Silestone: Decorating Dreams

To decorate kitchens and bathrooms attractive range of colours, extraordinary texture and top quality performance silestone is the right choice, which is a treated natural quartz surface and is the only one anti-bacterial protection for worktops guarantying the maximum hygiene on its surfaces. Quartz is white or transparent but becomes colourful if it comes in contact with impurities. It can be found in a pure state or with other compounds. Hardness and resistance to acids are its basic properties. Top quality worktop is very expensive.

It forms the main component in silestone boards. Its main advantage is, it is highly resistant to staining from coffee, wine, lemon juice, olive oil, vinegar, make-up and many other everyday products and scratches and has low fluid absorption and can be used in large pieces without requiring any joins. This resistance provides freedom from worries.

It is the only best option if you are looking for a high –end and durable decorative kitchen countertop surface, it is forever useful and beautiful.94% natural quartz is present in silestone which makes it very hard and supple. It is the only working top with hygienic properties that are not available anywhere else. Using minimum number of joints it prove to be an excellent surface for bathrooms and kitchen worktops walls, bar counters, tables and desks, and floors etc.

The worktops which are made of granite or melamine can get scratched easily but in silestone also special care needs to be taken with knife blades and work top edges. Any competent wood worker can provide good services for your modern kitchen but making the joint between adjacent boards is matter of concern and needs higher attention and care. Worktops fittings can be affected by the layout of kitchen. Kitchen tends to have an L-shaped layout. Careful measuring and cutting of the boards is required in the complex arrangements before joining the ends.

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