Some Truly Interesting Places that Attract Many Flights to Nairobi

Nairobi is said to be the home for different species of animals. The prime highlight of the conurbation is the National Park which compels people for a visit. This junction is not a famous tourist destination but there are many visiting spots for people to spend time and enjoy. This city is established as the Green City as it is surrounded by nature. Most of the time, this beautiful metropolis receives warm weather as it is closely located near the equator. Animal lovers would love to explore this conurbation which yearly compels them to take early cheap flights to Nairobi.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is one of the interesting places to visit. The trust takes care of orphan elephants. People can experience feeding cute baby elephants. This place has activities for young as well as older children where they can enjoy and spend time. This destination is a must visit for the tourists as it amazes them by the surroundings and environment. The best time to be in this wildlife park is in the morning. Here, people can experience to rescue orphaned elephants and can feel that an elephant is so attached to his keeper. All these amazing activities tempt huge influx of travelers to take plenty of Nairobi flights.

Nairobi National Park is the oldest park in the city. The key feature of this wildlife area is the noble black rhinos. This destination is preferred as a family picnic spot where people can play and watch the different animals present. This park is not so crowded as compared to others but visitors can love the experience of being very close to lions. It is a place worth spending time and calls tourists to take maximum flights to Nairobi.

Nairobi National Museum is a well known museum located in the metropolis. It exhibits visitors with plenty of Kenyan history and art which are really interesting. This place is a pleasant one to spend time at. Here people can learn as well as get knowledge about the history of the conurbation. The destination is very reasonable for everyone. The museum is attached to a reptile park which is a treat to the eyes. The museum also consists of a restaurant which serves brilliant African dishes and attracts people to come by booking tickets for getting plenty of cheap flights to Nairobi.

Brown’s Cheese Factory and Farm is a fabulous factory where cheese is prepared. The texture and taste of the cheese is marvelous and delicious. This place can be visited by friends, couples or families as it consists of world class food and drinks.

Giraffe Centre allows its visitors to be very close to giraffes. People can feed them with their hands and can even kiss them. The touching of the giraffes is the best memorable feeling for the visitors. The destination should not be missed as every moment in this centre is unimaginable and incredible. This centre altogether compels people to take early Flights to Nairobi.

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