Varieties Of Flowers In Kolkata

Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal, India. It offers a good deal in flora as well as fauna. West Bengal is highly bio diverse one can get to see many varieties of flowers in Kolkata. Some of the common varieties are:

Crown flower: It is la large shrub and has clusters of waxy flowers that are lavender or white in colour. It is considered an auspicious plant and is found in temples.

Aubergine flower: Commonly known as eggplant, it is a delicate perennial flower often cultivated as an annual. It is native to Indian subcontinent. It is used for cooking.

Marigold: Also known as Ganda, gold bloom, Marigold has medicinal properties that are used to cure eye infections, stomach problem, and for wound healing. It is offered to God and Goddess on the Durga Puja.

Rose: Roses are considered a symbol of love and affection. They are ornamental plants and offer many medicinal purposes. Roses have significant levels in vitamins and some species of rose are used for stomach problems. They are also used for making perfumes.

Passionflower: Widely known as passiflora, a passionflower bears passion fruit. Passionflower is an important source of nectar for many insects. It is known to be a natural anxiety remedy.

Hibiscus: Hibiscus is quite large and contains several species that are native to tropical and sub-tropical areas. They are both annual and perennial plants. Hibiscus is one of the popular send flowers to kolkata. The red hibiscus is the flower of Goddess Kali and appears frequently in her depictions in the art of Bengal. Hibiscus is used for landscaping and as edible delicacy in various countries.

Bougainvillea: It is also known as paper flower. The flowers are purple, white, cream, red, orange, and pink colour. It grows in tropical and sub-tropical areas and can be grown via semi ripe cuttings.

Mexican oleander: It is also known as yellow oleander or lucky nut. The flowers are generally yellow, orange or white in colour. It is cultivated as an ornamental plant.

Water lily: Water lilies are found in Abundance in Bengal. Water lily is also called ‘Pond lily’. It is aquatic perennial herb with mostly round or heart-shaped leaves that float on the surface of the water.

Crepe jasmine: Crepe jasmine flowers are used in offerings in poojas and other religious ceremonies. The white flowers in Kolkata, are fragrant and are occasionally used to make Gajras.

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