Top Indian Restaurants In London-Serving Authentic Indian Dishes

The residents of London love to eat out regularly. You may not be aware but this city is known for its multiculturalism. You will not find this streak in any other city of the world. It will sound surprising to you but here people make it a point to try out a different cuisine almost everyday. So you will find all sorts of food here like Turkish, Thai, Russian, and Brazilian and of course Indian. For those with an Indian London background there are many top Indian restaurants in London that serves Indian food just like the way you get it back home.

People say that London is notoriously expensive. Well it may be but that doesn’t mean that a budget traveler won’t get anything here. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good meal in London. There are a good number of top Indian restaurants in London that serve authentic Indian food at a reasonable rate. One of the best known ones is located on Brick Lane and is called Lahore Kebab House. The rates are fabulously cheap but you have got to grab your seat as soon as you get there. It remains packed every night of the week. There are also other Indian London restaurants in the same area that caters to people looking for Indian food.

For people coming from India to London it would feel great to relish Indian food in a foreign city like London. Moreover the ambience and the décor of Indian restaurants will give you the same feeling that you get at home in India. Food is an integral part of any Indian festival therefore during festivities and holidays if you are in London then you can be sure that you won’t have to miss out on the special delicacies.

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