Cleaning Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture needs regular cleaning. It needs proper maintenance so that it can retain its shine and quality. As they are kept outside they generally accumulate dirt, mold, grime and dust. Therefore it needs proper cleaning. This article enumerates some very helpful cleaning tips that will help your outdoor furniture to be as good as new.

Conservatory furniture or outdoor furniture can be made up of wood, natural fibre, metals etc. Each has different procedure and technique of cleaning. Hence when you clean your outdoor furniture you need to keep in mind the material used for making the furniture. Dishwashing soap and warm water are the best solution for cleaning, they are the best concentrate to keep this conservatory furniture clean. But too much water and liquid is again not good for metals and fibres. Therefore these furniture’s should be rubbed oil once a fortnight to ensure that cracks do not develop in the furniture made of wood or natural fibres like cane or rattan, and rust does not develop in furniture’s made of metal.

Outdoor furniture generally does not wear out and losses its lustre because of dust, mold etc, it also loses its functionality because of sunlight and rain. Wax and oil therefore is a very good means to keep them good, they form a protective layer around the furniture does retaining its features. Always use a non abrasive mop and a non acidic detergent. If you have metal furniture then try applying oil paint in it once in six months, this will keep it rust free.

There are altogether many things that one can do to clean the furniture and increase the durability. But nobody has so much of time in hand these days. Regular dusting, once in a week mild soap cleaning and once in a month waxing or oiling is enough to keep things running.

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