In My Mind : New international duet from Diane Marino and Robert Lauri

“In My Mind”, the new duet from Diane Marino and Robert Lauri – a collaborative work from Paris, France to Nashville, Tennessee. A combined effort of talented international artists gathered for this song produced by Robert Lauri, written and performed by Robert Lauri with American jazz vocalist Diane Marino and the powerful lyrics of Mitch Hiller.

Diane Marino and Robert Lauri are talented musicians in their own right. They joined forces to produce the standout track, “In My Mind” and another duet is in the works. The song is a preview of the new album arriving this summer produced by Robert Lauri in collaboration with the talented musician and lyricist, Mitch Hiller.

“In My Mind” is one of the duets by American jazz vocalist Diane Marino and French musician Robert Lauri. The song embodies a striking storyline written by Mitch Hiller. Mitch Hiller is a Londoner artist who for many years has used his wide range of talents in the music world and having many varied musical collaborations and productions to his credit.

“In My Mind” begins with a bluesy electric guitar intro. Both artists grab the listener with their performance. Diane Marino harmonizes impeccably with Robert Lauri. With powerful vocals and the theme of second chances, the beautiful piano playing by Diane Marino becomes prominent throughout “In My Mind”. Experienced musicians complete the team: the excellent bass performance is by Frank Marino and the electric guitar riffs are by French guitarist, Pierre Cherez.

The video editing for “In My Mind” is by the talented Italian artist, Anna Clara Passarelli. This is one of many videos she has created for Robert Lauri. All of these videos are available on any of Robert Lauri’s websites.

The album scheduled for release by summer will undoubtedly be a surprising collection of new English songs. The songs that Robert unveils will touch the hearts of eclectic audiences thanks to his vast collection of styles, melodies, and his unforgettable voice.

To discover the song “In My Mind”, visit the special 3-D website:


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