Traditional Indian Restaurants in London: Feel at Home

Congrats! Finally you have got a job in London”. This might be the first reaction of your Dad when you tell him about your new job offer from London but, what about your Mom? Most of the times, a Mom’s immediate response will be, “Good but what about your food there”, especially when you are Indian. Being used to the traditional Indian dishes from childhood, there is no wonder why your mother is so concerned about your food choices in a foreign country. But, wait. Who said London doesn’t have any Indian cuisines there? Yes, it’s true. In fact, there are many London Indian Restaurants offering not only north Indian dishes but also south Indian ones.

Usually, a London Indian Restaurant runs on an Indian architecture and ambience, so that the customers feel at home. The food and setting standards may vary though. The taste, however, can only be better. Most of them employ the best available cooks in India and pay them very high salary for their service. You can not only get some Idli and Chutney, but also Roti and Dal or whatever you need. And talking about the prices, there are available in all ranges. Prices of food items usually differ with the facilities, varieties and taste offered. With innumerable chains of Indian restaurants all over the suburbs, expatriates do not even have to move around searching for restaurants. You can find at least one, while you step out of your home.

Moreover, there are some Indian families offering exotic homely food at your doorsteps. So, there is nothing to worry if you do not like any of those restaurants. Among the different delicacies, Chicken Tikka Masala is quite famous in and around London – not only among Indians but also among the British. There are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurants in London. Best of all, they consider the sensitivities of vegetarians and maintain utmost attention to avoid any kind of non-vegetarian influence in the foods. The food laws being strong, you won’t get anything less than fresh food in London, be it any time of the day.

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