Sleeping Well With a Feng Shui Style Bedroom

Decorating a bedroom can seem like a challenge. After all, you want a space that is beautiful but that will also be soothing enough to inspire sleep. Bedrooms should also be romantically inspired. In addition to that it is important to create a space that is truly inviting and comfortable. Your bedroom should feel like a place you can escape to when you want to be rescued from the rest of the world. While that description may seem like a tall order, the use of Feng Shui can simplify this process. In fact, decorating according to the principles of Feng Shui is an easy way to bring good things into your life and order and energy into your home. A Feng Shui bedroom can actually help bring you good health, success and happiness.

Your bedroom is a very important area of your home. We spend a great many hours of our life in the bedroom. It’s not surprising that the environment in this space can affect various aspects of our health and well- being. When the bedroom is ‘out of balance’ and there is not a good flow of energy, there will likely be a negative impact on our emotional, physical and psychological well-being.

The good news is, a few simple changes are usually all that is required to create perfect harmony in the space. When using Feng Shui decorating you should keep in mind the purpose of the space. When it comes to the bedroom you will want to remember terms like ‘rest’, ‘relationships’, and ‘self-renewal’. With that in mind you will add colors, shapes, and elements that promote those things.

Proper lighting in the bedroom is also important. Ideally the lighting will not be too bright. However, some people prefer bright lights for certain tasks. Dimmer switches can be a perfect solution. The lighting can be controlled to create the exact illumination desired. You can even use window treatments that allow manipulation of natural light.

Feng Shui focuses on elements of nature. So you will need to pay attention to additions of things made of wood and metal, or things that are associated with fire or water. A good choice for your bed would be one made of all wood. Metal beds are not a good choice when decorating in Feng Shui style. Metal can conduct electricity, and that can be very bad for your health.

The placement of the bed is another issue of concern. You should have sight of the doorway form the bed, but the bed should not be directly in line with the doorway. Also ensure that there are no sharp objects in the bedroom. The furniture should be arranged in a way that allows the energy to freely flow through the space.

Allison Jackson enjoys decorating using the principles of Feng Shui. According to her, the flow of positive energy in a space is very important. Jackson says this is especially true in the bedroom. She contends that the use of bunk beds in kids’ rooms is usually the best choice.

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