Off Grid Solar Power System – A Synopsis

Solar batteries have become very popular. They are required in large numbers these days. And why will it be not so? These cells can be reused again and again. With the presence of a suitable solar panel, the ray from sun can be captured and transformed into human usable energy source. There will never be any deficiency in such form of energy. And more importantly, solar energy is available easily. They are cheaper in price if compared to the electric and gas energy source. Also, solar energy is totally environment friendly and does not pollute the atmosphere. Solar energy can be used to operate vehicles, laptop, television, light, fan, air condition, and simply anything for which electricity is used.

The off grid solar power (DC) based systems is mainly used for powering the DC appliances available in boats, RV, cabins, rural telecommunication systems, cattle gates, etc. However, it is necessary to know that the AC off grid solar power systems are much more expensive if compared to the DC ones. While operating an AC based power system, the presence of a suitable inverter is a must. The inverter is required to convert the entire electricity that is produced by the solar panels in order to store within the solar batteries. But same cannot be said for the DC power systems.

Any off grid solar system has the ability to store the DC electricity into the cells. With the addition of inverter, the DC power can be easily converted into AC current. It may not be unknown to you that AC is considered to be the best electricity form through which the plug-in devices can be operated. In fact, anywhere in the world, it is the AC based current system that is preferred and used mostly.

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