Willy Straws – the fun addition to hen night parties

Making plans for your best mate’s hen night?  What hen night accessories will you be using?  Are you planning on getting glammed up, will you be wearing a few saucy outfits, will you be slurping cocktails through Willy straws by any chance?  Please tell me you’ll be handing out Willy Straws to all the party girls?  Come on, they’re expecting one hell of a party complete with Willy Straws and a host of other hen night accessories.
Willy Straws are must have features at a hen night, they’re cheeky and chipper, saucy and naughty and drinks taste so much better when they’re sucked through this special type of straw.  Stock up on Willy Straws now prior to an evening of debauchery and the girls will have a right old giggle come the hen night.
Sip it don’t slurp it
Pop those Willy straws in your handbag on the hen night and take them from bar to bar, drop them in one cocktail after another.  Willy Straws are made from the finest grade plastic and they can be washed and reused again.
Packs of Willy Straws are cheap to buy and the more you buy the bigger discount you get on the hen night accessories.  The Willy Straws come in standard flesh colours or you can buy coloured straws that are bound to add some cheer to the event.  At 19cm in length the Willy Straws are just the right size for cocktail glasses, hi balls and other drink containers.
Sip your favourite cocktail through a willy straw and see the reaction you get.
You only live once
A hen night is the one night your mate can really let her hair down before she makes a massive commitment.  Make it a night she’ll never forget with a selection of hen night accessories including cheeky little Willy straws.
Yes they’re a little bit mischievous but that’s the whole point of Willy Straws, they’re the ideal hen night accessory. Let’s face it you don’t go on a hen night as a shrinking violet so make sure there are plenty of Willy Straws on display.  Get the group into the party spirit right from the start and arm them with a selection of brightly coloured Willy Straws.
If you can’t use Willy Straws on a hen night when can you use these fun little features? http://www.cheekycelebrations.co.uk

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