Aboriginal Boomerang – A Unique Weapon That Dates Back To Thousands Of Years

Aboriginal boomerangs are one of the inventions of primitive human that used the concept of flying through the air. Earlier, it was only felt that the light object objects and particles can fly through the air. But, with the invention of Australian boomerang, the concept changed rapidly. It was a heavy machinery (or better to say weapon) that flied through the air without any disputes.

It can sound quite astonishing, but it dates back to around 10,000 years when the first aboriginal boomerangs was invented. There are several church architects as well builders in Australia who still agree that the concept of creating boomerangs was a much older one that it is thought to be. In fact, assisted living and design concepts came at a much later stage, whereas the concept of these boomerangs used to be thousands of years old as mentioned earlier.

Boomerangs are shaped aerodynamically and are a special type of weapon that is thrown towards the opponent. It is said that unless this weapon hits the object it has been targeted towards, it will not stop spinning. And once it hits the object, it returns back to its user. This is partly fiction partly correct. Yes, it is is absolutely true that once a boomerang is thrown, it will never stop unless hit by an object. But, that object need not necessarily have to be the exact object that it has been targeted to.

Also, once it hits, it bounce and returns back but that is also to a certain distance. If the thrower moves from the actual launching point, then it is not that the boomerang will follow him/her and return back. No, it will return back up to a certain limit. Apart from Australia, the use of boomerangs is common among the Red Indians. Also, people from Holland, Egypt, Poland, and Arizona have been observed using this device as a necessary weapon or for gaming purpose.

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