Silestone is Better than Granite

Undoubtedly, silestone is better than granite in many respects. If you want to upgrade your bathroom or kitchen, then you would love to use the qualities of silestone. So far, silestone has been used for a myriad of purposes for various construction matters and they have always outshone the other types of countertops.

Why silestone is better than granite

There are many contributing factors, which make silestone better than granite. Whether it is silestone or quartz, it has been engineered and manufactured to make the product an upgraded and significant material.

Any type of stone countertops has been conceived and engineered with varying properties to turn it into a beautiful stone for the transformation of looks whether in your kitchen or bathroom. You cannot deny the fact that granite is at its beat quality but silelstone is much better than that given its resistant properties.

You might have heard of the concept of sealing granite. Whether it is granite or quartz or silestone, the objective is to boost sale in any case. Durability is one of the main properties of silestone. In case of granite, you might have to worry about spills, but the same is not in case of silestone.

There is a myth that sealing granite has its logic, since it is done to maintain its shiny texture. Besides, it is also to resist stain. But it is not the same with silestone worktops. Besides, silsestone is available in varied texture and colours, thus leaving you with a wide variety of choices.

It is true that granite is natural whereas silestone is man-made. But you will get various benefits of using silestone, which has many attributes, which are unique and special. Thus, you can always count upon the attributes of Silestone, which brings to you many more options available in granite.

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