An introduction of Dhaka,Bangladesh!

Dhaka- The name “Dhaka” derived from a particular tree or grass called “dhaka”, which was plentiful in the region. However, many Orientalist thinkers believe that the name of the city came following the establishment of Dhakeshwari temple by Raja Ballal Sena in the 12th century CE. In 1666 the British East India Company established a trading post in Dhaka; however, Dhaka’s decline as a maritime trade centre had already begun. Dhaka remained the capital under the Mughals until 1704, when they moved it to Murshidabad.

Dhaka is the commercial heart of Bangladesh. The city has a growing middle class population, driving the market for modern consumer and luxury goods. The city has historically attracted a large number of migrant workers.

In 1887 Dhaka became a district capital of Bangladesh, and in 1905 Bengal was divided into east and west, the eastern section incorporating Assam (with Dhaka as its winter capital). From this point on Dhaka again began to assume some measure of importance as an administrative centre. Government buildings, churches, residential enclaves and educational institutions transformed it into a city of great prosperity. During the abortive Partition of Bengal in 1905, Dhaka was declared to be the capital of the newly established state of East Bengal and Assam, but Bengal was reunited in 1911.

In 1947, British India was partitioned into Muslim and Hindu sections, with present-day Bangladesh breaking off to become East Bengal, later known as East Pakistan. Dhaka was again the capital of the region. Later, East Pakistanis fought for their independence from West Pakistan, eventually succeeding in 1971 with help from Indian forces. This resulted in the establishment of the People’s Republic of Bengladesh.

Modern Dhaka is the centre of political, cultural and economic life in Bangladesh. Although its urban infrastructure is the most developed in the country, Dhaka suffers from urban problems such as pollution and overpopulation. In recent decades, Dhaka has seen modernisation of transport, communications and public works. The city is attracting large foreign investments and greater volumes of commerce and trade.

Dhaka has the distinction of having hosted the first official Test cricket match of the Pakistan cricket team in 1954 against India.

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