepper motor will provide you with a great deal of torque at low speeds and it’s great to use for a wide range of applications. Negatives about a Stepper motor are the reverberations at low speeds and the fact that torque tends to decrease as the motor speeds up.
In general though there are more plus points than minuses because a Stepper motor is such a dependable item of equipment.

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