Surplus Stocks And Their Utilization

In day-to-day business, it is always seen that when the supply and demand rates vary then there is either crisis or excess of the stocks. This excess of stocks (which may be anything like clothes, shoes, textiles etc.) is known as surplus stocks. It is observed that when the stock of the item become surplus then the company sells them at cheaper price and that too in big numbers. This cheaper price of the stock called wholesale stock price can prove profitable to the buyers.

There are many entrepreneur and big retailers who want to get rid of their surplus stock and that too at cheaper price. However, they put one condition. The condition generally is to buy their complete surplus items. But if you are having surplus stock and want to sell them then it is advised to use one of the eBay listing companies who sell on your behalf and retain a % of the sales price. In fact, it saves one from lot of fuss and headache.

However, for a small amount of stocks eBay is king, but it would be better to split stocks into small lots, i.e. 10-20 items per parcel since many small traders selling via markets etc do not buy in huge bulk.

In the present market, the entrepreneurs who are new in the wholesaling market have the feeling that the wholesalers trade only with the fairly large retailers. However, this is not the case. They are equally happy in trading with both the sole traders and the large corporations.

In addition, the standard wholesale trade price is often much lower than the retail price. Most of the shops work on a comfortable profit margin, so the discounts from buying regularly and in bulk from wholesalers can be massive. Thus, wholesale stock buying and that too the surplus stocks can prove profitable to the buyers as well as seller at the same time.

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