Necessary safety equipment when Working at Height

Working at height carries many dangers and anyone working in these conditions should take part in working at height training to ensure their own safety and the safety of others. If your job involves climbing, rope access work, rooftop work or construction then you are advised to attend working at height courses that are aimed at your particular profession.

Most companies that run Working at Height and rope access training courses will offer bespoke courses that can be tailored to suit the needs of each participant. Working at height courses tend to held at dedicated training facilities and in some circumstances training may be able to be held at your own workplace location, especially if you have a large number staff that requires training at the same time.

As well undertaking working at height or rope access training you will also need to have the correct safety equipment to keep you safe and secure while working at heights. There are many different items of safety equipment that are required for working at height. The categories of working at height safety equipment include work restraint equipment, work positioning and rope access, fall arrest equipment and rescue equipment.

Helmets, harnesses, ropes, safety clips and head torches are all essential items of equipment for any carrying out Rope Access work or any other tasks that require working at height.Fall arrest equipment is some of the most important equipment for anyone working at height especially on rope access tasks. Fall arrest equipment will stop you from falling and will halt your fall so you don’t hit the ground and suffer from serious injuries.

Rescue equipment is something that all companies should invest in if they have employees working at height or staff that use rope access equipment. There is no doubt that working at height involves more danger and risk than jobs based on the ground and this is why it is so important to invest heavily in quality training and high quality safety equipment.

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